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Title: Interesting new phenomena....
Post by: WalkerInTheWoods on May 14, 2004, 08:59:46
That person is being rather rude. Has it been brought to the attention of the mods?

Title: Interesting new phenomena....
Post by: rodentmouse on May 14, 2004, 13:15:02
Fat Turkey, it seems to me that you enjoyed it. The majority of the malice on that post was from you, not him.  The best way to deal with people like that is to IGNORE THEM and tell the moderators about it in private,  not to glorify yourself  in being righteous.  He was a bit of a prick but its annoying when  you write posts as long as that which only perpetuate the problem.

Title: Interesting new phenomena....
Post by: Fat_Turkey on May 15, 2004, 07:17:07
To reply to both of your replies, yes, it has been brought to the attention of the mods, but they don't really seem to care.

Secondly, yes I did enjoy it. And not because I have a need to feel righteous. This guy is a coward. He goes to my school. And, if you personally know me, you would know that I have had a LOT of flack about my interest in metaphysics over the past few years, and only recently has it been brought up again in the gossiping groups.

I have ignored him, and I don't reply to that topic unless I see something that turns on my anger switch so far that self-control can't handle it anymore.

If you don't believe me that this guy comes from my school, simply read it again. The fact that he mentioned about my friend running was proof. We had cross country on the day that he posted such a thing. He spreads rumours about us around the school because he's a member here, all because my friend was dumb enough to log on to the AP during school time.

We have some idea who this guy is, and I have no problem going to my housemaster if it goes out of hand, both in the real and online aspects of the problem. I just want him gone, because it will only cause more problems. He stays on the forums to purposefully get under our skin (my friend and I), which is why he has only ever posted 4 times, and only in mine or my friend's topics.

Now, it may not be of any concern to any of you, which is exactly why the mods aren't even doing anything about it, but seriously, I'm just asking for help. I'm an honest person, and I stick to my word. I'm not trying to slam someone just because I don't like them. In fact, I just want to live my life peacefully without people pretending they are like me and then going off and backstabbing me five seconds later.

I'm sick of people like him, people who make up 80% of our school roll, and I never guessed that they would have the nerve to come here and do something like that.

All I ask for is help.


Title: Interesting new phenomena....
Post by: Anonymous on May 15, 2004, 08:21:03
It is sad that things like this have become ongoing for at least a year. That's what happens when a site becomes so great. This is, if my memory serves me correctly, the time-span when most people have been banned, according to the mods. What shall be done about it? I do not think it is the mods' duty to regulate our conduct- We should have the integrity to do that ourselves. Those who cannot restrain themselves from insulting others have much to learn and work on. Perhaps we can choose to look at it differently. For instance, why doesn't someone insult me. Say something that is true, or it won't work. Insult me in the best way you know how. Anyone.

I can't tell you what I am planning, but do it and you will see. I will not insult you back or report you for it. You have my invitation FOR THIS THREAD ONLY to insult me.

FT, don't take the ignorance of others personally. School sucks arse, I would know. They are corrupt individuals (meaning they can't think for themselves or have an opinion unless everyone else agrees with them) whose minds have obviously been weakened by society's "norms." Wait quietly, and strike at the right moment: not with insult, but with truth. I guess this sounds like advice but it's more my opinion than anything else.

Title: Interesting new phenomena....
Post by: Jenadots on May 15, 2004, 14:03:22
Fat Turkey...the guy is obviously another hostile, mindless child who has found his way to the AP.

Since he seems to have lost "Mr. Dictionary", perhaps you could send him one so he can become more familiar with something other than swear words. [:D]

Just ignore him.  He will quickly become bored with most of the things here as it is too mature for him.

Title: Interesting new phenomena....
Post by: volcomstone on May 15, 2004, 17:29:52
orrignally posted by enderwiggen
I can't tell you what I am planning, but do it and you will see. I will not insult you back or report you for it. You have my invitation FOR THIS THREAD ONLY to insult me.

sweet, I always like taking easy pot-shots at people

okay first enderwiggen, I think your posts are a little too paranoid, plus you're focusing too much on "helpinG" people get rid of their negs, they need to do it themselves and no amount of astral hunting is goina solve that (especially if you've only met these people on-line,)
the whole "dark shadows" and "transdimensionals" is a little too much fantasy for me, and only seems to reflect yourself more than the world.
other than that, keep blasting that light

that was more of a healthy criticism than an insult Ill admit, but I needed to say it.

If anyone would like to say something to me PLEASE DO! I would LOVE to hear all of your BIASED opinions about myself (biased aswell)

 Ill start off if you've got writers block.  
YOU: volcomstone, you are an uneducated loudmouthed knowitall with posts that only the clinically insane would make any sense of (or nonsense)
you're ideals and belief structure is COMPLETELY WRONG, and you really need more medication.  
Plus I don't really think thats you in your avatar you poser, why don't you go do something else to be  completly similiar to everybody suck.... you can't eat beans..... you're smell is noxious and you are horribly inadequate in bed..... you smoke too much drugs so now your brain is jello.

ME: boo hoo, why you gottaw be so meen?
ME: ahhhhh nobody licks me.

Title: Interesting new phenomena....
Post by: Fat_Turkey on May 14, 2004, 04:53:28

Okay, maybe it's not interesting or new or a phenomenon.

Just tell me whether or not this is disruptive or not.

Damn this brings me back...back to when Allanon was still around.