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Title: The strangest and only thing I can rember dreaming
Post by: Manix on June 07, 2004, 14:29:18
If you actually use such devices in waking life, don't worry too much about it. I often see glimpses of such scenes. Sometimes it's simply an IM window, or a download window. Just a glimpse at whatever it is I'm working with. I'm on a computer constantly so waking up during the night and remembering only a vivid picture of a computer screen is common. One night I recall having an IM conversation with Nitetravler. I had no idea who this person was until I remember I had seen the name from this forum. There was no reason I could fathom that his name should be the one to appear as we do not converse beyond the occassional thread.
 Nitetraveler, if your interested in what the converation was, I recall you simply typed Hello and goodluck. LOL That was the extent of the IM.

I won't be so bold as to brush off possible meaning from your dream. This is simply my opinion from my perspective. Maybe there's something about the memory port you were thinking about at the time?
As I drift to and from light sleep I find my drifting thoughts taking a visual form; sometimes in such detail as to make me beleive I had actually been dreaming when the "dream" had consisted only of a single or multiple unrelated images whose only purpose were to serve as a visual "inner dialog". I hope you find some use from this.

Title: The strangest and only thing I can rember dreaming
Post by: kozzi on June 12, 2004, 05:41:34
You have to make a concious effort to become more aware of your dreams.  There's probably no hope, now, of learning what significance the "memory port" had in your dream or life.  But, maybe you can still remember what had been on your mind during the days surrounding that occurence.  Dreams are simply our creations.  We use the dream world to act out issues in our lives or our imaginations.  There's nothing "mystical" about them whatsoever.  There is nothing about them that you can't understand without a small amount of effort.  Being more aware is the key, and once you start to practice you'll realize you're becoming more aware in life as well.  

I think a lot of "dreamers" don't like my statement that there is no symbology in dreams.  The reason I say it is because dreams can be understood literally.  Dreams are a direct reflection of your everyday and imaginative thoughts.  I'm not religious or superstitious, and I think that's the reason for my thoughts on this.  Sorry, no magic here.  However, the truth is much more interesting.


Title: The strangest and only thing I can rember dreaming
Post by: gothpyre on June 07, 2004, 05:54:06
I had and dream the other night and for some reason the only thing I can remember is a memory port on a computer(the kind that you put memory stick from a camera).  I rember seeing this from about 8 inches away.  I know that this is not mutch to go on but you see my problem.  If anybody has any idea what this could means let me know.  Thanks