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Title: Sinking feelings
Post by: astralspinner on October 20, 2004, 13:02:17
In Astral Dynamics, RB recommends a good way of inducing/deepening trance states by visualising yourself sinking downwards.

It's never worked for me as a trance inducer. I can never seem to induce any kind of "feels like I'm sinking" sensations.

But the last couple of times I've been meditating and had imagery start, I've been able to alter the imagery so I was going downhill - first I was going along a road, which I willed to become a downhill slope, and second I was in some woods and created a path to go down.

Both times, but especially when walking down the steep path, I felt noticeable trance-deepening sensations.

So, whilst it appears that sinking visualisations DO increase trance levels, I've got to be in a fairly deep meditative state already to make use of them.

Anyone else had this? Alternatively, anyone else know any good ways of inducing the sinking feeling without having to be in a trance already?

Title: Sinking feelings
Post by: Asif on October 28, 2004, 05:52:52
For techniques like these to work, does your mind have to be relatively clear?  I haven't been able to achieve a wake-induced trance yet, but I have only recently started trying.  All my projections were from waking up in a trance state after a lucid dream.

Title: Sinking feelings
Post by: ralphm on November 24, 2004, 04:22:36
I have felt the sinking feeling more as an elevator falling, it is one of my favorite techniques. I think the idea behind the techniques is to isolate a part of your couciousness that can move independent of your physical body and begin to be seperate of it. Another thing I've used that I haven't heard of before is the sensation of being on a swing-you go back and forth enough to begin to feel the seperation-I bet that is why it is so popular in grade school since spiritual seers say that kids are not totally in their body yet.

Title: The swinging sensation...
Post by: Tippycat on November 24, 2004, 22:58:07
I know what you mean by the swinging sensation. When I know I am completely relaxed I can begin to rock my self, as if being in a hammock. Now it's just a matter of rocking myself loose, which I'm having troubles with. I too like to imagine the woods when I am trying to relax myself. I don't feel as though I carry any fear, however I am wondering if I must map a purpose first before I relax to make it easier, currently I have you think that is why I am having difficulty?

Title: Sinking feelings
Post by: Time Traveler on November 27, 2004, 00:32:27
Quote from: ralphm
I have felt the sinking feeling more as an elevator falling, it is one of my favorite techniques.

The technique that I use to induce the sinking feeling works great. At an amusement park close to where I live is a ride called the " Dropzone ".  You are strapped in a seat and elevated to 350 feet and then you are dropped. It's a rush. I have rode it many times . It takes only a few seconds to remember that feeling and feel as If I am falling. I would recommend anyone to try this. These rides are quite popular and are in allot of amusement parks.