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Title: I've got the vibes/I'm almost there but why can't I get out?
Post by: Kodemaster on June 12, 2005, 21:32:05
Many beginners come across this scenario:

I have been meditating for X amount of time and I get to the stage of vibrations. However I feel myself getting close to getting out, but I can't. I even feel like I'm floating. How come I can't get out?

Here is the missing piece:

Although people commonly believe they will project from meditation at first, most actually don't get to that stage (sometimes referred to as a full-conscious exit) until many years of practice.

The floating feeling you're experiencing is actually a common trance symptom, and is not a projection itself.

Your first experiences most likely will come from pulling an OBE from a dream. Please refer to my thread in the Astral FAQ on how to do this:

However, I'm not saying not to practice meditating and doing energy work. The training is necessary to build up the energy - and prepare your body - to have an experience.