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Title: Precognition
Post by: halfphased on August 15, 2004, 02:14:40
I would say I have precog experiences all the time.  You know, like knowing someone is going to call today or I'm going to see a certain customer at work.  That, or I'll be thinking about something and for some reason someone will mention a similar topic very very soon afterwards.  The most recent event I had like this was:

I was just lying on the couch and just letting my thoughts drift when I recall an event from some years ago where a baseball player let go of his bat and it flew into the crowd and hit some kid.  Of course, I'm like why am I thinking about that.  Then maybe an hour later, I get a call from my friend that lives across country.  We're just chatting away and apparently he is watching television.  He starts telling me about what he just saw on tv and guess what?  He starts telling me about how he just saw a baseball player throw his bat into the crowd and hit a kid in the audience...  If you want to call that a coincedence (or however you spell it) then be my quest, but I don't put much stake into them.  As the days pass, it becomes more and more apparent how interconnected everything is and the amount of precog stuff that I notice increases.

Title: Precognition
Post by: ImmuredSoul on August 13, 2004, 09:10:14
There's the predictions I've seen around here, but I can't recall ever having read anything about precognition (and I don't like the search because my computer goes slow when trying to use it).

During the month of either November or December is the first time I realized I had this, or think I had this. I was writing an e-mail to my aunt and was writing something that I stopped and thought, "I don't think I should put this." Should have listened, for I shouldn't have wrote that. Maybe that wasn't precognition, but rather??? I don't know, intuition? Anyway, that was the first time I realized it.

On occassions before then, I always thought for it to be some neurological thing.

And then there was (not too go with dates, but I think it was) yesterday. I was writing in a different post somewhere about some woman who use to live with us. Turns out she's moving in next door now. Maybe that's not precognition either, but I'm sure its more than just mere coincidence (or not?).

Well, comments.

And also, anybody else have any precognition? I'd like to here if and what others have gone through.