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Title: Articles on projection
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Hello I dont know if many of you know who I am or remember me. I was a member a year ago here (by the same nickname I am using now).  To everyone who remembers me hello, to those who have now just heard of me nice to meet you. I am posting two articles I wrote a year ago here, some of you may have already read them, in that case read again. I have spent the last year implementing the same methods I give in the articles and I have an amazing amount of mental control and have progressed so much and I attribute it to everything I explain in these articles. Give the ideas expressed herein a chance and you might be surprised. With that being said here you go.....

Wake initiated lucid dreams and astral projections from non rem sleep with consciousness intact.


For the many people who try to have lucid dreams and astral projections, most methods described by other's whom experience the lucid or obe state are for the most part misleading, not intentionally of course. Rather the experience itself is so complex that they lose sight of how they accomplished it in the first place. That and what they do and their thought processes leading up to the experience is in itself hard as hell to explain and rightfully so.

I have experienced lucid dreams for the first time a few months ago as a direct result of the way I try to induce astral projections. Before I thought I had experienced the perfect state for projection but it wasn't until now I know the exact state to be in. I haven't used this state yet to project because at the time my intentions were on having lucid dreams. I set out to see what occurs between dreams and being awake, meaning can one be conscious during regular non-rem sleep? Having accomplished this I can say for a fact yes. As to what occurs in this regular sleep, I can explain this too.

Once fully asleep (non-rem) with an active consciousness I felt all pre-projection symptoms. Vibrations accompanied by a roaring in the ears and a feeling of pressure in the ears when the roaring sound occured.
Also in the head there is a shocking kind of feeling that spreads throughout the body and with that feeelings of movement may occur. All these added up is what I know as the vibrational state.

So the state to be in is regular non-rem sleep with your consciousness intact. The phrase mind awake/body asleep sounds right and technically is, but seems a little misleading. You yourself are sleeping when people think of body asleep they think "oh the body is numb", well its sort of correct but theres more to it than mere numbness.

I am sorry that I have to go through explainations first before telling you the method I used, if thats what you want to call it. You must know my explainations as to what the mind goes through because most people do not describe it well enough or only give you methods that do not work or they work but you dont know hotw to think with control or you cant control your thought process. I will give my account of what I did and what my thought processes were doing at the time.


Alright having explained what I thought needed to be said I will move on. I am not sure if this had anything to do with what happened but I will go ahead and say it anyway. I was half tired and just as equally awake. I had only three and a half or so hours to sleep before I had to leave for work. I decided to use those approx. hours to sleep, anytime I go to sleep I attempt projection and while I try I just fall asleep while trying so its just a part of my sleep pattern now.

So anyway I slept for 3-3 1/2 hours, woke up drove to pick my wife up. Came home spent sometime online, then laid down to sleep/project for another 3 1/2 hours. I laid down and let my mind wander and I kept my thinking pattern going normally until I notice I am in what I call stage 2., which is where sounds have an impact on my body. In short when a real sound occurs in my room I feel it in my body, a slight cushy,win,electric wave will hit my body. Now if this works in my favor that electric shock feeling stays and pulsates this is when I cease and slow my thoughts down and I dont pay attention or too much attention to this feeling. The more I ignore it the stronger it becomes, sometimes I will have to focus on strengthening it, but for the most part I dont have to do anything other than ignore it.

Ideally this shock feeling will spread to the rest of my body and give the impression of being electrocuted, more or less like when I am at a dentist and have the nitrious oxide mask on is what it feels like, but its a really deep body shock feeling. With this sometimes I feel spinning sensations or sinking sensation, with the spinning I feel positive and negative g's but not everytime.

Now is when to stop all thought bud dont lose your consciousness either. ONce I see hypnagogic images and hear sounds I call this stage 3, and this is when most everyone loses consciousness when they are going to sleep normally. Since all this occurs so close to sleep and even mixes or overlaps sleep most if not all of these sensations are forgotten with dreams upson awakening, unless you have good dream recal even then some are still lost. So to recap I am feeling a electric type sensation and seeing visuals. At this point I can do two things let myself go deeper or pay closer attention to the images thus also lowering myself further into sleep only in a controlled way.


What happened at this point is the sensations already felt intensify or go from moderate to concrete occuring non-stop and pulsating. From here I may drift in and out of consciousness, but I realized this is not what you want. Grasp your consciousness and keep it. What happened next slightly confused me. I still had full awareness but never the less I blacked out (losing consciousness/awarenesss momentarily). It may have been seconds or minutes no longer than 4 minutes, because I mapped out the times from each dream (percepted times and it matches up with real time spent sleeping minus the 20 minutes used getting to this state. When I woke up or I should say gained consciousness but the effect was I woke up in a dream. I dont mean I was dreaming and gained lucidity I mean there was no dream till I woke up consciously then it sort of formed around me (the dream environment).

At first I stood up and said "what the hell happened" then "am I projecting or did I come to in a lucid state"
I looked around and then tested control, and I came to the conclusion its a lucid state. I walked around in this huge empty room. There were windows, nice white walls and a wooden tile floor. The i-beams were a give away this was just a nice office room within an industrial building. I then said "well this is no fun, there are no people around" It was amazing I awaoke in a dream that had no signs of life, just dead silence, no monsters, no people nothing but me. I said time to liven this up, I noted filling this room with people and desks would do it. Then instantly there were desks, people, sculptures and all sorts of office [edit] around. I then said a phrase I say in real life when I accomplish something amazing which is "Bickety bam" which is one of the hundreds of non sensical things I say on a daily basis.


I looked around there were more men than women so I thought "more women" with that thought there were knocks at the office door and women entered. I looked around and marveled at my creative environment I have made saying "Holy sh**, I am more in control than in my first two lucid dreams" Okay what I have to say next is the most amazing discovery I made today. I used thoughts or methods from some people but the way I applied them probably hasnt been done before. I want to say first that I appreciate everyone that has read my article this far and in the next few pages I will explain something that I havent seen anywhere else or heard about, so you wont be disappointed. Tust me. I appreciate it because I have taken my time in analyzing my lucid state and noted exactly how I achieved it, and what I went through mentally and the sensations that occured. Then I came to work where I am taking my time to write this out page by page then once I go home I will be typing this out word for word only for others' benefits.

Okay now onto why I wanted to go lucid. The last time I had a lucid dream at one point I seen it start to fade, I focused to stop it from doing so over and over again. But whatwould happen if I let it fade? I know what happens for most people, the dream starts to fade and along with the dream the consciousness fades out until you go unconscious and into a regular non rem sleep with no consciousness and for some people they wake up. but what if you let the dream fade and kept your consciousness? Heres what happened, I found my eyes (physical eyes) werent moving at all. The dream was completely gone and I was completely conscious still, with full and complete awareness of my body and the sensations of the vibes were still felt. I knew and felt the exact position of my physical body. As far as sight, well nothing but complete darkness. Immediately I knew what happened and what this state was it was just normal non rem sleep only I have my consciousness going. It then suddenly hit me like a punch in the face. I researched a lot of experiements with obe'ers, including Robert Monroes and at the times he said he was out of the body, the eeg and technician observing said he was in a seemingly normal non rem sleep. Everyone I looked into the eeg and technician concluded the same, along with some weird eeg readouts that they werent sure of what it meant.

So the projectors were able to relax so well and firmly grasp their consciousness but the let the subconscious take over all body functions, but kept their consciousness in control over their mind. In short its a conscious non rem sleep which is exactly regular sleep with your consciousness intact. NOw here I am in complete darkness, feeling vibes,hearing roaring in my ears, feeling pressure in my ears with the roaring. I said "this is the perfect state in which projection would be simple."


It came (projection) so easy in fact at that thought I started to feel my legs and arms start to rise, I said "get back into my body" referring to my limbs and they stopped, and I felt a sinking/falling sensation in them, my focus at the time was mastering the lucid state. Once again here I was in darkness, so I wanted to see if I can bring a lucid dream about by thought and focus (keep in mind I am in non-rem sleep) and nothing happens. I remembered some one told me when your lucid in a dream if you see it starting to fade if you spin you will stabalize the dream. I thought well I am not in a dream though, can this work to bring a dream about from normal sleep. The answer amazed me. Even thought I was not in a dream I could spin around. It was more like I was spinning my awareness but when I spun I could feely myself spinning.

I had no pre-conceived idea aslo what if anything would happen by doing this. To my surprise while I was spinning a shard appeard, it was a fragment like a really thin but long piece of a picture, a long rectangle with very small width. The more I spun the more shards appeared, connecting to previous shards. I could see a picture forming before my own eyes, a picture I was not making. I was only spinning. I seen half the picture was finished and I wanted to see what would happen if I stopped mid-way. So I stopped and it started to fade away. I let it fade away and all I could see was darkness again. I said "okay lets try that again"

So I spin and spin, one by one dream shards came up. At first all I could see was backs of seats and they were red. Soon I seen two rows of these seats. Then rows and rows of seats,finally I see a movie screen. Then the picture was complete. It was a movie theatre, at first I could see all the individual outlines of the shards then it smooths over and I am left with a very highly detailed picture of a movie theatre. I said "Now what do I do with this picture?" I came up with an idea to push my consciousness closer. So I move closer to it till I am up against it, I move a little closer then looked around. I look all the way around me and see that I am now in the movie theatre, it was all around me. I said to myself "I am in the fuc*ing picture!!" I jumped up and down because I was so excited. I noted everything and I was in this theatre all by myself.I created people, then pointed my attention to the screen as there was actually a movie playing, and it was a real life movie too. I wont say which movie it would be too cliche.


I shifted my attention to the people then back to the screen. Now the movie was gone and replaced by a guy talking to a girl it looked like it was a girl movie. I said to myself "can I do this again?"
Referring to getting back to regular non-rem sleep and back to a lucid dream. Once the dream starts to fade I went about my mental technique (explained later) to keep my awareness/consciousness and I was back into the darkness and once again aware of my real physical body and its position. Thinking I couldn't possibly repeat what I just pulled off, I tried it again and to my surprise the dream shards come again. ONce again I could enter the finished pictures. ANd each time I could let the dream fade on its own and keep my consciousness.

I repeated the process till I had 6 lucid dreams each feeling like they lasted a half hour. I sat in darkness whie noting to myself what I had just done and accomplished at that thought my alarm went off. My alarm doesnt make any noise it has a wire connecting a black box, you put the box under your pillow and it vibrates when the alarm time comes. I sat in darkness and said well time to get up and sat up. It was so fluid, seamless. NOe trouble sitting up in normal non rem sleep with consciousness. No apparent paraylsis, no trouble and no lapse in consciousness, which enabled me not to forget any detail of what I had just went through. I set the alarm approx. for 3 and a half hours, it took me about 20 minutes to get to what I call stage 3, and about 5 minutes to come to in a lucid dream, each dream felt like a half hour, there were 6 lucid dreams all together. Add it up and you get 3 hours and 25 minutes almost exactly what I set my alarm for.

What I accomplished was lucid dreaming about 3 hours non stop by will alone. It was so easy I could of done it for eight hours easily. No lapse in consciousness between dreams, which was 6. My physical body felt refreshed and my mind not tired at all either.

So to recap, lay down get to the state I call stage 3 (explained earlier) then keep consciousness till you black out while slowly lowering yourself deeper and deeper. Note: You may drift in and out of consciousness, do not confuse this with blacking out. If you dift in and out you will now because you and your body will still be awake, when you fight to keep conscious and get to the breaking point you will not be able to hold on and you will black out. when you come to you will wake up in a dreamscape and you will automatically be lucid no need for reality checks you should kjnow why you are there and what you were trying to do before you ended up there.


Now you are lucid in a dream. What you want to do is let it fade away on its own do not force it to fade. So you may be stuck there for a half hour or so, make the best of it. You may need to know how not to get too involved in this dream, if you do and get too comfortable you will lose your consciousness. What I do to avoid this is keep and internal dialogue going constantly to keep using my consciousness/awareness exercised so they are firmly held. For example if I am walking (I will either think it or say it, its the same thing either way) I will say I am walking, noting what I see along the way. I do this non stop in all my lucid dreams.

Now once it starts to fade out keep sayihng to yourself "ok the dream is fading" and note the things that are disappearing "there goes the wall, the white wall"..etc. This keeps your awareness/consciousness going while the dream fades and prevents it from being swept away as well. After all is said and done you will be by yourself in the blackness. YOur body awareness will kick in and you will feel the vibrations. This state once again is normal non rem, non dreaming sleep only you managed to smuggle your consciousness with you.

From here you can project or go into a wake initiated lucid dream. Projection from here is easy and self explainatory. All you have to do is affirm you are floating up, or just say now I will get out of my body, or even try to picture your room and you will automatically see through the closed eyelids (well for me anyway it does this). It will happen easily. The hard thing is gettihng to a lucid drea, which not many people have methods of doing this without the possibility of either projecting or waking up, but I do. Just spin, spin your awareness clockwise (to the right) as if you were spinning yourself in the physical over and over at a moderate rate, either you dreamscape will form around you or you will have shards show up like I did everytime, if the later happens keep spinning till the shards form a complete picture and then stop they will seemingly seal and a vibrant, highly detailed, vivid image will be the result. Walk into it or push your consciousness into it. Slowly look around and you will see you are now in the picture, it now becomes your dreamscape.

If what I call the dream shards appear from spinning email (email at bottom) me and tell me about it. Each time the dream fades repeat the spinning process once back in non rem sleep. You can repeat this over and over. Give these instructions a try and keep me posted. You can have better odds if you do as I did and set an alarm for 3 and a half hours from the time you started. If you are too awake it will take longer to hit stage 3. If you are too tired you will hit stage 3 really fast. However either way you will get there regardless, if you are 1/2 tired and 1/2 awake it will be just right and easy to do. Each step in this article is vital so read carefully.

Notes: In between dreams and in non rem sleep do not attempt to focus on or move your physical body or you will end the sleep period and not be able to induce another lucid dream. Also keep repeating the dream processes I mentioned for more dreams after about 5-6 dreams your alarm should go off you will have a choice to either continuing the dreams or wake up if you choose to keep going you take a chance of losing consciousness in the lucid dreams and you may forget everything if you do lose consciousness in the dreams. So I would chose if I were just trying this for the first time to wake up like I did in order to not forget the entire experience. Another thing is dont use headphones or listen to hemi-sync audio while trying my methods in this article and dont use ear plugs as you will miss natural sounds that occur in your room or house or outside that might trigger the electrocution sensation that helps in the whole process I explained here. Now for the last note when you are in non-rem non-dreaming sleep with your consciousness and you are spinning your awareness around no thought to what the resulting picture should be apparent. Actually the only conscious effort is put into the spinning itself and just observing the shards or forming dreamscape, dont try to make the resulting picture any different just move torwards and into it and then you make the changes you want to once it is your dreamscape and you are in it. (End of first article)

Article #2 Further understanding of the environments (which I called lucid dreamscapes in the first article). Aspects of the self, and more on projection.

1.) New ways of thought

This article is being written for people like me - free thinkers. Free thinkers are people who challenge normal every day things, we challenge normal everyday concepts. We wish to make un-knowns into knowns by facing everything from a non -biased stand point. We realize for everon thing that there are more things we can learn from and about it. Even if its an everyday experience we know there is more we can learn about it.

We understand that the limitations of the physical need not dictate the level of our mind or influence its limitless abilities and infinite potential. Having said that let's get right into it. This writting is about lucid dreams and astral projections, but this whole article is for the most part centered around lucid dreams, aspects of consciously induced lucid dreams and naturally occuring lucid dreams. When one thinks of lucid dreams for the most part they think of dreams that you have complete control of. Which is right for the most part. Here is what I think when I hear the term lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are a direct connection to the subconscious with little to no filtering, there are two kinds of lucid dreams consciously induced or naturally occuring, a gateway to other states and the door way to conscious sleep (non-rem) - the lucid dream is the door that will let you consciously cross over to the aforementioned state (conscious sleep). I think of more than that but those are the basic forms of thought I go through.

Regular lucid dreamers experience what I call naturally occuring lucid dreams. They consciously conditioned theirselves to recognize what they call dream signs while they are deraming. Dream signs are things that might happen while in the dreams, things that normally wouldnt or couldnt happen in their phyiscal lives. An example of this is they are dreaming and see a person fly, the person floats with out support, they see this and right then they know they are dreaming resulting in a lucid dream. They consciously acknowledge they are dreaming and a fluctuation of consciousness occurs and from there they have conscious control and awareness. The fluctuation will also affect the dreamscape or environment itself forcing it into a high detailed,vivid, and more physical dream.

Regular lucid dreamers are completely content of their ability to control dreams, which is good thing. The problem with that is they never once think about other options or experiences they have concious access to. While some may devise ways of control in the lucid dreams that result in a longer lucid dream, they never once thought they have another option. They think the lengths of their lucid dreams are only limited to the lengths of their rem sleep cycles. They think that when a rem cycle ends it is the end of their lucid dream and when the dream fades away their consciousness is swept away also. While the last statement is true it doesnt mean there arent other options. Options they didnt know about or otions they originally thought were impossible. In this article I lay out the options I speak of, and along with it I will tell you how to have the options and how to experience them.

In these two articles, I dont hope people will read this and automatically believe me. What I hope is to pique your interest so that you will try and experience what I talk about for yourselves. I say these articles because this article is to be a companion for my walkthrough article on how to experience what I speak of. This article will contain things I didnt write in the first, and explainations of things I wrote in the other article to simplify it of rpeople who might not completely understand the first article. You may ask "why if what you say is true and it works, are you taking your time to tell others rather than keeping this to yourself?" I can tell you its not to profit heh. Well the reason is because I am not selfish what so ever. I iwsh to help others and by doing so maybe it will result in more research to be done on aspects of sleep and other experiences as well, such as astral projection. I want others to have access to their spiritual selves. When one hears spiritual they think of religion. Those two have nothing in common. Religion plays no role in these experiences. I am talking about being able to understand your origin and experience your true non-physical form, and have choices in the non-physical paths you can take. My last reason is because I love people. I am empathetic to those of us who feel lost or depressed by the pressures of the physical, when they needn't be. I will be honest there was a time I was in a way selfish. I was so absorbed and conditioned to the physical my ways of thought invilved nothing but the physical. I broke out of this cycle of thought when a very wise person named uri told me in an email not to focus on the physical aspects of the mind but more on the non-physical and to use my time to help others.

Of course at the time I didnt know what I know now. His very insightful and somewhat cryptic message set me onto a path I am on now, and it took me sometime to understand what is important. So now that I know a way I can help others, I will do just that.Once I uncover other unkowns and make them knowns, these forums you frequent will be the first places whom I will go wtih my new information.

So now you have a little insight to how much depth there is invovled what I would like each of you to ask yourselves is would you like to experience what I explained in my last article? Do you have the will to completely re-vamp your way of thought and your thinking processes?

The truth is so many of us are too caught up in our physical lives to have time or want to take the time to do any of these things. Once I knew the process and knew and realized teh mechanics I was able to experience what I explained in the last article my first try. Its true I practiced projection and lucid dreams for over five months little to no avail but I was blindly trying to do something I didnt understand, it was not till I come to a realization that I was able to completely understand. Once I understood, first try was all it took for me to experience what I always wanted to but couldnt. Heres what I have known but not understood. To project you need to lay there and get your body asleep keeping mind awake. At first I thought okay getting the body to sleep should be easy. I realized the person would have to go to sleep, regular non dreaming sleep consciously or within the beginning stages of this. Robert bruce said in his boook: Astral dynamics that if one finds himself/herself in sleeping paralysis a projection has already occured or is occuring. This is not always true as I can relate from my experiences. You can go from complete consciousness to a lucid dreamscape carefully traverse into non dreaming conscious sleep and at that point try to move and you will be paralyzed, then still seperate no problem as long as paralyses doesnt make you panic. I agree with Robert Bruce with just about everything else. Next topic will be what the differences are between natrual and induced lucid states.

2.) Differences between natural occuring lucid dreams and consciously induced lucid dreams (environments)

This topic will be exptremely short and straight forward. The first and most obvious difference between the two of these, is natrually occurring lucid dreams are when one becomes conscious in an already active dream. In this state the dreamscape already has people and things created by your subconscious. This state can become extremely chaotic causing the lucid dreamer to lose hi/her consciousness. With consciously induced lucid dreamscapes you do this from conscious non dreaming sleep. In this state once you enter your created environment you will be all there is, short of the environment itself. The reason for this is its a completely new/fresh environment that your subconscious dself never fooled with yet. Since you're conscious in this new environment your subconscious wont do anything with it at all unless you state the intention for it to cretae something, perhaps a person,people,art,drawing-anything you want it will create. This state is perfectly clear, its higher in detail-more than you can imagine, and has more uses than I can state here. This brings me to the next topic.

3.) Uses for the consciously induced environments as opposed to the naturally occuring.

In induced environments you can carry out what you originally set out to do without the distractions of people and other things that would be going on in a naturally occuring one.
If you are an artist who paints once in a induced environment state internally or externally (out loud) you want to see a remarkable painting and it will appear where ever your focus or attention is, like in referrence to in front of you on the ground or in your hands. It will be more intricate and amazing than you could ever conceive. Then study it, memorize it then traverse to non dreaming conscious sleep and once ou can physically start to feel your body sit up. Since you didnt lose consciousness you will remember everything perfectly. Not only will the painting your subconscious created be wonderful it will be symbolic- having an insightful message/meaning that can be interpreted, which adds all the
more beauty to it.

If you are the kind of person who likes to relax, once entering an induced environment you can just sit and relax and observe. This is the ideal state since there will be nothing exept you can the environment

If you draw you would do the same thing as a painter would, same thing goes for poems,songs, anything else artistic even sculptures.

If you wish to experiment, the induced environment is ideal as there will be no distractions, unless you consciously create some yourself to challenge yourself for whatever reason.

If you are like me and want to speak with your subconscious self or want to receive messages from it there are a number of ways I will state here.
1. If you want to view messages or subconscious images while the induced dreamscape hold the intention for a television to be created in which your subconscious will show you images or video to communicate with you or send a message to you. Take a seat and watch it.

2. If you want to conversate with your subconscious with actual spoken words hol dthe intention to create a person which will embody your subconsciousness, it will be a vehical for your subconscious self. The amazing thing about this test is it does work perfectly. Instead of your subconscious speaking to you through symbolic images it may speak to you directly yet in symbolic speech, it will be normal speech but have great symbolic meaning.

If you enjoy sexual intercourse this can be done too just hold the intention of creating your ideal partner and your subconscious will create him/her, or more if thats what you want. you will notice that when you create people your subconscious doesnt create drones or mindless bodies, each person has his or her own personality, phyical attributes, likes and disklikes. If you do not approach those you created they will go do their own thing, and even converse with one another. If you hol dthe intention for them to do something they will do it. If you tell them to out loud without holding the intention internally they may not do what you say, holding internally the intetion is key. Another side note is the people you create here in the induced environment cant bring about new things in the dreamscape or create unless you tell them to do so. If you create a body/vehical for your subconscious he/her will be able to bring about things in the environment as him/her has as much control as you do, but it wont be distracting. If you want him/her to leave it will no problem, usually.

I have listed many things you can do from here, but there are millions of possible applications. Be creative and you may leanr and experience very interesting things.

4.) My personal experience with consciously induced environments

Here I will state just two of my experiences. this way you can decide if this is something you may want to experience, and so you may know what kinds of things to expect.

My very first experience: I lay still for about 15 minutes, on my back breathing through my nose. I then hear a click caused by my heater. The click occurs in th eheater and a second or half second later an impact feeling hits my head resulting from the sound in my room, a fuzy feeling along with an electricity type of shock sweeps from my head to my feet. I pay no attention to these sensations. Then the electric type shocks just keep occuring till its one steady electrocution type of sensation. The hypnagogic visuals start coming, once they start to occur more I pay a little attention to them, thus lowering myself deeper. I hit a breaking point, my consciousness feels like it wants to slip away but I get a good grip and dont give up. Instantly I black out, what feels like a second later I find myself in a big office. It feels as thought I am physically waking up. I look around. THe floors were tiled wooden floors. The walls were white. There were windows that revealed outside. I looked around, this office was completely empty. I first thought I might liven this up. Once I knew about how many people I wnated, I held the intention to create and they just appeared, along with deks, sculptures, amongst other office stuff. I noted these sculptures were complex with the most intricate designs I have even seen.

I noticed a few guys looking at a girl. I realized there were almost all guys with only a few girls. So I said "they need more women" and held the intention to create more women. The very second I held the intention there was a knock at the door, and women entered. I marveled at each person and their personalities, each one was unique, had their own physical attributes, each had their own likes and dislikes. They went about and did their own thing and even conversated with one another. I admired everything I was able to create for a while. I wanted to see if I could order them around, while holding the intention for what I wanted them to do, I yelled "Get all this [edit] out of here." All the people scurried around helping each other take desks out. I laughed to myself because I was in complete control. I got kind of annoyed as they were taking so long to get everything out. I held the intention for them to disappear and they were gone, just like that. I sat in this office thinking things through, then perceived it was fading, I let it fade while exercising my consciousness/awareness by using internal dialogue. Once faded I then had physical body awareness and felt which position I lay. I tried to move my physical fingers and couldnt, I was paralyzed. I was in regular non dreaming sleep consciously.

I could go from conscious sleep to these environments back and forth non stop as long as I wanted and then get up physically once in conscious sleep by sitting up once I gained physical feeling without a break in consciousness. I will write one more short experience.

I was in conscious sleep, I spun my consciousness till the dream shards as I call them formed a picture. Like usual I push my consciousness forward, against it and into the picture. I was at a foot ball field andin the very first row in the stands. I knew exactly what it is I went to do as always I was alone. I created people in the stands for backround. I held the intention to create a body/vehical for my subconscious self to use to talk to me. A guy appeared in front of me. he looked extremely dazed. I kept asking who he was to make sure it wasnt just a regular person I created. Then the dazed look lifted off his face, now he looked at me like I was crazy.
He then said "You know nothing of being aware" my first reaction was to laugh since I was completely aware and in control so I said "I am the one who is aware here not you." He responded "I beg to differ" laughing to myself as I have never heard someone use that phrase. I watch him lift up his hand. A phone appears in h is hand and he hands it to me. I put it up to my right ear as I always do in the physical. First I heard just staticy backround noises, then moans,groans, and mumbles, and then a few words and broken words, all in my voice. It took me a few seconds and I knew what was going on. I was listening to my body sleeping in the physical and mumble as I talked in this environment, I said "what the f..." and before I finished that sentence my subconscious self smiled,winked and walked away despite me yelling for him to stop, he had as much control as I did.

These last few topics are giong to be really short so dont stop reading just yet.

5.) Limitations of each conscious state

Naturally occurring: These dreams were already set in motion before you become conscious, so sometimes they can be chaotic and distractive. The distractions and scenerios that were set in motion can cause most lucid dreamers to lose their consciousness as fast as they got it.
A lot of times they end all too soon.

Induced environments: you are alone, no distractions, and as far as my experience goese there are seemingly no limitations.

6.) Understanding the conscious and subconscious selves.

There are many lessons/books/articles that say the subconscious is a by product of the consciousness. The same sources would suggest the supression of the subconscious and list meanst to accomplish it. I always feel bad that people will be ignorant enough to believe those authors' naivity and ignorance to the point they would follow through with surpession of the subconscious self, or supression of any kind. Heres my understanding of the conscious and subconscious selves. While we live in physical bodies, our conscious and subconscious selves act on our physical bodies by means of a link that is not known to me. However they act on our bodies seperately and at different times. The reason for this seperation of the conscious and subconscious selves is if they were "whole" physical lives wouldnt be possible like this. While we are physically awake our subconcious will observe our experiences and while we are sleeping we will observe our subconscious self' experiences, in bits and pieces that we call dreams here. Our subconscious self is half of the whole we will call ourselves when we physically expire.

7.) Mastery of these conscious states

Once one can traverse from what I call conscious sleep, and get a feel for this state, he/she can practice going to and from environments. Once you can traverse from conscious sleep to the environments and back, you will be able to do this over and over again every attempt, unless too mentally fatigued. Some people dont really see the potential for this, this state (conscious sleep) is the gateway to projection and the environments I experience, possibly others that are not known to me. Think of it like a neutral state in which you can expand off of. Regular practice getting here should be attempted. Once successful try going from here to the environments and back to conscious sleep and so on etc.. Then once you get that down, go from conscious sleep to projection and once you get back project again, once you get that down there are limitless possiblities, and trust me with regular practice you will be able to no problem at all.

Notes: what I call the environments I may have called consciously induced lucid dreams as for lack of a better term. They are neither projections nor lucid dreams. You will know what I mean by this when you experience it.  Thanks,
                              T.L. (

Title: Articles on projection
Post by: Draege on January 19, 2005, 20:12:11
Very VERY nice. It would have been nice to read that a year ago, as I had to learn all of that by myself. And alot of it well described things I've been doing that I've barely been able to understand myself beyond "ok then I do that ONE weird thing..."

I think the most groundbreaking part of that is near the beginning when you talk about that mindstate you get in where you feel sounds. This has been the most intriguing part of my lucid dream process and I've never been able to describe it. I would compare it close to sleep paralysis in some ways. Weird things happen there. Its almost like reality itself dissolves much like how the lucid dreams later dissolve.

Title: Articles on projection
Post by: Frank on January 19, 2005, 21:36:38

Thank you for your articles, they make for good reading. I'm moving it to the Astral Experiences forum and making it Sticky for a while as I am sure this will be helpful to many people.


Title: Articles on projection
Post by: Astral Practitioner on January 20, 2005, 02:17:33
Hi T.L. I am Michael from the mystic web chat room and I do remember you. We use to talk on msn. I know this is off topic but I just won't to catch up on things. Add me to msn. I do have your article it is still in my folder.

Title: Articles on projection
Post by: fost500 on January 20, 2005, 13:06:10
Bickety bam indeed T.L  :D

What a very interesting read. Throughly enjoyable.

I have a question about the electrocution thing. I sometimes have a similar experience, however its more visual. Instead of feeling like im electrocuted, at the same time as the sound i see a flash of light. What technique do you use to maintain conciousness at this point?
Thanks man

Title: ..
Post by: T.L. on January 20, 2005, 13:50:59
At the time I get the shocking feeling I approach it the same. I wait till I know I am consciously stable enough to go even deeper and I slowly lower myself in. Dont let the flash of light hinder you at all, if you start to think "What was that?" or things similar to that you will start raising yourself up out of the altered state. Just stay relaxed and calm, and most importantly dont let your mind wander. If you get that far to get that shocking feeling you are very close indeed. Keep at it and you will have it no doubt. Regards,

Title: Articles on projection
Post by: Novice on January 20, 2005, 14:40:10
I often times reach the state of feeling sounds deep within my body. But I don't like it at all. I'll be meditating when this state occurs and my dog (a large, deep voiced, lab) will come barking at squirrels, birds, dogs, pretty much anything.

Anyways, as soon as she barks, my body vibrates all the way through (bones, skin, every fiber or cell inside). But its very uncomfortable. I just don't like the feeling. Its as if my body is a still body of water and these sounds are creating rapid waves that are disturbing the stillness. But also like its being jolted as this happens. Not sure if that makes sense at all or not. But I always try to get past those vibrations quickly.

So if I understood your articles correctly, from this point you are close to lucidity/projection? I've never tried to project while meditating. But I do find that I'm totally conscious and aware at this stage. So you continue past this point and that's when you begin seeing the images and then black out momentarily? I just never got to the black the black out part.

Title: ..
Post by: T.L. on January 20, 2005, 23:34:30
Very good description of the sounds impact on the body, thats exactly how it feels. Not everybody feels it of course so when I explain to people they have absolutely no clue what I am talking about, but from the perfect description you gave you know exactly what I am talking about. It all depends on how far you go and how fast, sometimes I can get to that stage very fast so projection or whatever else I am trying to attain doesnt come for a little while, other times this stage immediately proceeds projection.
Essentially its very very close, just to be conscious of the sound impact means you will succeed if you try. As I said most people or want-to-be projectors wont even perceive this stage consciously. I guess most have to realize that in order to project you have to have some kind of mental control, which is why meditation helps so much. Yes you could project from meditation, I should say while you are meditating. In fact it will spontaneously happen if you go really deep, whether you would like to or not.  Regards,

Title: Articles on projection
Post by: Nay on January 21, 2005, 00:05:43
Anyways, as soon as she barks, my body vibrates all the way through (bones, skin, every fiber or cell inside).

That is exactly what happens to me when my TV crackles and pops!  And after mulling it over I came to the same conclusion you did, that I FEEL sound!!  Sometimes it is so bad that I've literally sat up from the shock of it. :?  

Great discription Novice.  :D  


Title: Articles on projection
Post by: Novice on January 21, 2005, 13:14:43
Well, I have experienced this in a really neat way too. Have you guys ever chanted to music? I haven't done this in a while, but if you get your body in tune with the music and reach this vibrational stage, you get the opposite of the jolting effect. Its REALLY neat.

Different parts of your body will vibrate to the different notes in the chant/music. But it isn't the full-body vibration. Its very isolated. I'm sure it has something to do with chakra pitches, but I'm pretty much tone deaf so I couldn't confirm that.  :roll:

Anyways, the vibration is verticle and feels like your body is a stringed instrument and someone is plucking/vibrating various strings in harmony with the notes being heard in the music/lyrics. If you continue to allow this to happen, you'll begin to perceive colors associated with the different notes as well.

Now those feelings, I like a lot. If you haven't tried this before, you may want to. It really feels as if your body is playing the music and you are seeing and feeling the notes within. Very cool!!

Title: Articles on projection
Post by: Tombo on January 21, 2005, 16:06:40
Thanks for the great article T.L. !! I was in a motivation hole, wondering if the it is all worth it. and your article might just be the kick I'll need. I'll try out what you describe. And once I succeed I'll contact you. Can I apply the techniques you describe once I become lucid in a dream (natural occurring dream) to start a projection?
One more question:
You talk about Projections and LD's so it seems you see them as two different states.
Could you elaborate a bit on that? Do you see differences between LD and AP? Do you think the two states offer different options? Do they feel different?
Cause as I understand you, once we are in the conscious non-rem-sleep we now can choose whether to induce a LD or to start a projection, right?

Title: Articles on projection
Post by: T.L. on January 22, 2005, 06:17:23
Yes I believe you could apply these ideals to an already initiated lucid dream, you can tailor these methods to your specific needs. Yes lucid dreams and projections are two very different things. Yes these two states offer many different options. Projections you are only limited to what you want to do wit them.  Lucid dreams are very limited, some cant even maintain a lucid dream very long because their consciousness fluctuates in a way that awakes them, more mental control can usually rectify this problem. Heres the thing in my articles I use the term lucid dreams for what I now call environments. Its sort of a internal projection, what I mean by that is its not a lucid dream and it still yet differs from a regular projection as well.
The difference between what I call an environment and lucid dream is first off in a lucid dream you become conscious in an already on going dream, and scenerios are already playing out. In what I call an environment there is nothing going on the only thing there is the scene you end up at lets say you end up in a building or a room for me when I get there the place will be completely empty no noises, no people and no objects until I create them. Another difference is you have absolute control over everything you can create people,things, places the state itself seems limitless.
Heres an example I had an idea for the next time I would induce an environment that I would hold the intention of creating a painting. So I said I want to see a painting once I was there and one appeared I was able to sit there in that state and observe and study that painting for what seemed to be about 15 minutes. I made note of everything about the painting. I snapped myself out of the state got up and started to paint it from memory.
I painted it to the exact image I seen when I was in the state.  So in short lucid dreams, projections and what I call environments all seem to be three very different things and they all feel very different. One would have to experience it to know just how much they differ in feelings, sensations, and limitations.  Yes once in the nrem (no rapid eyemovement) state of sleep if you arrived there consciously of course you can induce either an ld, or projection or what I call the environments. It might be possible that what I call environments is actually a wake initiated lucid dream, but if  wilds are anything like ld's then I would say that this is not the case, because the environments were more real than real to me just like projections except with minor differences, once huge difference is I could read and write when I was in what I call the environments.
Perhaps I could be entering my own psyche, but with as much control I have in there I wouldnt know I would think my subconscious would surface anytime it felt like but as I said that was definitely not the case. When I created people, and things there I know it was my subconscious doing the design but it wouldnt until I consciously commanded it to. The control is amazing. Practice and get there so you can see exactly what I mean. Being able to get to nrem consciously has so much potential I dont even know where to start on that subject. All I have to say is you will only be limited to what you can come up with, and not to mention you will be doing something most sleep "specialists" and authorities says is impossible,  and as I proved to myself it is not. Dont just take my word for it experience it yourself, its a very freeing feeling.

Title: Articles on projection
Post by: FreeChile on January 25, 2005, 16:51:48
T.L.  thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

T.L. you said "one huge difference is I could read and write when I was in what I call the environments.."  

Were you simply trying to maintain a good memory of what you were viewing or were you taking actual notes on paper?  

Just interested in knowing if these experiences can actually be documented on paper as they are happening.  The reason is because I tend to forget my dreams or certain details of them.

One interesting thing that happened to me after reading this article is that I experienced two lucid dreams for the first time.  I don't know if I am using the right terminology.  But I basicly started dreaming and soon after the dream began, I realized that I was dreaming.  This dream lasted what appeared to be a significant amount of time.

Immediately when I realized I was dreaming (became lucid), I felt a strange sensation, like an impulse to awake which lasted a bit of time but I somehow managed to stay in the dream and also remain conscious.  At this point I simply followed the dream.  I met a child I don't know in this dream and I asked him his name.  All this was me consciously probing. Is this conscious activity another aspect of this reality?

Strangely, the child in the dream (he was about 10 years old) was not responsive to my question.  So I tried to rephrase the question.  I asked him "Is your name Martin?"  He did not reply in the positive nor the negative.  He was more interested in his own agenda, in finding someone.  The person he looked for is named "Consuelo."  He also said the lady's last name, but I only recall it vaguely.  

The rest of the dream I walked with the child by the hand, not looking for Consuelo yet because I was naked all the time and trying to find clothes.  Do you think it was possible for me to create clothers in this state?  During this dream I chose not to change this because I wanted not to disturb the experience.  Would I have done that if I did?

There were other characters in the dream and I can not recall all of them.  They were mostly family members except for one other strange character who was indifferent to us.

By the way, the whole night began in a state where I was sort of going to sleep feeling myself going to sleep (sort of awake in the process).

After this dream I could not sleep for a few hours.  When I finally did, I immediately became aware, and it seems like I initiated the dream.  This dream was an erotic one and I felt myself feeling something that immediately caused something else to happen.  Meaning I caused a character in the dream to satisfy my desire.  So I could feel myself creating the dream.  Could the first spontaneous dream have been created the same way, except I didn't quite notice it?

The next day (Sunday) I felt tired from not having slept the whole night.  And I tried sleeping the whole day to try to go back to the first dream.  Even though I did get a lot of rest, I did not manage to dream at all.  At least I am not aware of it.

Title: ...
Post by: T.L. on January 25, 2005, 19:54:59
No, I didnt write them down as it was hapenning. I read many articles and books on dreams and other supposedly unconscious states and most authorities said that you can not read words in dreams or other states. So I wanted to test that out, so I created a pencil in pen in the environment and wrote a few things and it came out perfectly as in waking life. The words didnt shift or change, and they were normal as they are now when physically awake.

Title: Articles on projection
Post by: MadLordNad on January 25, 2005, 20:01:22
This seems like a great way for writers to snowball their creativity since most fiction writers tap their subconscious. I've been trying to have lucid dreams as long as I've been trying to AP. I'm TOTALLY going to try your suggestions!

I would like to add one of my own though for writers out there. Keep a personal tape recorder near your bed to transcribe your dreams as soon as possible for future reference.

Thanks!  :D

Title: Articles on projection
Post by: FreeChile on January 25, 2005, 22:19:35
MadLordNad, have you had any success at all trying to achieve these states?

In my case, I have not even tried and some unexplained things have happened to me.  For example, the dreams I described in this post.  All I did was read some stuff on-line here and that night it happened.  

What is more interesting is that the times that I’ve purposefully tried, nothing has happened.

My feeling is that some initial door needs to open for these experiences to begin; and for newer experiences to start, other doors need to open.  I am not suggesting anything mystical nor special about my case.  It may simply be that we need to envision the possibility of something beyond what we think is real. Also, as easily as the door opens, it can be closed again.  At least, that explains why I can not recreate the experiences that easily.

Title: Articles on projection
Post by: MadLordNad on January 26, 2005, 02:05:05
I get very close to projecting with body vibrations and loosening and all that but I seem to blow it mentally. Also, I have flying or "hopping" dreams periodically where I'm bounding through neighborhoods and whatnot but I don't have any conscious control. Though I remember thinking during such a dream "This would be a good place to fly through in a dream" as I inspected some pathway or whatever.   :(  

I first became interested in AP around '89 but could only get so far regardless of the books I read or techniques I tried. I practiced for years always tantalized by minuscule success but ultimately I hit a wall. So I gave up for several years until recently when I found this site. I've since been developing my energy work and looked at APing and lucid dreaming from a different perspective and now I feel like I'm "on the verge" of finally getting it.  :D

Title: ...
Post by: T.L. on January 26, 2005, 05:20:30
Yes mad as you said it would be a good way for writers to come up with ideas for stories. I can personally tell you that it will work perfectly for that. What I used it for was  oil paintings. In the environment I would say I want to see a painting and it would appear before me, I would sit there in the environment and study the painting until I knew it perfectly in and out, then I would end the experience and then start the real painting from memory. What happens here is that you are consciously claiming your intent and your subconscious does the actual creating. Its like walking, you consciously express your intent to walk (while physically awake) and your subconscious is what actually makes you walk.
Yes you could of created clothes in your lucid dream. You can have complete control, you can get rid of things or people or you can create them. I would say what you had was a lucid dream, one step up from that is what I call environments. There are a few differences I probably mentioned in the article. One huge difference is the senses feel more real than real, and I was able to read and write. I didnt enter an already active dream, there were no people or scenerios playing out it was just an empty place that could be in physical existence, for example a movie theatre,library,office,park nothing outrageous something that looks completely physically real.
Anyway you sound like you came far pretty quickly so no doubt you will be able to master this in no time given practice. I have a suggestion for people that cant seem to not fall asleep. This idea is nothing new mind you but here it is... when you lay down to project hold up one of your arms with your elbow supported on the bed, dont let your arm fall. Lay there and try to project with your arm up. If you do begin to fall asleep your arm will begin to sway or fall and that will force your consciousness to stay awake. Doing this will keep you conscious longer and will force it deep within the hypnagogic state given time and having your mind clear. Now two things can happen, once you are sure you can put your arm down and not fall asleep put it down and try to get deeper until you get into an experience, or you may be on the brink of sleep and slip into it and your arm will fall waking up your consciousness and when you try to put your arm up you may realize you cant and are paralyzed either is good.
I can project easily from paralysis some think when you are paralyzed you are already projecting (like robert bruce mentions in his book) where I am concerned this hasnt been the case, paralysis lets me know its time to leave.
Keep up the practice guys and good luck,
                                                        T.L.  (retroactive)

Title: OOBE, lucid dreams and memory
Post by: zeitaxxl on February 15, 2005, 20:52:16
Hello everybody!
I found here so many interesting I try to share one of my experiences...It’s so impressive to ‘travel in the astral’, but I was never sure that this is a lucid dream or an OOBE… There’s such a thin difference between an OOBE and a lucid dream…

Let me give you an example.
Last year, I’ve tried to be more ‘aware’ in those OOBE I had, to remember more about ‘who I am’! OK, I said, I don’t know ‘WHO I REALLY AM’ …but what can I do?
I want to remember at least who I am right now, in this not-so-important present of mine…I don’t want to go there AND NOT remember that I am there…I want to remember this sequence of life-time , this ID in which I am suppose to be alive now… I want to have a connection between me in the real life, and me inte real OOBE! I don't want to feel like two different persons!

I’ve start doing a very common psychological practice; repeating in the day time what to not forget in the night time!!!

“Remember who you are, while in OOBE!’
‘Do not forget your identity!’
‘This is my name, this is who I am now, look at me!’

I was doing this practice every night, before going to sleep.

That was very strong and very effective.
First at all, in the first nights, the ‘dream source’ reacted like didn’t like my practice.
This was so strange and so painful! I was just falling at sleep, then I was remembering my goal - “Remember who you are!’
‘Do not forget your identity!’ ‘This is my name, this is who I am now, look at me!’
…then the dream suddenly was stopping his plot! I was like threw away…out of the dream!
I was awake!
I tried again and again, and the ‘dream’ was like hesitating, giving me a short movie of hypnological images, then pushing me out of the plot, as soon as I was trying again to ‘remember’ …‘who I am’!

After a few weeks, I got very tired by not having much sleep or any sleep at all!
So I decided to forget about my practice for a while.
I decided to remember …not from the beginning, but somewhere in the middle, or in the end; I did it so and the result was quite humoristic!

For instance, I’ve got in a dream plot and I didn’t say …‘who I am’ from the beginning; I didn’t say anything, pretending to be handle by the dream!
It was something like a party, very important persons of a high society –unknown for me…everybody talking about the ‘heights’ and someone absolutely important was just coming there. He was a representative of the ‘Higher’…
So, when he show up, I stepped in front of him and told him aloud:
‘You must know who I am! I remember ‘who I am’! I am always remembering you and your dreams when I am waking up, but you don’t do the same thing, you don’t remember about me when you go back, I don’t know where…YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER ABOUT ME!!!’

I was suddenly so lucid! I was looking to him like to a very common image of a dream, keeping a lucid distance between me, a real person, and him, a temporary image!

That was like in a novel by Bulgakov – ‘Master and Margareta’!

Everybody was terrified, nobody was talking anymore, it was like a threat in the air… All those people were waiting the answer.
Then the HIGHER GUEST said…
‘OK, we will send somebody to you…’ (So, he was…’WE’!)

After this, I’ve start having kind of a power not to get captured by the dream…

In every night, I was just getting in the sleep, when suddenly I was finding myself there, in my room, somehow over the bad, invisible up in the air, having no body and looking indifferently to my sleeping body, sometimes looking to all the family, or to the kitties… Everyone was sleeping, I was up…
Sometimes it was sooo boring…I was getting downstairs and looking to the windows. The light was quite missing, it was almost dark…I was very much aware that I was out of my body, but no emotions…

Then, I’ve start having a different contact with all dreams. This time, the dream was from the beginning juts a little round light, like on a stage – a light of a reflector; inside the circle, I’ve seen my image and some one else’s, making together the action…I was totally lucid, I was watching just a little bit, like at a movie screen, then I decided to turn my back to all this, and the movie was disappearing… The dream was going away. I was alone in my room.
Now, I am able to repeat this ; I can get out of the dreams and be foe a short time a master of my self.

The dream is taking us like prisoners; it’s like a part of a program – first we have to be prisoners of a material reality, then we are like swallowed by the dream, and we forget everything… There are very short periods of time to find a way to be really free…Then, when we really are free, we don’t really know what to do with this!

I was dealing with the dream in this way for a while; seeing it like a little ‘projection’, a movie on a screen, taking it if I want to, not taking it most of the time…

I didn’t find a convincing practice or theory about how to dominate your dream from the beggining...
Have you ever had the feeling that the dream is like a …TRAP??? (I am not talking about the Jungian perspective…)

Did you ever fight it?

What practice should increase the memory…?

Title: Re: Articles on projection
Post by: T.L. on July 23, 2007, 07:17:14
Im sorry I havent been on in a while that was a good question. I never seen dreams as a trap, but I like the way you put it. I just looked at dreams as kind of a buffer zone between your conscious mind and the subconscious and I used lucid dreams as a way to communicate with my subconscious, like a forum for my subconscious to speak to me. I dont know if you should look at it as a program meant to enslave you though. Dreams can be controlled and so can dreamscapes/mindscapes whatever you choose to call them. For instance once you became conscious in your dream you could have done away completely with that dream and thought of another place youd like to see and instantly be there, you can add people, things, whatever you choose. This would be a dream soley created by you. So dreamscapes really can be a place to work anything out youd like such as fears, desires, adventures. Why frown upon them you know what I mean? Once again I should stress there is a huge difference between dreams/lucid dreams/obe's. Well not maybe huuuuge but the person will know once they have an obe and see the difference between these other states. Im sorry I answered this 2 years too late. I lost contact with this site for a while, sidetracked by life so to speak. I promise though Ill be around a lot more for anyone who would like to chat just message me. Regards,

Title: Re: Articles on projection
Post by: T.L. on May 27, 2018, 14:46:04
It's been 13 years since I wrote those articles, phew how time has flown. I have had many experiences since then. I applaud the owners of this site for keeping it up all this time. I sincerely astral pulse will be here for many years to come. It is kind of sad to see that activity isn't what it used to be here. Has interest in the subject waned? To date the two most important events in my life are the birth of my daughter, and when I discovered the out of body state.

Title: Re: Articles on projection
Post by: Yodad on September 06, 2018, 06:15:41
Cool to see some random article from 13 years ago pop up by the author no less. I would have never found this article buried on the site, but a fun little bit of synchronicity is I have been looking into same technique author TL describes, which in essence is "chaining" or what the lucid dreaming crowd would call "DEILD" dream exit induced lucid dreaming. Now if I could just get to that state of consciousness  :-(

Title: Re: Articles on projection
Post by: Xanth on September 06, 2018, 09:13:28
It's been 13 years since I wrote those articles, phew how time has flown. I have had many experiences since then. I applaud the owners of this site for keeping it up all this time. I sincerely astral pulse will be here for many years to come. It is kind of sad to see that activity isn't what it used to be here. Has interest in the subject waned? To date the two most important events in my life are the birth of my daughter, and when I discovered the out of body state.
The "forum" community has probably dropped off a bit, but the interest is still seemingly there in the global community.
We're still here and going strong though.  :)

Title: Re: Articles on projection
Post by: Yodad on September 07, 2018, 01:19:02
After posting yesterday, this morning I caught myself waking up and kept my body still in same position with eyes closed. I was able to feel vibrations start to surge a little but go away. A good sign its possible now. Just hate that I flop around like a fish in the early morning.  :roll:

Title: Re: Articles on projection
Post by: Lucidityman on September 08, 2018, 00:59:01

If you catch yourself waking up... The moment has passed to have a obe. Even if you got vibes..Your chance of a obe is ..pretty much gone.. Why because you don't have the  conciouness to fuel it. Your conciouness is now focused on being  awake. You should do this during the night. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Flopping around like a fish is .. ya's not all that good. Shows me that you have long passed the s/p stage..  You need that stage to obe. No fish flopping.  Your goal is to fall asleep without knowing that You did. The mind will.. respond. I keep telling people if you want to obe..don't try.  LOL

Sorry I don't mean to be negative.. Just want you to succed.


Title: Re: Articles on projection
Post by: Xanth on September 08, 2018, 02:01:36
After posting yesterday, this morning I caught myself waking up and kept my body still in same position with eyes closed. I was able to feel vibrations start to surge a little but go away. A good sign its possible now. Just hate that I flop around like a fish in the early morning.  :roll:

Give that a read.  :)


If you catch yourself waking up... The moment has passed to have a obe. Even if you got vibes..Your chance of a obe is ..pretty much gone.. Why because you don't have the  conciouness to fuel it. Your conciouness is now focused on being  awake. You should do this during the night. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Flopping around like a fish is .. ya's not all that good. Shows me that you have long passed the s/p stage..  You need that stage to obe. No fish flopping.  Your goal is to fall asleep without knowing that You did. The mind will.. respond. I keep telling people if you want to obe..don't try.  LOL

Sorry I don't mean to be negative.. Just want you to succed.

Actually, you're still good... so long as you don't open your eyes or move.  I usually can only catch myself waking while already coming out of a non-physical experience.  I'll be in the experience and begin to feel myself waking up, at which point the "shift" happens.  Once that happens, if you stay perfectly still and keep your eyes closed you'll quickly shift back into the experience.  There are times where I'd done this 6 or 7 times in a row over the course of an hour.  The best part is that I always shifted directly back into the same experience I was having before.

Title: Re: Articles on projection
Post by: Lumaza on September 10, 2018, 05:55:04
Now if I could just get to that state of consciousness  :-(
Just remember to be "passive" with your awareness. It's like a balancing act. Too aware, you awaken for real. Too "into it", you fall deeper and lose your conscious awareness of what it occurring.

 Passively observing is like being in the middle of a "see -saw". You need to find that sweet spot where absolute balance is, then you need to maintain it for a short period of time, unabated.

Title: Re: Articles on projection
Post by: SCHMUSTIN on October 03, 2018, 04:58:07

Great article I read the whole thing and wanted to ask a question.
As I was unsure what was happening and I though it was just a fear response up until this point and now i think it is more than that. just loking to sooif you can validate.

I will try and explain what happens the best I can....

First I must state:I do wear ear plugs normally and this is mainly the reason why I started wearing them.

As I am laying there on my back with out ear plugs. I will start to relax. I have gotten to a point where I can bring on non-physical sensations with in a 5 - 8 minutes after laying down. Any ways, as I'm laying there I will hear a dog move in my room, or say the furnace kick in, or a neighbor is in the yard and i hear the gate close.... You get the idea, I hope... I will hear a normal sound while laying there with out ear plugs.

No as soon as I hear this sound its almost like I can feel every muscle tighten up, It starts at my feet and works all the way up to my face. This is not a slow movement. It happens really fast then its over (I relax and end the sensation). At the end (Before me relaxing and ending it) I can feel my body it is tight and almost like it has kinked up ever so slightly... Not sure how ells to explain it.

Either way is this the electrical sensation you talk about. When it happens I should try and keep it your saying?

Lots of people talk about eliminating noises in the room so when this came over me I would think I am tensing up in fear so I started using ear plugs.

Any guidance is appreciated.