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Title: "In touch" with nature? Wow.
Post by: James S on July 09, 2004, 22:48:52
"All I'm saying is that technology CAN be intertwined with nature, so for all of us who think that they only way to progress spiritually is to throw out their TVs, think again."

I agree with this.

A few weeks back during a meditation I was given a vision of being taken a long way into the future. I was amongst ruins of human civilisation at some point after we'd left for another place. What the ruins showed me was that we got it right. We'd finally learned to to develop our technology to work with nature instead of against it.

I do believe it is very much possible and we don't need to become "enlightened" to do it. We just need to become more thoughtful of our source of life and sustanence and learn to work with nature instead of against. The only enlightenment that we need here is to start turning away from our greedy excesses.

- James

Title: "In touch" with nature? Wow.
Post by: distant bell on July 10, 2004, 03:43:06
I guess most people at this forum would agree to a certain degree- after al this is a higtech interenet forum....

But throwing out the TV really isn't a bad idea- so much on TV is so stupid that it can make an average intelligent being cry. Tehcnonlogy dosn't have to be bad as long as it is a help and a tool, the problem is when material things begin to replace humans and good old human ways. Many people choose to live in a city environment al there lives and choose to replace actuall nature and experience through watching TV or playing computer games. That dosn't seem to healthy to me. I am not saying that we should live in huts in the wood, but I really think that we need to get out into the fresh air every now and then and see some green nature, be it in a park or in the wilde. After al, we have more in common with the trees and shurbs then with the comouters, we are part of the nature.
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Title: "In touch" with nature? Wow.
Post by: Fat_Turkey on July 10, 2004, 04:06:44
I agree with you on that perspective. But like I've always described practically everything in the world, things are best taken in the right amounts. My anology is plain and simple : Medicine. Everything can be like medicine. In the right amount, you feel better. With none or too much, things get iffy and even out of control.

Too much nature means we'd lose our living standards. Not enough means we lose our morals and our inner human standards. I think murder occurs more in the city simply because the people don't have time to breathe and relax. They only get angry.


Title: "In touch" with nature? Wow.
Post by: Rob on July 10, 2004, 15:57:19
All I'm saying is that technology CAN be intertwined with nature

Yes yes yes!!! I have a dream.....aahhhh. IMO whats important is for the technology to be clean, and unrestricted. For instance, flying anti-gravity cars instead of what we have now which require roads. Zero-point energy instead of, well, anything which actually burns fuel.
Also technology that uses whats already given in nature - for instance computers built solid state into rocks. Screens which project direct from and around quartz blocks to create an integrated screen.
Further, technology can be used to enhance nature (ORMUS) - or at the very least, remove blockages (resonance tech, orgone, vortex freeing, etc).
I have a device called a chembuster and by the time I moved it at the end of last year, while the rest of the garden was relatively barren, around the CB flowers were blooming, growth was lush and thick for a couple of meters, getting less the further away. Still need to get the photos of that developed, I didn't expect to see actually see it working so strongly though I had been told that it would (the area of lush growth was also a spot where there was LESS sun than the rest of the garden!).

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Title: "In touch" with nature? Wow.
Post by: Fat_Turkey on July 09, 2004, 22:29:20
I have always been sort of "against" the proposition that people feel that the only way to become "enlightened" is to remove themselves from civilisation, technology, and just sit around in the forest meditating all day.

Now, I believe that there are other forms of being "in touch" or around nature, and still achieve the life-enhancing things that technology has granted us, albeit if you overuse them it becomes a little "wrong."

Those of you who are gamers would probably know of the Metroid series, and of these games, one of them (so far) is 3D, and for the Nintendo Gamecube. Those of you who have played it would take note of the beautiful landscapes within the game, and some of us have actually bothered to scan things in and read the background story for the game.

Basically, an ancient and wise civilisation known only now as the Chozo have pretty much always built their structures in and around nature. There are stone wall structures where, instead of cutting branches off of a tree, they have carefully built around the branches. There are rooms where gigantic trees are the centrepiece, and their branches extend as bridges to higher places within the building.

Now I'm not so idealistic to think that humanity would be doing anything like this (any time soon, at least). All I'm saying is that technology CAN be intertwined with nature, so for all of us who think that they only way to progress spiritually is to throw out their TVs, think again. After all, some television series and movies have really taught people about themselves.

Well, I think I've lost what I was originally trying to say. Oh well