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Title: String of Dreams
Post by: wisp on June 07, 2004, 02:49:18
I'm just beginning to understand what "false awkenings" means. It's starting to appear to me as not so much as "false" awakenings, but various levels of consciousness (during waking process). Maybe you are connecting to others at various levels? If you thought you had projected at times, perhaps you did! It could be things haven't clicked yet for you in the way of some kind of confirmation. Be patient, and maybe someone will relate something to you.It sounds like your doing a lot of good dreaming! [:)]

Title: String of Dreams
Post by: Asif on June 06, 2004, 13:22:41
I just had a string of lucid dreams and false awakenings (felt like about 50 or so!).  I was exhausted when I really woke up.  In a few of them I thought I was actually projecting.  Each of these experiences were short but after they were over, I tried thinking of visiting someone and usually I was able to after a few tries.  I was surprised that just about everyone was able to see me though.  They spoke and acted almost like it was in real life.  However, most likely the experiences were internal and the other people didn't have similar dreams.  I think I may have asked this before in another message, but do any of you know how to make dream experiences external, such as sharing them with someone?  Otherwise the dream characters would just have been an image of them created by your perception of them.  Thanks.