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Title: Reason for FAQ - Please read
Post by: Nick on April 01, 2004, 14:06:53
The reason for this particular sub-forum is because so many of the same questions are asked over and over. There is a wealth of information in old posts in just about every conceivable topic. Before you post a question such as: "How do you obe?" or "What is a lucid dream?", take a look at our search engine. From there you can type in keyword(s) and then receive a list of many past topics with a lot of good information. Read over the FAQs in this forum  (, and also take a look at our Welcome to Permanent Astral Topics forum . The topics in that forum were made "permanent" for a reason. That is, there is excellent information in those threads. The advice and discussions therein contain gems of what is asked about quite often here at the AP. Therefore, they are considered to be of a  recurring value.

Similarly, you will also see  sticky topics  in many of our forums. These were made "sticky" because the AP Team feel that these threads have good information that people often ask for.

Additionally, you'll see a link at the very top of the Astral Pulse forum page that reads "FAQ". That should answer many administrative type questions about this forum. Some of the topics there include:   Log in and Registration Issues; User Preferences and Settings; Posting Issues; Private Messaging , and so on. Please read them over before posting.

With respect to so-called 'old' posts, please note that the information in them is oftentimes still very current. What is in those "old" topics and posts can be very detailed as well.

Lastly, sometimes that answer you're looking for can be found with just a little bit of searching.  (