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Title: Woohoo! first phase
Post by: angie_a000 on August 01, 2005, 06:23:37
I been reading a little bit on the forums about franks techniques and stuff.  I still would like to find the post that describes his model.  
And also thanks frank and others, it's been a really long time since I've had an AP, so I'd thought I'd share...

But anyways, I went to go lay down cause I was pretty tired thought I'd take a nap and try his exercise.  

Closed my eyes and tried to change my focus.  I started seeing different shapes remember seeing the color red and purple alot.  Then  i saw an image of some sort couldn't really make it out.. Looked like I was above 2 adobe houses could see the grass and the trees and what not was really pretty.

Then changed to my apartment complex where I live.  

I started phasing out more and started to get the vibration feelings which i hadn't had in forever.  They were very mild vibrations and so i wanted to see if i could increase them.. I started to get scared for a second and was trying to get rid of the feeling so to calm me down.  I received an image all of a sudden as i was trying to do this of a women and her baby girl outside the mother was swinging her daughter around and they were laughing and having fun.   ?? But it made me laugh to so calmed me down lol.  

I started to feel a warming sensation going up my body threw my leg then up to my arm i just remember feeling it on my left side though.

I was Turing not to be scared all the time I didn't wanna ruin this cool experience.  The vibrations started to increase and then I received another image of a pregnant women holding her belly and feeling the heartbeat of her unborn child.  I started to feel the heartbeat myself and almost cried.  
was beautiful

I guess i finally exited my body.  But I was kinda to scared to do anything so all i saw was blackness.  I kept trying to call out for my vision to clear up but nothing happened and kept hearing these whoosh scary noises.  Tried to ignore them so they stopped.  I just sat there in the darkness and   was wanting to get back felt my self slipping away and I remember saying .  I want to go back to my body lol cause i got to scared of the dark.  I don't have a phobia of dark just scared when I can't see.  Gotta get rid of that fear.

Title: Woohoo! first phase
Post by: Aerotus on August 02, 2005, 16:59:30
Great experience, I havet yet to try frank's phasing method but it sounds like it works from many people! I also have the same problem many times I have projected but I can't see anything and I feel like I am just floating through darkness. I have tried saying "light" and all that but no luck. Maybe I just need more practise.

I am trying to understand how phasing ties in with AP. When you phase and see those sceneries does it mean you have projected yet?