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Objectives: The objectives of the Astral Pulse, Astral Locale project include:

  • The creation of a unique locale in the Astral plane where people can meet and share experiences

  • A means by which people can learn and participate in Astral projection as a shared experience

  • A place where gateways to other Astral locations and the spheres of elements can be accessed

Overview: Creative Visualisation by means of the imagination from a deeply relaxed or trance state will result in the subject of the image being created in a density of the Astral planes. Participants can apply visualisations and other powers of the imagination from a meditative state and before sleep, with the objective of firstly visualising the Astral locale as intensively as possible, and then to transport themselves there utilising all of the powers of the imagination.

Those who are already experienced in Astral projection or phasing will be able to travel to Astral Pulse Island directly and enjoy a very real, solid, Astral presence, and should  be able to interact with every aspect of the locale and everyone present there at the same Astral density. Those who are not yet experienced in Astral projection or phasing can initially approach this as a meditation. By entering a state of adequate relaxation and meditating on the image by visualisation having first fully memorised it, and then, by means of the imagination transporting themselves to the location including all of the senses, first a mental presence of density should be achieved by Mental projection, and in due course, with practice and experience, a full Astral presence should be achieved. Those with a pure mental presence might be able to detect others with a Mental presence as well as  those with an Astral presence. It is possible however those with an Astral presence might not be able to detect those with a purely Mental presence. 

All participants can discuss and compare experiences in an Astral Pulse forum which is allocated to the project. In this way everyone wishing to participate can learn Astral projection, or phasing as it actually is, in a group environment where experiences can be compared and encouragement given. This will be particularly useful as people with a wide range of abilities will be participating, and everyone can be equally involved without ever feeling as if it is beyond their abilities. There should always be people at the same stage. There seems little doubt  a group shared experience such as this can provide much more objectivity than would be the case in lone subjective experiences, and which will be the catalyst for people to learn Astral projection, phasing, while the locale can be further developed. Over time, gateways to other locales can be created from within the Astral, and areas set aside for meeting other Astral residents including deceased relatives guides and others. As this project progresses, the more enduring the locale will become, as well as more detailed and well known to other Astral residents and visitors.

Method for participation for those without Astral projection or phasing ability: Those who have the ability of Astral projection or phasing can project directly to Astral Pulse Island. It would be most useful however if everyone participating can visualise the image as intensively as possible as often as possible, and in particular just before sleep at night when the strongest connections to the Astral exist. The more Astral Pulse Island is visualised as intensively as possible, the stronger and more solid and real it will become. It is an excellent idea to use the image as the desktop on your PC so it is always in mind.

For those who do not have Astral Projection or phasing abilities can proceed as follows: Locate yourself in a place where you know you will not be disturbed. A comfortable chair is ideal, or even semi-reclining on a bed, but it is most important not to fall asleep. Next place yourself into a state of relaxation, the deeper the better, by any methods you are familiar with. If you are not familiar with any particular method, try breathing in deeply through your nose for a slow count of five, holding your breath for a slow count of five and breathing out through your nose for a slow count of five. Repeat as often as necessary. Relaxation of muscles is also advantageous by using the tensing and relax method for each muscle group. Alternatively you might like to visualise a bright white or golden sphere of light entering your body at your feet and relaxing each set of muscles as it progresses up your body to your head. Feel the warm glow of the while light as it reaches each part of your body, and feel your muscles bathing and relaxing in the white light. 

When you are adequately relaxed, with your eyes closed, visualise Astral Pulse Island as vividly and as realistically as possible. The more often you visualise the image during the day, and during practice, the more real and solid it will appear. Once the image is solid and stable, imagine, as intensively as possible you are travelling there. Upon arrival, use all of your imagination as intensively as possible to feel a part of the locale as if you are there which you really are. Feel the sand beneath your feet. Feel the warm sea breezes against your skin. Listen to the rustling leaves of the palm trees and the exotic birds singing in the branches. Smell the salt in the air from the sea and smell the fragrance of the palm trees and other flora. Examine the palm trees and feel the rough bark. Look up and see the imposing sight of the pyramid at the centre of Astral Pulse Island while noting all of its textures and features. Continue this interaction as you walk around the Island taking note of everything as you do so. Keep a watch for other people visiting the Island and approach them if you see anyone with view to having a conversation, and have a conversation if possible. When it is time to leave Astral Pulse Island, return to the point on the beach where you first arrived, and imagine yourself traveling back to your room where you first started your journey. 

Early morning phasing method: An excellent time to attempt Astral projection by phasing is after waking up early in the morning, a couple of hours of so earlier than usual. At this time your body is already extremely relaxed, and your brainwaves still around the theta level. Set an alarm clock for a couple of hours earlier than you would normally awake. Immediately start to focus on the Astral Pulse Island while keeping your mind clear of all other thoughts or impressions. Once the image is stable and solid, use the above method to imagine yourself traveling and being there with as much realism as possible. There is a very good chance by using this method you will experience a full Astral projection much sooner due to the optimum conditions. As with all things, practice and commitment make perfect! 

The more this is practiced the more real it will become and the more straightforward it will become. Do not be concerned with initial difficulties or if everything does not seem real. Always know it is very real and it is only a matter of practice before success is achieved. An initial Mental presence will become more and more solid, and will eventually become a full Astral projection by a method known as phasing.  Having achieved a full Astral presence by Astral projection, you will be able to travel anywhere in the Astral at will, either by using the gateways of Astral Pulse Island, or by simply willing yourself to where you want to go.

Please do not forget to share your experiences in the forum, this is a most important aspect of the project.

This web page will develop as the project progresses.


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