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Title: Question on Mediting
Post by: Syro on July 06, 2005, 00:09:43
when mediating Your suppose to sit and clear the mind and hold it right so my question is Does mental talk interfere with mediating

Title: Question on Mediting
Post by: James S on July 06, 2005, 04:35:55
Yes it does interfere to a point.

Part of the idea of meditation is to release yourself from all the day to day stuff and find a calm quiet place within yourself. Just as our lives can become hectic, so can all those surface thoughts running through your head. The more this happens, the less you are able to properly concentrate on somthing, or solve a problem, because you're too caught up in the rush of thoughts.

Keeping the mind calm and clear is without a doubt one of the hardest things to do in meditation, so don't push yourself to try and reach this point. Take it slowly. Use some kind of mantra if you want - a phrase or a word that's repeated over and over. This will tend to wash away the noisy surface thoughts. But if you do get other thoughts coming in, be gentle on yourself. Don't force them out of your mind, just kind of let them pass by, but don't give them any more thought.


Title: Question on Mediting
Post by: Selski on July 06, 2005, 18:32:17
As James says, clearing the mind is a difficult thing to do.  

I received some advice a while ago on these boards from someone (can't remember who now) and it really helped me.

Each day clear your mind for as long as you can.  So Day 1, you are able to clear your mind for, say, 3 seconds.  Don't count though, just relax until you start to hear the chatter.  Keep stilling your mind throughout the day in little bursts (rather than hour long sessions).

As the days go by, you will notice that you can clear your mind for 10 seconds, then 30 seconds and so on.

The more you do this, the longer you can have a still mind.

At first you might only be able to close down the "top" layer of mental noise - I found that even though I felt I'd succeeded, there was a very quiet background voice that I couldn't shut up initially.  I let this background voice continue as it wasn't as bothersome and slowly learnt to close that one down eventually too.

I guess I'm reiterating James' advice - go easy on yourself.  It's well worth the effort.  Having a quiet mind is a joy to behold.  It's so peaceful!


Title: Question on Mediting
Post by: Syro on July 07, 2005, 01:12:37
Thanx for the help both of you

Title: Meditation
Post by: hypnotist1 on July 08, 2005, 15:10:58
Hello Syro,

I'm an Advanced Certified Hypnotherapist.

Meditation is a general word, Meditation is the Alpha Brain Wave level, it a very Euphoric feeling of relaxation and comfort.  In that state you can't solve problems because your consciousness is too close to the surface and that is where are abstract thoughts and neg thinking comes from.

When you go deeper into Theta which is the Hypnotic State or (Lucid Dreaming State) your subconscious and conscious are now in an equal state but in Theta there are 7 Levels.  As you go deeper your Conscious slows down and the subconscious comes closer to the surface but you can still think clearly and ask your subconscious questions to solve problems for you.

The majority of hypnotists have the subject go into Somnambulism or Deep Somnambulism for therapy, but there are other levels beyond those levels.

Past Deep Somnambulism is a level called the Esdaile State, then the Catatonic State, and past that is the level Discovered by Walter Sichort (World known Hypnotherapist) and he discovered a level called Ultra Depth which is now called the Sichort State which is named after him after is death.  His student James Ramey was given permission to teach that level by Walter Sichort and now there are a more Hynotherapists teaching that level.

I took the courses but not the last one for Ultra Depth.  Next year I will go to that last course.  But I did experience that level through my Instructor which was amazing to experience.

In the new Hypnosis Inductions we do use distractions of noises to help a person become more relaxed and to go even deeper.

Example:  With just pleasant content thoughts going through your mind and marvelous feeling going through your body, and your whole body is giving in, letting go ... You're warm and comfortable ... relaxing deeper as all the sounds around you send you deeper ... any sound that you hear sends you even deeper ... the sound of my voice sends you deeper ... So as I keep on talking you keep on relaxing deeper and deeper ... with each thought that you think you go deeper and deeper ... any sensations you feel send you deeper and deeper down".

You can repeat this phrase in first person also. Instead of you, you can say I.

As you can see how the words are phrased together how it helps and works.  Even doubling and tripling the relaxations and having the relaxation go 10 times deeper with each and every count or breath helps in a fast way.

In doing this its the same as multiplying the relaxation of body and mind.  It would be the same as counting a person into State from 1 million down to 1 but in a very short period of time. Then a keyword is given so when the person wants to return to that same deep level again they can in seconds as the say the keyword in their mind.

I hope this helps.  If you have anymore questions about the techniques let me know.

Frank (hypnotist1)