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Title: Help
Post by: Eol007 on September 06, 2004, 22:33:59
Hi NodesOfYesod,

Welcome to the forums.

Not sure I can be of any help here! Although I find it odd that you would allow contact with argumentative entities and that your helper Twinkle would not seem to be able to assist in getting rid of them for you!!!

Anyone else have any suggestions for NodesOfYesod?

All the best,

Stephen [:)]

Title: Help
Post by: James S on September 07, 2004, 00:19:20
Hi NodesOfYesod,

I think something that might help you here, if your not doing so already, is some grounding meditation excercises. This might help overcome the issue of not being able to shut out the visions, and also give you a level of control over the beings that are coming to you. When we experience the kind of visions you spaek of, if we do not remain grounded, whe can, almost literally, be carried off by the fairies.

There are many methods & techniques for grounding, but best to just keep it simple. When your meditating or doing energy work, simply visualise roots growing out of either your feet or yout tail-bone, or both (depending on how you sit when you meditatie). Imagine these roots burrowing all the way to the centreof the earth, where they connect with a pure source of earth energy. You can picture this energy as beeing gold, or green or red, the choice there is yours, but make the colour bright and vibrant - full of power. Draw this earth energy up from your roots up into and through your whole body. Allow it to mix harmoniously with the other energies of your body.

This will give you a solid grounding energy which will not only assist you in improving the quality of your energy work, it will also give you that attachment to the ground that will help you to control the visions.

As to your dear entity friend, I won't judge whether or not this kind of a relationship is good for you - only you can really determine that. Keep in mind though that even though she is a spirit entity, she is not necessarily any wiser or more knowledgeable than you are. She might simply be drawn to your energy, and be a spirit that is longing for some earthly contact. This in itself can be a source of problems, as a spirit should not need human contact, and this can suggest that she has some real issues that she needs to sort out. If you do not feel this kind of needyness, but rather an enjoyable feeling of love, then I would say you are quite safe.

As to removing these argumentative entities, all you really need to do to start with is use some will power. In this world we are much stronger than spirit beings, and if we command them to go, they will. Try simply and decisively showing these other beings the door, and set your will to not allowing them back.

As to better being able to see your spirit friend, what you need to consider is that clairvoyance, what you need to SEE spirits, is really just an extension of you visualisation abilities. You use your mind to see, not your eyes.

As an excercise, sit in front of a desk and close your eyes. Visualise your desk, imagine what it looks like, just as you were looking at it with your eyes open. No create a penciland imagine that pencil sitting on your desk. Keep that image fixed in your mind, then open your eyes and continue to imagine the pencil sitting on your real desk. Visualisation can work with eyes open just as well as eyes closed with a little practice.

Clairvoyance uses exactly the same mechanisms as visual imagination, its just the input source is different. When you develop clairvoyance you first get used to working with your imagination, and allowing your imagination to feed images to you. You then start to learn which images are coming from your own mind, your own ego, and which images are being fed to you from the spirit world.

Its like viewing a picture on a computer. You have the software to view the picture on your PC. It's then just a matter of whether the picture comes from your hard drive, or whether its fed in to your PC from the internet.

As you develop this "eyes open" method of visualisation, with practice, it will become clearer and clearer, the images becoming more detailed and defined. As you stay receptive to the spirit world, it is the visions from the spirit world you will be seeing in conjunction with your normal eyesight. After a time of practice, it will be almost impossible to distinguish the two. After all, it is the same part of the brain that

I too went through the same quandry as you with my guide. Imagine my surprise when I discovered how clairvoyance actually worked, and realised that I had in fact seen my guide many times already. You have already seen your friend in dreams, so this will make it easier for you to visualise her with your eyes open.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards,

Title: Help
Post by: NodesOfYesod on August 25, 2004, 13:16:47