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Title: Sustainable Living News Resource
Post by: drinsomno on May 21, 2004, 17:36:55
Hey lighthouse that was some good old powerful stuff right there glad you wrote it hopefully people will try to get in touch with nature and realize what we are doing to the enviroment if i was you i would post stuff about nature and harmony more often so people can read it and hopefully take action and enforce good enviromental action i am greatful you wrote this post [:)][:D][8D]

Title: Sustainable Living News Resource
Post by: Lighthouse on May 21, 2004, 17:24:25
Hi All,

I wanted to share something with you that is very important to me and I feel that through greater awareness, we can start to rectify some of our environmental issues.  

I'm very interested in Sustainable Living and design.  My dream home is an earth sheltered passive solar home.  This type of design is becoming slowly more popular.  In the 1970's during the oil crisis, the movement really got it's start but dwindled after the crisis was over... Now people are becoming more conscious about how our actions affect the overall environment and how everything we do not only affects other species but also affects us directly.  

The main hurdle that people have with living in the earth and sustainable living options is that they associate it with cold, damp caves and therefore get very turned off by the entire concept[xx(].  From the designs I have seen, modern architects have come a long way to remedy these interpretations and most underground structures today have as much light if not more than your average "cookie cutter" home.  

Over the years, I have had correspondences with Malcolm Wells, a pioneer in what he calls Gentle Architecture and although this is a very familiar subject to me, I doubt many people really think that there are affordable housing alternatives that are easy on the environment.  I also over the years have had a subscription to a Sustainable Living magazine published in the UK calledPermaculture. I also subscribe to a news group relating to sustainable living solutions.  There is also an author named Rob Roy who does a great deal in this area and there are also more environmentally friendly building technique called Rammed Earth and Straw bail that are structurally superior to many techniques we use today as well as very sound proof and well insulated.

I wanted to share these resources because I feel it is part of an answer to being more gentle and harmonious with our environment (part of the spiritual development path) instead of feeling the need to dominate it... It all starts with educating ourselves.