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Title: Running out of Water--No more meat 4 U
Post by: Eol007 on August 16, 2004, 22:34:37
Assume you know this one: or

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Title: Running out of Water--No more meat 4 U
Post by: Eol007 on August 16, 2004, 23:18:04
Bit of a PETA girl are we?


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Title: Running out of Water--No more meat 4 U
Post by: Jenadots on August 17, 2004, 01:34:14
Answer:  Stop breeding!  

There are too many of us and we will be 10 billion in no time.

Maybe we should put birth control juice in the water of the countries where 5 or more children are the norm.  In some parts of our world they are breeding themselves into disaster, With more than half their populations under 25, many South American, African, and Southeast Asian countries are going to get very desperate and life will be even grimmer than it is for more and more people.
Starting with some of the polygamists in Utah where one man has 26 kids with various "wives." and then the UN can work its way around the globe to countries that are vastly overpopulated now and marry off the girls at 15 or younger.  Of course, China and India have a growing imbalance between male and female births, so perhaps it will take care of itself as there will not be so many women to have babies in those countries.    

Or perhaps the UN will start a program of forced vasectomies for men after they have fathered two children.  

Or we find a way to make de-saltation plants less expensive to operate to provide clean, drinkable water to the prople who need it.
I think the Saudi's have some desaltation plants but they are very expensive to operate.  Most poor countries could not afford them, at least not today.  In the future -- perhaps.  

Of course the world's leaders would have to make that a priority and so far, no one seems to care.  They will care when there is as much money to be made from water as there currently is to be made from oil.  Until then, it will be just another interesting fact of life on planet earth they choose to ignore.

Title: Running out of Water--No more meat 4 U
Post by: Naiad780 on August 17, 2004, 03:28:12
I read somewhere that if you don't want to completely stop eating meat, you should use it as a condiment instead of having the main portion of your meal as one big honkin' piece of cow.  I really like that idea, since I don't think it is wrong to eat meat, but I understand the environmental hazards (especially beef).  Pasta with a bit of meat in the sauce is just as satisfying to me as a big steak.

This is interesting in conjunction with astral projection, since some people say you shouldn't eat meat before projecting.  Personally I've found that it's only a problem when I eat a LOT of meat at one sitting, but I guess that supports the idea either way.