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Title: Lucid dream crawling up to OBE..
Post by: Leventis on January 11, 2005, 22:50:50
I have read somethings about OBE but not a lot yet.  I first heard about it from a friend and now I am reading about it.  Anyways, I have been able to lucid dream various times.  I have been keeping a small journal, I don't always write things but sometimes I do.(I did more in the beginning but I figured some things are just stupid)  I have been able to recall older dreams which is kind of weird but I do remember them.  

  Well the night before the event.. I meditated for about 4-5 min.  Just before sleeping.  I will not say much about the dream because I don't find it relevant at least the beginning.  I was sort of snowboarding in some weird scenery it looked more like a Counter-Strike map. (It's a game, anyways its not relevant) The point is that this place had edges and you could fall off.  So, some people before me where doing tricks.  I tried to do them too, it got very windy.  At some point I fell of the edge.  I would look at the sky which was dark blue (night sky).  It was a typical I AM FALLING DREAM (up to that point) I was scared and had the usual feeling.   Then it was a sort of loop, I would go up high and fall again.  (I see this as the dream)

At that point I realized that this was my own world and anything could be constructed in there.  I started managing the speed.  I was falling and I was not scared.  The sky was spinning and there as the moon. (I see this as the lucid part of it)

I concentrated on the moon while I was falling, I started feeling a great shift towards the light.  As I was going towards the light I thought to my-self that I should see the stars and what is around (I think I have read this on Tom Chalko's book that he says he has stopped on his way to God(my memory fails me now so don't take this for granted, thats how the thought occurred to me) After this I was going very fast upwards I could feel what I thought to be my breath at the moment.   I later realized that this was probably my chakra throat.  (I 've read about vibrations, so I guess that was it)  It felt like it was beating fast.  So after all this I remember going through the atmospheres of earth and out of them seeing the blue sky and the stars.  (It happen during the day, I don't know why I think that I saw stars but I remember the beautiful blue color and going through the earths atmosphere.  It felt as if I was going very fast and I would not breath due to the speed;these are afterthoughts hence the parenthesis)  (I also felted as if I was in an arc orbit being launched off)  I looked on my left and I saw a persons face.  It looked beautiful and full of different colors (rainbow colors)  He had a great smile on his face.  I asked are you got? I think he smiled (The answer I understood later or I was told was No;my memory fails me at this time :'()  I don't remember characteristics but I can clearly remember the beautiful colors that were around.  at that point I felt like losing my balance/control.  I felt like I started falling back to earth and I said thank you for my first OBE (although not sure it was) I fell into my body and tried very hard to get upso I could write it down and not forget.

All this was in full color I can remember clearly many of the parts of it, I just find it hard to express my-self. :'( It is like a clip in my head.  The time this happen was during the day, there was noise in the house from time to time.Could the person be a higher being? (Any suggestions)  Anyways, I have this experience in my mind as a very refreshing one.  The same afternoon that I slept I felt the same thing of being shifted out but I didn't manage to do it. I felt my throat going crazy again.  Yesterday a similar effect happen. I meditated for around 40 min.  I tried to work on my chakras and energies them before sleeping.  I remember feeling sometime my throat chakra going all crazy again but I started breathing very fast (anxious or fearful breath  I would say) so I stopped it.

Thats about it for now.. I am just interested to get another persons opinion about it.  For me it felt like I made it but there is doubt in me.  Unfortunately even though I wrote a lot of things down things seem to change a bit in my head and not be able to distinguish some details.

Thanks :)

PS: Excuse any spelling mistakes

Title: Lucid dream crawling up to OBE..
Post by: Leventis on January 12, 2005, 16:29:50
12 people and no one knows? :'(

I think I posted this in the wrong section and I apologize if it is a problem plz move it and don't close the post.. :)

Thank you :)

Title: Lucid dream crawling up to OBE..
Post by: Nay on January 12, 2005, 17:33:40
It sounds like a great experience to me, I'm not sure what you want me to say...YES you did it!!  better. :)

I can say that I relate to the fear of falling, unless I'm projecting or in a lucid dream I get scared.  Took me some time to get use to flying too, but now..woot, lots of fun. :)

Sorry I couldn't be more wise for you.


Title: Lucid dream crawling up to OBE..
Post by: Leventis on January 13, 2005, 00:11:03
I'm not sure what you want me to say...YES you did it!!

  This is more than enough. Thank you for your reply! :) I am so happy :)

Falling is one of my dream fears that I still dream off.  The other one was going to school without shoes :p hehe But falling always gives me that feeling.

  I don't think I need any further wisdom. :) Your answer on this matter its complete. (except maybe for the person I saw :p)  I guess I keep on reading about OBE and try to become more successful at it. :)

Thank you[/quote]

Title: Lucid dream crawling up to OBE..
Post by: ralphm on January 13, 2005, 04:59:22
I think you had a significant obe experience- I have had similar elements in some of mine which I have posted on the old forum and wish I had the time to list the links here-if they are still accesible. keep reading about the subject and keep trying.