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Title: Our Ultimate Reality and Abyss
Post by: Adrian on November 15, 2005, 11:01:44
Hello everyone,

For anyone who would like to get the extremely popular binaural track "Abyss" for free with Our Ultimate Reality, here for your information is an extract from my last newsletter:

As discussed in recent newsletters, Abyss, the extremely popular
bonus currently available to those purchasing Our Ultimate Reality
will soon be withdrawn to become a separate product. In preparation
for this I have added three new bonus books:

The Science of Getting Rich
The Science of Being Well
The Science of Being Great

I will still be offering the excellent book: The Power of

These are exceptional books that have been used by countless people
to attain wealth, health and greatness. They teach the use of
Universal Energy and Laws to achieve anything you desire.

Those purchasing Our Ultimate Reality before it is soon withdrawn
will receive both Abyss and these exceptional bonus books. Do not
delay though; once Abyss is ready to be launched as a separate
product it will be withdrawn as a free bonus.

For full details on Our Ultimate Reality and these excellent free
bonuses visit:

All existing customers of Our Ultimate Reality can download the new
products from the page provided upon purchasing the book.

Anyone purchasing Our Ultimate Reality now will always receive any
new bonuses added in the future.

Here is a typical testimonial from an existing Abyss user:

"My little sister has an inner ear problem that causes her to constantly hear a squealing. Sometimes it is so bad at night she can't sleep. So I gave her about 10 different types of entrainment and relaxation CD's to listen to. Later, she told me that she loved the Abyss CD. She said she could go right to sleep, and she was even listening to it before work and it made her feel great throughout the day. Personally, I believe the Abyss is a "classic" among entrainment tracks".

To keep up to date with new products and offers of value to you, I would highly recommend you joining my weekly newsletter. You can join from the Astral Pulse homepage:

Best regards,


Title: Re: Our Ultimate Reality and Abyss
Post by: drake on May 15, 2013, 12:44:56
Science is really getting hot and more popular.