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Title: Spirit vs. Astral body
Post by: knucklebrain1970 on January 25, 2005, 03:06:03
Simple question. Is the spirit the same as the astral body? Sometimes the terminology in here is confusing to me as a noob. Any help is appreciated.

Title: Spirit vs. Astral body
Post by: Cezyl on January 25, 2005, 04:19:37
Hey. I'd like to help. Please be more specific and DESCRIBE what you want to know.

Spirit is a funny word. I can describe the 'astral body' as a nonphysical form that we travel in while the body is sleeping, one of our out-of-body vehicles. I've used the word 'spirit' to name that form for some people, as they were familiar with the word.



Title: Spirit vs. Astral body
Post by: Rastus on January 25, 2005, 13:56:38
In the context of your post, no.  Your Astral Body (and you have multiple energetic bodies) is but an aspect of all that you are.

Spirit is a general term for many many things, you have to be a little more specific.  The meaning is usually taken from the context it is used.  Example:  I asked my guides and Spirit to help me with the healing: implies Spirit means Divine force.  Whereas: She has a lot of Spiritual energy: implies someone has a strong energetic field.  It goes on and on.

Title: Spirit vs. Astral body
Post by: heter on January 25, 2005, 15:26:31
I think spirit is what you really are, it is what has many lives and experiences. Astral body is part of you, which is what is alive, which is part of your spirit. Thats what I think anyway.

Title: Spirit vs. Astral body
Post by: knucklebrain1970 on January 25, 2005, 16:13:36
Well, take away the physical body. What's left? Spirit (soul), right?
Is this the same as Astral Body? Or is Astral body a part of spirit (soul)?

That's what I meant.


Title: A description...
Post by: Cezyl on January 25, 2005, 16:40:31
Here is a discription... a description... that may make it easier...

We have a physical body.

We have a nonphysical body.

We have self as consciousness.

This is the basics, as I know them to be.


It seems you're getting caught up on words. The words are just decorations. A rose by any other name smells just as sweet. Thus I suggest you just forget the word all together, study that diagram. I experienced that. I was floating OBE as consciousness- just awareness- and I saw my nonphysical body by the ceiling, and at the same time my physical body I saw on the bed. We may have several nonphysical bodies... *shrug*... but I can vouch for the consciousenss, nonphysical body, physical body. If have more than one nonphysical body, they all align, thus the various nonph bodies can be though of as different 'sheaths' of one nonph body, to keep it simple... That's how I think of it. :)

* * *

Right now you are consciousness, inside nonphysical body, inside physical body...

Take away the physical body and you are consciousness, inside nonphysical body...

Take away both physical and nonphysical body, and you are consciousness...

Peace. Any further clarification desired?



Title: Spirit vs. Astral body
Post by: Rastus on January 25, 2005, 16:55:07
Where do you wish to start?  With this Universe?

You have levels of conciousness.  There are many systems and variations and classifications.  The basic divisions include, but aren't limited to (Let's stay in the universal context):

Galaxial (or Great Central Sun)(10D)
Solar (Solar System if you will)(9D)
----Unique Self-----

Your Astral energy body, along with your Mental Energy Body, Emotional Energy Body and Ethereic Energy Body, are all purely energy aspects of 'you' that function on the 4D plane.  They make up what is known as the '4 Body' system.

There is a connection from the top to the bottom of 'all that is you'.  Think of it as a giant pyramid, with God at top and 1D mineral at the bottom.  Teh bottom is much broader than the top.  Now extrapolate taht a bit and you may realise that there is more 'you' than you think.  5D and higher has no time, you higher-self sees every incarantion you ever did-do-will do all at once.  You still retain a unique identity at 5D, but above that we are group minds.  That implies GOD is the ultimate group mind.

Back to your original question.  Your Astral Body is but an aspect of all that you are.  It is not your 'soul' in the sense you mean, your soul is made up of much more than just your Astral body.

Title: Spirit vs. Astral body
Post by: knucklebrain1970 on January 25, 2005, 17:04:57
Thanks for the clarification guys. I'm so sick of work and so burnt out with life. I hate my job so much. What do you guys recommend I do? Put it this way. If it weren't for my wife and child, I'd off myself. I'm so sick of corporate America it makes me wish I was dead, although I don't want to die. I feel like I've lost control of my life and I don't much like that at all. Where's the off switch. Sorry, just having a bad day. Two weeks straight of pain and vicodins are taking their toll on me. It's mostly work that gets to me. I constantly rot in this place for 9 hours a day then two hour commute each day. This is life? I want off.


Title: Spirit vs. Astral body
Post by: Rastus on January 25, 2005, 17:23:49
So manifest some changes.

Step outside the box for a moment.  What do you want to 'do'?  I don't mean to support yourself, but what is your passion in life?  What would it take to support that passion?  Now put 1 foot baack in the box.  There are some practical things to consider as well.  You still need to eat, and somewhere to sleep.  But it doesn't have to be where you are right now.  So you have your passion and you have to attend to your physical needs.

Finding the balance is part of your journey though life.  There aren't a lot fo new souls in AstralPulse, so more than likely your just not in your life for some lessons.  Your here for specific reasons.  Self-realisation of all that you are is always a goal of higher-self and soul.  Now more than ever for reasons already posted.

So maybe a change of jobs?  A change of careers?  A change in where you live?  Going after your passions so you have something more 'fun' to live for?  The choice is yours.  Your higher-self will help you with it, but tell you how it should go.  When you get to the point of being able to ponder/ask about all that you are, you get to drive yourself.


Title: Spirit vs. Astral body
Post by: knucklebrain1970 on January 25, 2005, 17:46:16
Well what I find the most joy in doing is helping people. I feel deeply for people that are sick and I'd love to learn how to become a Reiki master. However like anything it's a matter of getting off my butt an pursuing it. I have an ability to heal, I know this. I've healed my wife. She has had 3 ailments and they are gone due to my healing. I can harness energy in my hands and get them to pulse and go over the affected area of the person about 2" from their skin. She has had gall bladder problems, a hip problem that has required a shot once a month, and agonizing flat feet problems, all of which are gone. I have told her that it is important for her as well to believe that it works and it has. Whether I had a great deal to do with it, I don't know, but I would like to do so. Of all things in life, I'd love to become a Reiki master, but unfortunately I have created a life of debt based on greed and selfishness and I don't know any way out. All I know is that a life confined to the corporate America rat race for me is a fate worse than death and I'm not kidding. I'd give up everything to get out, however my wife I don't think is ready to throw it all away. That's where I'm at. Life is supposed to be my way, that's what perplexes me, as it isn't. I've read all the books, not Roberts yet though. I've read about creative visualization, JoWo's book quantum metaphysics and I seem to be disconnected from myself somewhat. That's what I feel. I feel as if I'm not tuned into to something. Like something is missing. Now keep in mind, I'm 34 and have spent 33 years hating the world. I've recently done a mind rewrite if you will, telling myself and realizing that I create my own destiny and have learned to almost fully love others regardless of what they do and how selfish people are. I have harbored so much HATE in my life, it's tough to let go of it all. All I want above all is internal happiness and no matter what I do, I find it eluding me. I realize that all this stuff leads to one thing. Meditation. I do not like meditation. Why? Because since I have hardly any time left as it is, I feel as though I'm wasting time. It sucks when you get home at 6pm, exercise, shower and eat then it's 8pm and you literally have 2 hours to yourself, but waste 11 hours a day for work. It's just a life I'm absolutely disgusted with and I don't know any way out other than to throw in the towel completely. I don't mean to sound like I'm bellyaching. I try my best not to complain anymore, get upset when things get wrong or get angry at anyone or at any situation. This work/time/happiness thing is the missing link. I do however wish I could connect more with my higher self. I feel as though I'm two entities, physical and spiritual and there is a wall 400 feet high between the two. I've been struggling for months with trying to figure out a way to break down that barrier, but I'm confused as where to go or what to concentrate on as there is so much information out there on this subject matter now, it's hard to figure out a path to follow and devote the appropriate amount of time to achieve it.  This OBE thing is something that has been happening for years and I never understood what the hell it was. Until my wife mentioned Silvia Brown and until I found this place, I had no clue. Like I said however, I have probably been in complete sleep paralysis with the vibration thing going on thousands of times, but I never understood it, nor had the will and mental strength to let go of the fear and let it happen. Now that I understand it, I fear that it will elude me.

Thanks and Bless you all for your help and guidance.


Title: Spirit vs. Astral body
Post by: Rastus on January 25, 2005, 18:25:30
And here I ws wondering why I replied to your initial post in the first place......(I got Nudged)

I have to houghts that immediately spring to mind.

1) Do you Love yourself?

2) Deep down you know that things aren't 'right'?

Love of Self is difficult.  It's easy to love others, or want others to love you.  But to love your Self, is hard.  Why?  Because we Judge ourselves teh harshest.  We wallow in the 'should haves' and 'could haves' instead of dealing with 'what IS'.  

Now everything you said was very encouraging.  It sounds like your making all the right changes, the 'soul rewrite'.  You can win every battle and lose the war (which implies that someone lost every battle and won the war doesn't it?).  So making mistakes is fine, so long as you learn what you needed to from them.  That means let them go when you done with them, don't keep hanging onto them.

Now, what is 'Right'?  If your healing others, then you KNOW there is more going on than meets the eye.  You know it intellectually, but more importantly you know it at the higher levels.  You feel the connection.  You Re-member what it's like when your in your natural 5D state.  Which implies there's something not-quite-right about you physical 3D life? Something you couldn't quite put your finger on for the longest time?  That since of something missing?

Something was, and wasn't.  It only felt like something was missing.  The rest of you, all that you are felt like it was missing.  It's always been there, you just had to find it.  Part of what your higher-Self does is throw things at you to help you 'wake up'.  It's all part of the game, to see if you can re-member what you are and find it again.

Now when you read a book, you have to remember it's from the authors point of view.  That makes it a biased accounting.  Interview 10 witnesses to a crime and you get 10 different stories.  So any 'system' or doing things your read about also has ramifications.  Anytime you try to do something a certain way, you also limit yourself in the same way.  That is if you read an authors book, and follow their 'system' exactly, you also take on all their limitations.  So does that mean don't read anything?  No, not at all.  It means read it, feel what seems to fit for you and let the rest go.

Some people can do a classic ethereic OBE/AP, 'by the book' from any number of methods.  Some people may never be able to for various reasons.  How many people try other techniques instead of repeatingly  trying something that doesn't work for them?  How many people try Mental projections?  or Phasing?  or some things I don't even know what to call?

So if books aren't guaranteed, and every 'system' has limitations, what are you to do?  Ultimately your Higher-Self is you and your best guide/teacher.  Who better than 'all that you are' to help you?  You want to be a healer?  Then BE a healer, it's a state of mind, litterally.  You mention Reiki, that's good.  There are many modalities of healing, and many are just variations of each other or build upon each other.  You don't have to limit yourself to just Reiki, think of it as a starting point.  You may feel guided to pursue other modalities, or even other callings, where yoru Reiki would be just a facet of all that you do.  This is what I'm talking about flowwing your passions.  You want to help others/be a healer.  Reiki is just the modality you want to study.....yet you already ARE a healer.  That's what I mean by it being a state of mind.

Title: Spirit vs. Astral body
Post by: knucklebrain1970 on January 25, 2005, 18:38:27
Thanks man, means a lot to me. I don't know much about healing, I failed to think for a minute to realize that there might be other forms or healing than Reiki. I like to do things my own way if you will, but would like to learn perhaps and expand upon other ways. I hear things like attunement and I have no idea what anyone is talking about so I feel inadequate in a sense for lack of knowledge, which I know is not the right way to feel. Your right man, I am a healer and that's that. What's weird is I read a little about Roberts method with the heart and the hands pulsing and it was rather easily obtainable which for me is usually not the case with anything on the spiritual side of nature. However I believed it would work and it did. As far as loving myself, I say that I do, and I want to, but I don't really feel as though I feel it or say it with any passion and I don't realize if anything what is missing.


Title: Spirit vs. Astral body
Post by: Rastus on January 25, 2005, 19:12:54
As I recall, Reiki has 3 levels.  Level 1 is the ability to heal yourself, Level 2 others, and level 3 make level 1 and 2's.  Getting an 'attunement' means your getting the ability set in you to do/use Reiki.  Reiki is an assisted type of healing, that is you don't relly diagnose so much as you call down higher energy/helpers to work with you.  It does really work.  Get some books by Barbara Brennan if you want to see some amazing pictures (get the healing book for medical specialists, awesome pictures) of what certain energies 'look' like.  I can think of a dozen different healing techniques, all of them quite valid.

Now Roberts 'Strobing Heart' is a good technique.  It's a valid way to build and direct energy for healing.  Think of it like a camera flash, there is that buildup before it can go off.  Also think about a commercial light settup that can fire several times a second, you can see how some people can do a lot quickly while others take longer, it's all a matter of practice/skill.  It's simply and most people can learn it with some practice.  I felt that's how/why he wrote the article the way he did, as a practical example of healing via the NEW energy technique.  of course if you can see or feel the blockages, it makes directing the energy much easier.

Loving self is tricky.  My guides remind me constantly when I slip (hey, that's their job after all  :P  ).  It gets easier as you release/heal parts of your past.  And as you pursue you passions it gets much easier!

Title: Spirit vs. Astral body
Post by: one-of-four on January 25, 2005, 19:15:58
Let it go. The words are not that important. It comes close to a glass half full or half empty.... LOL consider that an astral body is as the glass and your spirit is the content.

Title: Spirit vs. Astral body
Post by: one-of-four on January 25, 2005, 19:33:13
Among other things I am an Usui Reiki master. By your post of 12:46 pm you express much frustration. Have you had a Reiki session as a client? Learn the simple meditation of breath it too can do wonders. Your chakras interface with physical self learning about them and balancing them could help you network your physical self to your higher self. There is no overnight remedy but steps can be taken on the path.

Title: Spirit vs. Astral body
Post by: Willis on January 25, 2005, 20:45:32
Kevin, hang in there. I believe you experience life and your soul has some challenges for you to overcome so you can grow.  I believe that what happens is your soul throws you a wake up call.  That call can come in any form.  You can lose your job.  You can lose your wife.  Your car can blow a tire.  The cashier at Wal-Mart can give you dirty looks.  I've decided that these events are my soul, slapping me in the face every once in awhile to wake me up, to learn a lesson.  When you lose your job, you feel hopeless.  When you lose your wife, you are devastated.  When you get a flat tire, your frustrated.  When the cashier gives you a dirty look, you are angry.

The Buddha, for example, upon awakening never felt hopeless, devastated, frustrated, or angry, though his path to enlightenment was full of it.

Your higher self is slapping you in the face, telling you to get on with your life.  You need to protect your family by providing that income, shelter, food, love, support, etc, but don't give up your search!  Find the profession that will make you satisfied, and in the meantime, take care of your family, i.e. don't quit your job!  Your job is providing you the ability to find your calling.

Three years ago, I bailed on the retail side of work.  I owned (and still own a part) of a sign business.  I hated it.  I hate doing work for money (but its necessary isn't it!).  I love helping people, so I became a firefighter, and career wise, I am the happiest man alive!  I became a firefighter when I was 34, its not too late.

Good luck, and if my words don't help you, take these posts as signs that there are people out here you've got your back!  :D

Title: Spirit vs. Astral body
Post by: Frank on January 25, 2005, 23:06:10

The physical body is not a fixed entity, it is a personified expression of consciousness that we create.

We may find ourselves in a circumstance where we are creating one particular expression, which may be apt for the prevailing circumstances, and then we may find our circumstances change, suddenly, and then the old expression no longer fits. In which case what we need to do is make a quick change to the “expression program” so to speak, and switch expressions to suit the new circumstances.

Unfortunately, if a particular expression has suited a person for long enough they can get locked in that bodily expression, to the extent where they forget how to change or make the shift. In other words, they tend to concentrate upon questions of “how do I” rather than the just simply doing… and trust to themselves, in Essence, that the rest, i.e. their bodily expression will follow.

Fear is a big barrier. People can make themselves ill through worrying about change of one kind or another. But what they need to do is take a step back and start looking from a wider perspective. At which point it becomes a question of merely asking for whatever it is you want, as opposed to complaining about what you currently have, in one respect. Or if not complaining, then seeing what you currently have as a barrier to where you want to be.

However, as I have said oodles of times on this forum, there are no barriers in consciousness. Only those barriers that we create for the purposes of our experience. But again, we create barriers that suit us on the one hand, and perhaps years later, when they no longer suit us, we wonder how to get rid of them. Forgetting, of course, that we actually put them there in the first place.
The previous poster talks about losing one’s wife or one’s job and saying about how devastated, frustrated, or angry these kinds of events can make a person feel. Which is true. And people pick themselves up from these kinds of events every day, all over the world, and start again, at all ages.

There is no such thing as quit, there is no such thing as giving in. A man is built to protect his family and to provide for them no matter what. And when circumstances knock you down, you just get up again and be more determined next time.


Title: Spirit vs. Astral body
Post by: knucklebrain1970 on January 26, 2005, 03:18:39
Thanks Frank, that makes sense. However what if I don't know where to begin to get to where I want to be. I simply want out of corporate America and to be able to provide for my family and survive. That's not too much to ask out of life I don't think. I just don't know how to get there. Here is my vision. To become a Master Healer and help people, practice alternative medicine and be able to live, work and survive doing that. Is that possible? I want to think so, but I have so many fear barriers. Fear of failure for one, is inbred in me from my upbringing. I have not failed yet, I make more than most people, yet it means nothing to me. Money is nothing. Yet no matter how good I do I feel I've failed. I've failed myself as I do something that I hate and have no time to do anything I like. I am a good person, I respect all people, I just despise the corporate environment and the rat race. I want off. I enjoy helping people, bringing a smile to a person, relieving ones pain, mental or physical I think is my calling, seriously. I feel it inside, I just don't know where to begin. This is seriously what I want to do.

Thanks everyone for your understanding and support.


Title: Spirit vs. Astral body
Post by: Rastus on January 26, 2005, 14:09:49
Can you make a living as a healer?  Some people do, more don't.  It's usually like a second job.  Now as things are shifting, your going to see more and more people working with doctors and healers.  Something to be aware of, it's illegal in most states to perform 'medical services' without a license.  You have to be careful what you call yourself and what you claim you can do.  

You can't heal the unwilling.

Some healers work under the cover of Massage Thereapists or some other modality and offer 'additional services'.

Title: IN the world but not OF it . . .
Post by: Chimerae on January 30, 2005, 15:25:30
There are cascading levels of difficulty attached to making a living as a "healer"

The central problem comes from the very dualistic thinking that has you (and most of us) trapped right now.  In a more positive aspect, "trapped" can be reframed as "anchored" or "grounded in a particular reality"

If you talk to people who have managed to get themselves free from dualistic thinking, you find that healers "heal" wherever they are.  Teachers "teach" in whatever context they find themselves.

From the outside the journey from here to there LOOKS like it's one of getting out of the culture to get free of the cultural trap, but many people will tell you that you just end up dealing with same culture and the same problems from a different angle.  

Some of us -- and you may be one -- have to disconnect from our cultural engagement simply because of our own addictions.  We get addicted to aspects of the culture the way alcoholics get addicted to booze and we cannot get clear with ourselves and the world around us as long as we are hanging out in the endless bar that is the corporate world.  

As long as we are caught in the illusion that the culture has more power than spirit, we continue to struggle as you are struggling -- it just becomes a desperate struggle for minimal resources instead of the one you are enduring.

Others of us -- and Rastus, in my opinion is one -- manage to transform right in the midst of their context and get the spirit/material closer into appropriate balance.  It's still not easy, but it's a matter of successfully "living the questions"   It's what we all end up having to do anyway to get where we need to be -- it's just some us go through a huge destructive drama to get there from here.      

There is a book by Ed Hayes that speaks directly to some of this called St George and the Dragon  It's easy reading light short stories.  

It all starts with the true desire of your heart which sets up your own personal North Star to sail by -- and you have that well in place.

Safe journey.

Title: Spirit vs. Astral body
Post by: aof16 on February 01, 2005, 05:19:47
Hey there

Have you thought of getting temporary employment while still pursuing a career in healing. I know this is easier said then done, however could be a good way to make more time to learn about healing. Perhaps if your wife isn't already working she could get a job temporarily to help support yourselves, or if she's already working would it be possible to live off of her income, plus a temporary job for yourself? If this is truly your calling you must ask yourself if you can make some sacrifice to achieve what you really want. Any hardship is worth enduring if it leads to ones goal in life.

Hope that helps