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Title: neo-pagan reconstructionists
Post by: shadowdancer on August 20, 2004, 13:39:03
     the quote that you give from the article reminds me of something Terrence McKenna talked about.  Some of his experiences with certain organic psychotropics, he talked about how one of the important points of radical change in world-view, essential to human evolution, is for humans to start being able to handle enough personal responsibility for personal though, action and feeling.  They talk about becoming, or achieving buddhahood.  For McKenna, it was more like standing in equal understanding of the "Gods & Goddesses", and equal respect.      namaste

Title: neo-pagan reconstructionists
Post by: Rastus on August 20, 2004, 14:13:19
Interesting read.

I knew a LOT of pagans long before the Internet.  We had a common hobby, but overall they aren't any different than you or I (well, hehehehehe, then again....).  This was 1983-1995 or so, and I would most of them were witches of some form, with pretty much no organization.

But now Hmmmm.  Could the Internet be the "Pagan Saviour"?  I mean the problem with a de-centralized religion is getting the word out.  Now anywone with some time and a knowledge of search engines  (and a little $$$) can get their word out to billions of potential peole with the turn of a few keywords.  I think I'm on a profound thread here [;)]