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Title: A Focus 23 retrieval
Post by: Adrian on July 13, 2006, 16:31:52
Copy of original post that went astray

Hi everyone,

I got a sudden urge to do a retrieval, in Focus 23 for some reason, and after placing the intent to be in the 3D blackness I just floated there, watching for any irregularity to appear. Almost straight ahead I noticed a tiny circle standing out from the rest of the blackness. It sparkled for a second and something about it just felt like a portal. I focused all of my attention on it and within the blink of an eye....I was still in blackness (lol). I assumed something had maybe backfired so I placed the intent to be in Focus 23 again and I was getting the same black surroundings (if I had taken just a moment to observe that blackness I found myself in, I would have known instantly that it wasn't the 3D blackness--it was a flat, dense black). I then felt/sensed someone over to my right and realized the 3D blackness portal had indeed done its job: I was in a very black, dark place, in Focus 23.

I then perceived this someone off to my right exclaiming something...and then talking rapidly as if angry or upset about something. I moved forward carefully as I sensed they did not know I was near. All I could 'see' was the kind of blackness that is produced when say, in a basement with no windows...or in a cave with no light source. When I could feel an older woman about twenty feet away from me I said a soft, "Hello?", and almost cringed when I could then hear her react to me by apparently stumbling over something. She seemed panicky as she crashed around what I then felt to be a small kitchen with an awful lot of stuff on the floor that confused me. She seemed to be surrounded by many objects that for some reason didn't make sense to me at first, especially some kind of barrier between the two of us...but I just let that feeling go as I hurried to reassure her I was someone she could trust. She immediately demanded to know how I got 'in here'. I scrambled to think of something and said I didn't know...I was lost and I needed her help. I told her I couldn't see anything, it was so dark. I then got the impression of a small kitchen type of room. A window was in the opposite wall behind her offering a faint bluish light. She was thinking, moving slightly and I was able to 'see' her as a black silouhette against the weak light. It hit me then what was going on with her. She was hiding in the dark, protecting herself, waiting to defend herself against certain individuals who had caused her a lot of terror for a long time. Something about her situation (just wondering for a second how lonely this existence must have been for her) got to me and I had to put a lid on my emotions as I raced through ideas on what to say next.

I told her my name, explaining she had nothing to fear from me...and for some reason I felt it necessary to ask why she had all the lights turned off. She became agitated again, and answered by saying that if the lights were on she'd have no way of knowing if 'they' were near. When it was dark she could see them. I felt an opportunity open and I told her, "Of course! I understand what you're doing. I've seen them too and I'm glad you figured out how to deal with them." This created a pause...and she then whispered, "You mean you see them too?" I could feel her high level of anxiety begin to melt away as I nodded. This was rather astonishing to her because no one had ever believed her, whenever she had tried to explain the many visits she'd received from strange, apparently 'unseen' individuals. No one had understood her need to protect herself, to be on guard constantly. I tried to reassure her that we were friends, that she could trust me...and as we were still surrounded in darkness I asked if she could just reach out and take my hand. I told her it was wonderful to find someone else who was 'just like me' and it would be comforting to hold her hand. She hesitated and then finally extended her left arm over what felt like a three foot high pile of stuff or barrier of some kind (it felt like it was a barrier for her), and grasped my hand. She had a strong grip. I held her hand in both of mine and thanked her, telling her I felt a lot better.

I asked her if she'd like to go someplace with me, a place where she would never have to worry about dangerous intruders ever again. She'd be able to have whatever life she wanted. She was unsure...asking how that could be as the tricksters (her word for them) were always able to find her. I explained a little more about Focus 27, and I suddenly knew she was feeling a fearful anxiousness over the thought of leaving her small strong-hold I sent her PUL immediately. Her fear passed and she was calmer, still gripping my hand for dear life...and something interesting happened: I could suddenly see her face. A soft gold light seemed to surround her head, illuminating wild brown hair, a face younger than I had assumed, and blue watery eyes that looked as if they had seen more hell than most could ever dream of. I smiled at her, asking her to just leave with me to see this new world, adding that she could always come back here if she didn't like it there. I got the idea to see if I could somehow pick up on what would be her ideal home/environment, and saw a house out in a country setting. I asked if she would be interested in living in such a place and she stared at me, amazed. Yes, she would like that...but she was struggling to believe it could really happen. I then got a clear thought that she loved to fly and I told her I did too...that we could fly right out of here. And I instantly wondered if I had blown it. She looked at me as if I were under suspicion again. My ability to fly could mean I was a trickster too. She said one of them had taught her to fly (I'm sure she was talking about the OOBE) many years ago and she had figured out how to fly on her own and avoid their assistance. I wondered for a second whether that trickster had actually been someone trying to help her, when she was in the physical?

I asked again for her to just visit the new place and she decided to go...but not before she got her purse!---and she started to turn, pulling away. I didn't want to let go of her hand--I was afraid our rapport would be broken--but I had no choice. She retreated into the darkness, opening drawers, moving things around. I looked down and perceived what I guess were large, narrow, cardboard boxes...arranged with other objects that made up a kind of barrier about two feet wide and running the length of her room. I looked back up toward where I thought she was, when it was obvious she'd found her purse, and she then seemed to freeze in motion. I could feel she was suddenly panicky over the idea of leaving this place, scared, I sent her more PUL. I could feel her awareness of me return and she walked quietly back to where I was standing...looking kind of shocked but indicating she would go. She then said I had to wait a moment and she began to carefully move a section of her cardboard barrier, creating an opening for herself to pass through to my side. She deliberately closed it back up with equal care as if this would guarantee her little kitchen would remain safe while she was gone. She believed this barrier had protected her all this time and was completely convinced it would continue to do its job. I felt tears come to my physical eyes but ignored them as I took her arm, telling her that for some magical reason I could see her now, and that I just knew the tricksters could not see us. She glanced around and tried to smile, concerned she was in the middle of some kind of escape that could end badly.

We started walking into the dark...and soon we were in a place that was filled with nothing but light, everywhere. Before she had a chance to react to the change a woman appeared ahead of us. My lady stopped, staring at her, dumbfounded, and then they reached out and hugged each other. I stood there for a few moments and finally felt it was best I leave them alone. They were still holding one another in a tight embrace and the woman who had greeted us gave me a brief smile and a knowing feeling that all was well now. I could go if I wanted. I thanked her, looked at my friend one last time (I think they had been sisters) and returned to C1.


Much love,


Title: Re: A Focus 23 retrieval
Post by: PeacefulWarrior on February 08, 2008, 07:08:32
What a great post.  To think, all she had to do was just break free and who knows how long she had been in that little "strong hold"?  How many of us live our lives like this, put away in some little strong hold?

Title: Re: A Focus 23 retrieval
Post by: alchemist on February 09, 2008, 01:01:40
I think the act of retrievals are the most highest form of love, kindness, spirituality and contribution to the spiritual world.

Adrian, although you are clearly more advanced than I in retrievals, I still applaud you.

 :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

Title: Re: A Focus 23 retrieval
Post by: 369 on February 09, 2008, 08:57:14
I don't understand where you were, but that's nice that you helped someone.

Title: Re: A Focus 23 retrieval
Post by: Selski on February 09, 2008, 11:36:30
Quote from: alchemist
Adrian, although you are clearly more advanced than I in retrievals, I still applaud you.

Just to clarify - it's not Adrian - it's Ginny!

Quote from: 369
I don't understand where you were

Focus 23 is focus level termed by Robert Monroe.  If you want to understand, the bottom of reply #3 in the attached link explains the focus levels.


Title: Re: A Focus 23 retrieval
Post by: interception on February 10, 2008, 21:02:35
I admire what you are able to achieve Ginny.  :-)

Title: Re: A Focus 23 retrieval
Post by: jsoul on July 10, 2009, 16:53:44
aww! this is why i want to AP ! i know it isn't easy but it seems like a helpful thing to do. I am so thankful Adrian that you are able to do this and are able to tell us of your experiences. :D