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Title: The relationship between chakras and AP
Post by: rodentmouse on June 21, 2002, 19:38:50
hi patty,  ever since i have started NEW i have found my dreams to be more vivid, i think this was because robert said that the more developed your energy body is, the more vivid your dreams are.....

for example, i once had a lucid dream and for some reason was running  away from a tornado,  but realised  my legs were really stiff and  no matter how hard i tried to run they were hardly moving at all....this is pure speculation but perhaps my legs were so weak and basically non-existent  because i hadnt raised energy through them and thusly the legs of my energy body were not  charged or "energised" during the lucid dream. This is my guess anyway.

Also, whenever i  charge myself up and activate my chakras i  begin to feel my energy body move around inside my physical body,  i think robert said  our chances of obe are greater if we are fully charged.


Title: The relationship between chakras and AP
Post by: Frank on June 22, 2002, 06:37:59

The way I see it is quite simple.

If what we were involved in was a motor car, then activating chakras would be reving the engine, switching the headlights on and off. Flashing the indicators, beeping the horn, moving the seats forwards and back. Opening and closing the boot, bonnet and doors, and so on.

Whereas, Astral Projection is where we start the engine, shift into gear, and drive off.



Title: The relationship between chakras and AP
Post by: Patty on June 23, 2002, 04:11:31
I appreciate the feedback. Thank you.


Title: The relationship between chakras and AP
Post by: weagle on June 24, 2002, 04:01:54
I guess it would be true to some extent you have lots of extra energy of course if you channel it towards sex then obviously you will get a strong sexual drive.  What I noticed when I was doing NEW the wrong way when I was passing energy through my entire body (including the private parts)instead of on the sides then into my belly I could literallly get that thing up not because I thought anything sexual just because I was passing energy through it.  I wonder what effect immune boosting herbs have for raising body energy level does it have an effect on obe because it also seems to increase energy even for the sex drive as well.


Title: The relationship between chakras and AP
Post by: Astrud on June 25, 2002, 01:17:41
Well I havn't done much energy work, but I have noticed that when I am feeling strong sexual energy I have more experiences. In one projection I felt something touch my lower back and I felt that chakra vibrate and swirl very intensly, which I haven't felt during waking conciousness. I also felt my ankles being pulled by someone ( as crazy as that sounds) during some sort of  projection/virtual AP experience that had alot of sexual elements in it.


Title: The relationship between chakras and AP
Post by: kifyre on June 25, 2002, 14:54:07
With respect only to the sex/energy connection,

Using breathing techniques from the book Quantum-Touch, as well as my experience with NEW, I initiated a very intense experience that involved dizziness, muscle cramping, and strong energy sensations in the hands, feet, and the entire front of my torso.

Several weeks later, during a prolonged sexual massage, I experienced the exact same sensations, including degree of intensity. I did no conscious movement of energy, except for focusing on sensations as they arrived.

One experience was pleasureable, but devoid of sexuality. The other intensely sexual.

Who knows that sex is, but it's something we do. And doing it uses the physical and non-physical body. With respect to Frank's analogy, I think sex is another way of opening and closing the doors, etc. It's another (great, but volatile) avenue for working with and strengthening the energy body. (But not "special" with respect to AP.)

As far as I know at this time...



Title: The relationship between chakras and AP
Post by: Patty on June 21, 2002, 18:59:50
Well, I am pondering this idea that chakra stimulation is a separate type of 'exploration' than astral projection.

Now, personally, I had my most vivid projections when I most needed them, this was before I even knew what chakras were (So I certainly hadn't 'cleared' them or anything), and my experiences happened when my body was completely asleep.  In that sense, I agree with Frank that to project, one needs only to shut the body completely off while having full mental alertness.

However, after those first experiences I no longer had the intense need that I originally had.  I was still interested in having more experiences however. I ran into a dry spell, and started trying different approaches. I learned that you can't wave a stick in the OBE literature without hitting ten different references to chakras and energy flow and so on. So I spent some time learning about chakras. I believe that at the time I had an open root chakra, and that my heart chakra was also recently opened. I believe that I felt significant 'blockage' through the system (as it is supposed to 'work') and over the years I have tried to clear that with seeming success. When I started exploring the chakra system, I found that intense stimulation of the root chakra would often lead me to altered states of consciousness after falling asleep. Coincidentally I read that many psychics are highly-sexed individuals. (I only read that once, though.) I also read that sex can be a springboard for OBE.  However, none of that variety of experience was as vivid and concrete as my pre-chakra-awareness OBE's. Rather, they were hot, colorful, dreamy, but still seemed like OBE's and still quite worthwhile even if secondary in my mind to the original experiences. At present, focusing on the chakras, running energy through the (relatively clear) system at night (i.e. no back up in the root chakra anymore, etc) will often lead to a night of interesting adventures that are independant of physical sensations.

For example, I might go to bed, run as much energy as I can, try to clear remaining blockages, and generally enjoy the exercise - then drop off, and proceed to have a precognitive dream and also separately might wake in the morning able to see my astral arms separate from my body.  This is highly unlikely on the nights that I don't do any 'energy work.'

Robert maintains that running etheric energy through the chakra system and storing it in the subnavel area is necessary for psychic attempts including OBE. Frank maintains that the two (chakra system vs AP)  are completely separate.

All of this leads me to a big question mark.  Frank, do you believe that your chakra system flows smoothly? Do you believe that you are using your chakras at all when you project?

Everyone, what are your experiences? Have your most convincing experiences involved chakra activation or not? What is the connection? Wild speculation as well as well thought-out ideas are welcome.