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Title: Why blame WICCA?
Post by: Kazbadan on September 02, 2004, 20:14:42
Runlola, its not Wicca guilty neither their adoration for Wicca.

Do you wanna know the reason for the suicide? I bet a lot that these girls didnt have any love or attention from their fathers (or they had to much...obsessive and coercive attention).

In general, teenagers get to suicide because they dont have any help and, with that lack of help, we can even had the fact that they dont have their personalitys totally developed. They are young and desesperate because of their home problems and they search at any cost for a solution. Many times that solution will come in the worst way.

They find a religion/group/etc,etc and they will use that as an "excuse" for the suicide. By "excuse" i mean: they will distort, in their subcounscious, the message of the religion in wich they participate, as a way to suicide.

Poor girls! They died maybe (almost certain) because they didnt have any help in their personal formation. They died because they didnt have a family to give the first steps with them in the hard reality of this world, and now the guilt goes to the Wicca.

Its always like that.

I bet with you that a suicide teenager that comes to AP forums mays see dead as a good excuse for the problems of its life (if there is obe there is Eden, if there is Eden i am going to suicide to go their..).

Of course that the final guilty would come AP forum and to us...

And the real guiltys, the fathers (most of the time, not always) will not have any guilt in the problem.

Suicide it is a complex matter and i must apologize for speaking like this, because  afterall, the fathers of the teenagers maybe dont have any guilt. I just speak about the fathers because psychologists agree that in most of the cases they have many guilt in teenager suicides...

Title: Why blame WICCA?
Post by: Chimerae on September 02, 2004, 21:09:17
I do feel bad for those excellent people who practice wicca, but it's been my experience that exploring general metaphysics increases the potential for suicide, both active and passive.

Very often people seek out alternatives because the mainstream stuff is unworkable.  

Then, when they get just a little peek of what's past the veil, they WANT IT . . . and don't stay with all this long enough to learn why they should even bother to stay here.

Meanwhile, frequently as they start on Path their mainstream life becomes even more unworkable -- but as still normal humans, they continue to apply old techniques, so it gets worse.

I feel badly for the pagans and wiccans who will get "blamed" for this, but also feel that it's part of the reason we owe each other on this journey all the compassion and warmth in the HERE AND NOW that we can possibly muster.  I personally have lost too many good people to just shrug my shoulders.


Title: Why blame WICCA?
Post by: Rastus on September 02, 2004, 22:27:41
Well, I still hang out on the Depression forums, plenty of darkness there and a few light givers can help.

No rational person commits suicide in that manner.  Running into a burning house to save a child, well, we all know the risks.  The same for someone drowning.  Suicide attempts are a plea for help.  It's simple to do it right the first time.  For some reason, people think starting over will be better?  They had it so bad?  I imagine Karma dictates they re-incarnate in some drought stricken 3rd world nation?

The girls are right, though.  Eventually, if they aren't trapped in their own private hells, they may choose to re-incarnate.  Right now they are probably having 'fun' burning through their residual etheric energy, if their lucky.

Argh.  I have this conversation dailey with people that self-harm (the beginnings of suicide attempts).  Interesting statistic: 0% of people that attempt suicide and have a NDE repeat the attempt.  Kinda makes ya think???  So far so good for me, I haven't lost anyone I know of, came close, but so far so good.  If you can get them talking, they usually won't try very hard.  if you can get to them in person, it's muuuuuch easier.

Ethics question:  How much can you "lean" on someone to prevent suicide?  Overdose them with light and the darkness wails and recoils in fear, driving them over the edge.  Too little and it does no good.  A quandry...

Title: Why blame WICCA?
Post by: Van-Stolin on September 03, 2004, 01:06:31
Yeah, they didn't look into this enough to come to that decision so quickly.  Killing themselves, they will first have to go through their lives and see that what they did was wrong and then only when they realise that will they be aloud to re-incarnate if the wish.  I don't think Karma dictates what you re-incarnate as, more like what you wish, but you just forget you wished it.  Though I do agree that would be a good lesson to re-incarnate in a place that was worse then what they had in their previous lives, if they can make it through that life though, I am sure that they will be happy in there next life.

I do wish the best for the girls in the next life and I feel sorry for them, but I really wish that some people would think rationally about their lives more.  I have a friend that has tried to kill himself before, like 50 times and all the times he hasn't suffered many injuries, like jumping from a second story building head first and landing on his head.  So he has just given up, taking it as a sign that he has to keep living.

Title: Why blame WICCA?
Post by: James S on September 03, 2004, 04:00:56
"So he has just given up, taking it as a sign that he has to keep living."

LOL! I love it. Can't handle dying so he gives up and lives. [:D]

- James.

Title: Why blame WICCA?
Post by: Krevency on September 21, 2004, 23:28:36
"We are going to talk to students to see if they know anything and to see if anybody else if involved," says Starke County Sheriff Bob Sims.

Police are now looking for answers into a practice they didn't know even existed in their community.

Is this their idea of impartial news?  They're acting like there's a heroin problem, or something.

When I went to hs, there were some friends of mine that claimed to be witches.  They'd basically watched The Craft or something and said, "Oh, this is all about Water, Wind, and yada, yada!  I'll cast spells on my ex-boyfriend."  Made me want to puke.  Now that I know more about witchcraft, it makes me want to puke even more.

Wicca is about nature.  It's not about flying around on brooms (where the heck did that stereotype come from, anyway?)  

Sometimes called a religion?

How can people go on like that about something they know NOTHING about?[:(!][:(!][:(!]Insert