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Title: Trance laughter
Post by: Ferreus on December 04, 2004, 22:59:59
Many times now I've reached a trance state and then suddenly been snapped out of it by a bout of laughter that seems to have no cause. I will literally laugh out loud as though I had just seen or heard something hilarious.

This is not really a problem to me as I've managed to trance without laughing when I try. It is more of a curiosity. I haven't heard or read of any similar cases but I was wondering if anyone has experienced something similar or has any ideas as to what might be causing it.

Title: Trance laughter
Post by: Tyciol on December 05, 2004, 00:05:40
I often laugh at strange things... is it possible you're not entirely blanking your mind? A lot of things about meditating can be seen as humourous.

Anyway, as long as it's not desperate insanity laughing, or despair sob laughing, laughing is great for you, so I wouldn't worry.

Title: About laughing in trance
Post by: hypnotist1 on December 05, 2004, 06:43:14
Hi Tyciol,

I'm a Certified Hypnotist and we call that Emotional Outlet.  In a light to medium trance the emotions come to the surface.

Some will laugh or giggle, others will dos and turn or get fidgety. That is normal.

Some will cry also in that state the subconscious surfaces closer to the surface and it releases this emotions.

I hope this helps.

Frank (hypnotist1)

Title: Trance laughter
Post by: Tyciol on December 05, 2004, 07:35:29
No need to tell me qualifications, it's not like we can prove them on the net anyway! :) Thank you for your help, I'd actually like to learn more about hypnotism (and yes I know the person has to be willing for it to be effective, so self-hypnosis might be neat). Do you know any websites about it?

Title: Trance laughter
Post by: narfellus on December 06, 2004, 18:23:38
I'd love to go to a hypnotist myself. I have trouble meditating, and i think it might be a useful catalyst to help me along.

Title: Trance laughter
Post by: Tyciol on December 07, 2004, 03:52:56
Self hypnosis would be cheaper to learn in the long run, though I'm not sure about effectiveness as you'd have to remain partially conscious to give yourself instructions, unless you were listening to a recording of your own voice.