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Title: Woman returns from coma- confirms OBE
Post by: Frank on September 04, 2002, 06:19:27

I haven't seen the Knight, as such. But I do know that coma victims generally dwell in Monroe's Focus 22.



Title: Woman returns from coma- confirms OBE
Post by: Leyla on September 05, 2002, 22:43:26
Monroe's Focus 22? I've noticed some people have given names to places on the planes. Where can I get more information on this topic?


Title: Woman returns from coma- confirms OBE
Post by: AndrewTheSinger on September 07, 2002, 13:00:55
Very interesting story Leyla.

As for what I've searched and found, what Robert Bruce calls 'Planes of Existence', Monroe called 'Focus Levels'.

Here is a brief description (Not Monroe's words):

"...The closest levels of reality to the physical, in my experience, are called Focus 22 and Focus 23. In Focus 22 folks still physically alive but unconscious (comatose, drugged out, boozed out or freaked out folks) are the kind of folks available to communicate with. I generally don't spend much time in Focus 22. Focus 23 is the area closest to physical reality with dead folks living there. Many of these folks are stuck in Focus 23 for the very reason that they still maintain their focus of attention in the physical world. This gives them "easy access" to physical world interaction."

On this website you can find some more information on the subject:


Title: Woman returns from coma- confirms OBE
Post by: Leyla on September 04, 2002, 04:22:52

My very first OBE from many years ago was just confirmed by a woman who woke up from a coma.

I floated way up high, the air was not air, but breathable water, like embryonic fluid.
Huge ornate gate. Stereotypical "gate of paradise."
Several feet away from this gate stood a knight on a horse. Knight was in full armor, his head covered, and held a jousting stick. He did not speak, turn, or acknowledge me. He did not take his eyes away from the gate.
 He was not facing outward away from the gate as if to guard the entrance. Instead he was facing towards the gate as if watching for something coming out.

A friend of mine called me very excited and said he spoke to a woman who was in a coma for three months and came back. He asked if she had seen anything.

She then proceeded to describe the air, the gate, the guard knight with the jousting stick and added "He wasn't guarding the gate from people going in, instead he was facing it as if watching for people to come out."

This woman's fascinating story continued to describe being approached by a robed man who asked if she wanted to go back. She said yes. He the proceeded to lead her down many roads and over many bridges for what seemed like forever. Then they reached on large bridge and he told her this was the end and to cross it alone. The moment she crossed the bridge she opened her eyes and saw the doctor. She was back in the hospital.

Has anyone else seen the knight?