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Title: old images coming to the surface
Post by: alpha on July 24, 2002, 08:57:02
Hey more news.All this is really related to the creature I saw.A kind soul from this board happened to pm me.With a link.The description matched perfectly to what I saw.And what I have been going through all my life.

This creature is an elemental water dragon,Its been pulling out all these terrible emotions from my past.I know how to deal with them now much better.So far I have not seen it again.But I have met my possible  guide.

So it has come to me 3 times.The first it pulled some negs up, I actually heard a growling sound.But did not see it.PURRRRR?The 2nd was when It showed itself to me.I will never forgetThe 3rd it pulled up some really strong ones.I felt their effect for about a week or so.

I had the wrong idea about destroying the images,Im not even sure if its possible.I can still remember them.But those emotions are gone.I forgive all those people.Its not too hard,because those emotions were not only my own.But I think mostly theirs.They were suffering right along with me.Their better half that is.


Title: old images coming to the surface
Post by: jilola on July 24, 2002, 10:29:49
Just something that occured to me after reading your post.
Isn't what Core Image Removal is really about exactly that. You look inside, identify what's wrong and the let it go. Acceot the fact and pout in in perspective and in its rightful place as a part of history and the path you've taken to get to this particular moment. The memories don't go away but the negative feelings associated with them and with that the power those memories hold over you. They are no longer viewed separate trying to control you but rather an accepted or internalized  part of you that's put to rest.



Title: old images coming to the surface
Post by: Grendel on July 24, 2002, 12:30:46
I know what you mean about the startling imagery.  Once while I was meditating, I saw somebody hunched over a water fountain.  (Like a drinking fountain)  I said something to them, and when they turned around, it was a woman who had been horribly beaten and was extremely bloody/messed up.  That was enough to snap me right out of my trance instantly.

Sounds like it's all working out for the better for you though.  From what I hear, these kinds of things are a difficult, but very necessary step.  Congrats on the possible guide!  Make sure and let us know if you come in contact with him again.


Title: old images coming to the surface
Post by: Tisha on July 24, 2002, 13:59:02
Hello Alpha!

Remember what I said about asking them what they want!    

Sometimes the images can get very INTENSE.  When it really "starts happening" to a person, it can be FREAKY.  Distorted images, inner demons with claws and fangs, you know, you are facing it, almost any night it seems.  You are on a special path my friend!  These images are normal.

A sorcerer friend of mine "saw it coming" in me a few years ago, and he warned me that the first thing I would face would be my "adversaries."  Note that he did not say "enemies."  An honorable adversary teaches you important things.  An adversary can become your greatest asset.

Have you read the books of Carlos Casteneda?

Some good advice for today:  You need to face your adversaries in the waking world too.  Actually, the daily-ness of your so-called ordinary life is your training ground, so don't discount it!   Adversaries such as:  Fear.  Lonliness.  Irresponsibility.  Laziness. Problems with human interactions.  And so on.  Face these issues squarely because THEY ARE TRUE MAGICKAL TESTS.  When you fade into the otherworld they will take on a different appearance, fangs and all, but do not be fooled!  The hard work is done HERE!  

I can tell from your posts that you are learning that PURE LOVE transforms everything. The ones of this world with true peace and love and honorability in their hearts AND ACTIONS during their "waking" life have fewer demons troubling their visionary moments.  

This ties in with many of Frank's posts about emotions interfering with OBE experiences . . . this post here is just a different way of describing the phenomenon.  

As above, so below . . .



Title: old images coming to the surface
Post by: alpha on July 25, 2002, 02:05:39
Sorry if I confused  some of you.These images are not scary at all.They are things that happened in my past.People poking and hating on me verbally but mostly  mentally.Its like im travelling back in time.And back  than I didnt know it was their emotions I was feeling,not even my own..So I hated them all back.Locking their emotions and mine  inside me.

Almost like very short dreams into my past,not really picture  images that I have seen.So doors are being unlocked.This is what the dragon is doing.Its got all the keys.

Im doing what I am suppose to be doing.Guides only come when you are ready to see them.So Im pretty certain on this..Letting go of all those things.That had been lost in my mind.Jilola knows the story.His post is exactly whats been going on with me.

These emotions are not taking shape of demons.They  just look like what I said In one of the latter posts.(Dust clouds exploding)They are not looking mean and scary like  that because Ive stopped hating on these people a while ago.Sometime last year..I saw that they were suffering as well as I was than.And they prob. Still are.And hating on them for things that are not really their fault.Is not the way to go about things.

I Was burrying myself deeper.And I could feel the fire growing inside me once again.Ive gone this way many times before.So I knew better.

Hope you understand what I just said,when I read it over it sounded rather confusing [:)

Thank you,I appreciate all your posts very much,


Title: old images coming to the surface
Post by: alpha on July 17, 2002, 18:22:36
This is the second time this happened.This one wasnt really as bad as the last.Last time I actually heard a screaming voice in my head,and got drained because It took me a while to get control over my fear.

I got another image,when I was starting to fall asleep.This was when I was working.I was doing my old job.And I had a fear about something.There were other people around me.And I definetely had some kind of bad emotion going.

This startled me and I kinda of woke myself up a little.My eyes were still shut.And I could see all these white cloudy things in my vision.A few of them came together and joined up in the center.And it looked like a big white dust cloud blowing up.

 Im guessing  these are all those bad emotions that my mind recorded from my past.(negs)They are all going to coming up,one by one.This one was pretty recent last year.And the other one was way,way back.So I dont think I could have many more.I dont know if they go in order of occurance.But so far thats the way it seems to be going.

 The first time.I folded the image up and burned it. I could see it clearly turning in to ash..But this one was a little harder.I was not in a trance still.But I imagined myself doing it anyway.

After this Im starting to think all the negs I encountered so far probably came from my own mind.My own neg emotions coming alive.And you can only see what they really look like with astral eyes.Ive seen a bat.And jellyfish creatures.And both times I was not feeling  too happy.

 Except for the huge white snake.This  was a most friendly creature and def. not a neg.I hope we will meet again.

My views always are  changing,sorry if I confuse anyone.