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Title: Hearing someone call me from their OBE in my dream
Post by: sashamasha on February 01, 2005, 22:16:59
Hi everyone.  Dear Mods: I hope you will permit me to cross-post this here, because I really think it has to do equally with dreams and OBE.  Thanks for your patience... I wonder if anyone knows what happened here:

My sister lives in a time zone 6 hours behind mine. She got stuck in sleep paralysis, as has happened a lot lately, really scaring her, this time at about 3 in the morning. She called out for me, as she has done before with no luck, hoping that I could come help her out. This time, however, when she called me she felt very at ease, not frightened, and just "popped" back awake, turned over, said "hm" and went back to sleep.

Meanwhile, I woke up from an insipid dream about being outside in the snow, which was marked by intermittent appearances by my sister and her old dog, who died a few years ago. they would both sort of suddenly flicker in, make a big hoo-ha or be running around or chattering, then flicker back out suddenly, at more or less the same time but not exactly. Then, in the dream, an old phone that was not really there rang with a very old ring, and some disembodied hand that was not really there picked up this phone, and it was for me, or there was a message for me, or something. Then I hear in my right ear a very loud and deliberate and long whisper "Call her." Which woke me up, and which I recognized as not being entirely the dream, but an actual message that I integrated into the dream, but from who I don't know; I couldn't even tell male or female because the whisper used no voice, but I think female.

this happened about 9 am, and since I keep late hours it was very early for me. But I couldn't get back to sleep, and so eventually I gave in and called my sister, since she was the only "her" I could think of, having just dreamt of her. I got her voicemail, but I laughingly explained why I was calling at 3 am her time, and then went back to bed.

She didn't hear my message until the following day. Before she heard it, she emailed me to thank me for helping her out of the sleep paralysis, explaining what had happened from her end. Usually she can't sleep for hours after.

So we're wondering who delivered this message to me. Was it her? Was it some intermediary? Who?

(edited to add that my actual physical phone did not ring at all, I checked the counter, and also my phone has a very electronic ring which sounded nothing like this old-style ring. Plus I knew, without seeing, that this phone not at all modern, and black. Also, my sister did not hear her phone ring, because overseas calls to her cell phone go straight to voicemail).

Title: Hearing someone call me from their OBE in my dream
Post by: ralphm on February 03, 2005, 03:53:22
Is it just your psyhic connection?