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Title: Possible Astral Projection?
Post by: Draege on December 15, 2004, 23:36:42
I have lots of lucid dreams.. Most are insignificant- I'm usually experimenting with things and they don't last but for a few minutes. Pretty much all of my lucid dreams are WILDs, where I wake up then purposely slip myself back into my last dream and am immediately lucid. Or I just feel for the sleep feeling and pop back into any random dream and I'm lucid. When I manage to do this I can usually do 4-5 or more lucid dreams in a row.

Recently upon waking one morning and was ready for some lucid dream action, I just kind of relaxed.. something just seemed different from my usual 'feel' when I get ready to move into some lucid dreams. This time I just felt this supreme relaxation and 'right'-ness in my mind, and I felt myself actually floating up. I went with the feeling. Then click, I'm not there anymore. I am suddenly standing on what seemed to be a pier. I don't remember there being water.. I don't remember seeing anything around it, it might as well have been a pier in the sky so to speak. Standing in front of me was a woman who immediately spoke before I even had time to gather myself. She said "we've been expecting you". I can't remember what she looked like as its been a while since I had the dream and I hadn't started my dream journal yet (stupid me). However, there was an immediate and obvious feel of kindness and friendliness from her. That is all I really remember. She had me follow her into this.. place. It was like a school/recreational area/social gathering all in one. We first passed through what seemed to be a massage parlor / sexual recreation area. Looking back on it, that first area really seemed to be like a test of distraction. But as I have learned to not be distracted in my lucid dreams by anything like that, I kept following the woman into the next area. It was like one giant endless white complex. There were people everywhere, halls and rooms everywhere. We went in some rooms where I saw people I had seen all throughout my life. People I probably saw years ago and never even knew by name. People sitting in classes, some teaching things, talking about things, or just socializing. I followed the woman, who was apparently my guide here, through many rooms where I met all kinds of fascinating people. It just went on and on and on.. It was like a great introduction. Eventually I think I may have drifted off and turned it into a dream, but I really can't be for certain. This.. experience, lasted for 2 hours. At first I thought it was a lucid dream (by that I mean the first 2 seconds I appeared in it, but that was quickly put out of my mind and I simply went with it). The thing is, it didn't feel like a lucid dream. It 'felt' like something more. Never once did things seem awry, never once did I use or even desire to use a 'power'. Also, when I have lucid dreams I simply slide into them by focusing on dream imagery. There are never vibrations or floating sensations or anything. I should also mention, on the scale of lucidity (and by that I mean how real it was and how aware I was) this was definately a 9-10. This experience has stayed with me well beyond most of the lucid dreams I've had, and I consider it, whatever it was, to kind of be one of the milestones of my personal progress.

I'm curious what you all think of what happened. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this? Do you think it was a lucid dream or perhaps I had an Astral Projection?

Title: Possible Astral Projection?
Post by: ralphm on December 16, 2004, 20:33:03
Sounds astralish to me. You could have phased (see the astral counciousness section for more info) into what monroe called focus 27-unfortunately I am not an expert on on the focus area's so maybe someone else could reply on that. If it is phasing you could coul probably return to the place by intent or focusing on the place or the woman-who may be a guide.