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Title: Spontaneous Obe when I was thirteen
Post by: Qball on July 17, 2002, 10:00:36
I thought some of you might find this experience I had when I was thirtteen to be interesting.
I went to bed as usual, and that night I rose up out of my physical body. I walked over to an old eight track my parents had in the basement of the house, and I manipulated some physical objects. I placed a Styx tape in the player. I now know that I was in my denser astral body. At the time I didn't know since I wasn't doing any of this stuff back then.
Then  I walked into the basement rec room, and I saw a being of wjhite light. This being looked like a ball of white light with bright red and blue lights, which sparkled among the mass of white light. This being was shaped like a sphere.
That's all I remember.
When I woke up early that morning, I ran downstairs, and sure enough the objects I had moved while I had astral projected were in the places I had left them during my ap.
Then the next night I astral projected again.
After those two times I astral projected, I had many dreams where I was flying. In most of those dreams I could feel myself flying.