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Title: Gateway Wave 1 Pointers original post by Frank
Post by: Adrian on December 11, 2006, 22:38:25
Hello everyone,

This post, by Frank, was somehow transposed during a forum upgrade. It relates to the original where you will find all the replies.

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There's two people currently on this BBS who have listened to the Wave 1 CD without much progress; and I suspect there may be more who have long since lobbed them to the back of a drawer somewhere, after listening to the CDs without having any real results.

Now I find that strange because, for me, the Wave 1 CD has been a very effective tool in my efforts to gain control over the exit process; and to try and work out where Monroe is coming from when he speaks about "phasing in" to the Astral; instead of doing like I used to, for example, which was the feeling of being shot from a cannon and landing within the Astral somewhere; with no real control whatsoever.

Now I know myself pretty well by now, and I know for a fact that I do not have any natural talent for this obe stuff. I make the point because someone could say the reason why I am successful, is because I have a natural talent for projection, and so forth. Not a bit. All my gains are hard fought let me assure you. Though, in hindsight, I feel it is because I have no real talent for things of this nature, I’ve been forced to use my imagination to quite a high degree.

It was when I read the following, that I suddenly thought where people may be going wrong:

ps : Franks quote :
"Okay, tell me what are you imagining when you go from the energy conversion box to Focus 3?"

In my case, I was trying to concentrate on an image that I could see behind my eyelids, I think that Mr. Jeff Mash mentioned this in one of his posts.

Concentrating on an image behind your closed eyelids, and imagining you are going from your Energy Conversion Box to Focus 3: are entirely *different* things.

You see, the Wave 1 CD does not in any way “induce” the obe state. In other words you cannot simply lie back, think of any old thing, and 10 minutes down the line you float out of the room. All the CD does is to provide an outline structure, and *you* have to provide the infill. But that’s what makes it so effective. The way you provide that infill, is to use your imagination.

What I thought I’d do (excuse the length) is to give you a rundown of my experience that demonstrates what I mean. Personally, I’m surprised at the lack of support information supplied by TMI. I would have thought some kind of similar rundown example would have been supplied with the CDs. This would at least give people an example to work from, which they could just chop and change to suit.

Okay, here goes………….

Wave 1, CD1, Track 2:


Place physical body in a relaxed position, take a few deep breaths and check head and neck is comfy and properly supported. Then I imagine my sense of conscious awareness is drifting upwards to the top of my consciousness cone.

NOTE: I posted before about how I imagine my consciousness to be a cone with everyday thoughts, actions, etc., at the bottom of the cone: with the start of the Astral at the top.


I time it so that when I imagine I reach the top of the cone, Monroe says the above.

At the top of my consciousness cone is an attic room. At the opposite side to which I enter there is a doorway marked “Border to the Astral” in large letters. At the centre of the room is a large wooden box. Standing next to the box is Clive, the butler, who helps me lift the lid of the box and remove my Physical sheathe. We open the lid and inside is a lower area containing any Physical-matter concerns, etc. The upper area has a shelf where my Physical sheathe can lie safely until I next collect it.

So I wriggle out of my Physical sheathe to reveal my body of light. Clive takes the sheathe while asking me if I have anything else to deposit in the box (which I hand over as necessary). He lays the sheathe out and we close the heavy lid.

I walk through the doorway marked “Border to the Astral” and step outside into the fresh clean air; the sand underfoot is soft and warm; the atmosphere is comforting; everything feels secure and familiar. I look behind and Clive is standing in the doorway wishing me a safe journey. I thank him for his assistance and he closes the door. On the outside of the door is marked “To C1” in large letters.

Ahead is a pathway composed of inlaid, white stone slabs that contrast with the golden brown of the sand. The path leads to my resonant-tuning pyramid. It’s a pyramid structure, but with a flat top about ten feet square and around 10 feet in height. Each of the four sides has steps from top to bottom. The structure is made of the same stone as the pathway and, to the right of the pyramid, is a large golden-coloured harp.


I time it so that as Monroe instructs the above, I begin climbing the steps to the top of my resonant-tuning pyramid. I sit in the Lotus position, on a large cushion, on the flat top. A helper appears to play the harp and pick the strings that resonate with the sounds on the CD. The whole area vibrates and sings in harmony. Ripples of joy run through me as each string is plucked and my body of light tingles and glows a pure white.


At the point where Monroe says the above, I walk down the front steps of the pyramid, take a few more steps forward, and stand on a large inlaid, white stone slab marked “Declaration Stone”. As I do so, a white mist appears in front of me. When it clears, I see a large round structure has arisen from the sand. I walk down the path to a door marked “Declaration Room”.

I enter the room and I’m right away flanked by two Saintly-looking people each dressed in a pure white silk robe. In front of me is a large crystal Orb that is glowing with an orange/yellow light. Both sides of the Orb, facing me, are 2 more Saint like people that stand as official witnesses to my declaration.

I take a bow and give my declaration. As I do so the Orb begins to pulsate. The colour changes and becomes progressively less orange turning to a brighter and brighter yellow. Then it becomes a pure white as I come to the end of my declaration. At this moment, a door opens to my right. I’m ushered to this doorway and look out. On the ground to my left is a pointed sign, saying “To Focus 3” in large letters. Looking in the direction of the sign I can see the Focus 3 archway in the distance. At the same time, Monroe says, “Now you will move to Focus 3.”

Now Monroe starts the count to Focus 3:

While Monroe is talking, I’m acknowledging what he is saying while walking down the stone path towards the F3 archway. I stand on a stone slab and I look down and see, deeply and clearly engraved in the stone is, “F1”. (Note: this action is timed with the CD, like always.) I acknowledge the engraving on the slab by looking at it for a few moments, and then continue walking. Next I come across another similar slab, only this time the engraving on the stone says, “F2”.

Then I walk forwards towards the F3 archway.

I time it so that as I stand under the large archway, Monroe says, “3” followed by, “relax and enjoy….” etc. At which point I turn around and look back down the path and see the Declaration Room where I just came from. Then I turn to settle into a large reclining chair that is under the archway. I sit down and look into the distance. I can see my F10 hut sitting on top of a plateau area. A steadily inclining white stone pathway leads to my F10 hut.

I relax into the chair and recline it. As I do so, a female helper appears.

Now Monroe starts the relaxation process starting, “Let your jaw relax……” As Monroe directs, the female helper massages my head and facial area while I just lie back and enjoy!

As Monroe begins saying about letting the relaxation process flow into the brain, I get up and thank my helper and she wishes me a successful journey. Now I stand outside the archway looking across to my F10 hut. I Look down and wiggle my toes as Monroe begins saying, “into your toes……….” etc. As Monroe talks about the relaxation flow from the brain, I imagine myself slowly filling up with a kind of liquid that makes me feel vibrant and totally in tune with my surroundings.


Now I begin walking along the white stone path towards my F10 hut. Monroe says, “4” and I time it so that, at that point, I’m standing on a slab engraved with “F4” in large letters at the top. I look down and acknowledge that I am at F4 by looking at the engraved figures for a few moments. Then, still standing still on the slab, I do the observation and relaxation exercises as Monroe prompts.

Then I walk forwards some more, and I time it so that when Monroe says, “5” I’m standing on a slab marked “F5”. There I do the exercises Monroe suggests, then do the same with, “6”; “7” and “8”. First acknowledge the engraving on the slab; do the exercises as per Monroe’s prompting; and when Monroe is silent between counts, continue walking down the path. (Obviously it takes a short while to learn the CD and get the timing absolutely right.)

After “9” I continue up the path and arrive at the foot of some stone steps, which lead upwards to the plateau on which my F10 hut is situated. I walk up the steps and see, about 30 yards ahead, is the entrance to my F10 hut. Between this is another embedded stone slab engraved with a large “F10” at the top. I walk forwards, stand on the slab and look down acknowledging the engraved “F10”. At this moment, Monroe says, “10”. Then I go through the prompted exercise, just like before with the previous slabs.

Then Monroe repeats the number “10” several times, during which I’m walking towards the entrance of my F10 hut. I open the door, enter the hut, and close the door behind me. I stand for a moment and Monroe says, “Relax and be calm and comfortable in Focus 10”.

On the opposite wall to the door I came in, is a large opening through which is Focus 12 (and on to the Astral proper). The scene through the opening is like a clear night sky, with the deep blackness punctuated by millions of stars and planets. Sometimes I just stand and admire the view, listening to Monroe’s voice on the CD. Or I may leave the hut and fly around. But not too far as it’s easy to get carried away and lose the fact that this is an exercise. (The return from which is very important for the exercise as a whole.)

The return:

On one wall of my F10 hut is a door marked “Direct Return to C1” On Monroe’s prompt, “You will return now to full Physical waking reality, as I count from 10 down to 1” I open the door, walk through into the large tunnel and close the door behind me.


Then Monroe says, “10” and I look at the door I just walked through, seeing it has “Entry to F10” written on it, in large letters. Then I start jogging down the tunnel and come to a door marked with a large figure “9”. I quickly go through it (no need to close as it’s spring loaded). Jogging along the descending tunnel I come to a similar door marked “8” then “7” then “6” and onto doorways 5, 4 and 2. (Have to be quick here as Monroe doesn’t give you much time, but this does greatly add to the effect).

Going through doorway “2” I see the opening of the tunnel. I emerge next to the C1 door I stepped out of originally. The C1 door is open and Clive is beckoning me to hurry. He has my Physical sheathe ready which I step into quickly. He welcomes me back and asks if I’d like to take anything else from the box. I say, “Leave it, no time” and I descend quickly to ordinary waking consciousness at the bottom of my consciousness cone. This happens just after Monroe says, “1”. (I always think, “Phew, just made it!”)

Monroe then prompts, “wake up, open your eyes……..” etc. So I do as prompted, in that I actually open my eyes, breathe deeply, and stretch my legs and arms, exactly as Monroe instructs.


Well, that’s it. Sorry for the length. I hope it will give people some ideas of how to use the CDs successfully, and would appreciate any feedback anyone may have.


Title: Re: Gateway Wave 1 Pointers original post by Frank
Post by: sercetu on March 27, 2010, 03:27:01
Hello Adrian.

Frank said this:
NOTE: I posted before about how I imagine my consciousness to be a cone with everyday thoughts, actions, etc.

Where is the post where he explained this theme?

Thank you.

Title: Re: Gateway Wave 1 Pointers original post by Frank
Post by: Xanth on March 27, 2010, 04:24:21
Over the last couple days I've been reading *EVERY* post that Frank has made, starting with his earliest.
I read this one just today:;msg10745#msg10745

He mentions the "cone" in that one.  :)

Title: Re: Gateway Wave 1 Pointers original post by Frank
Post by: personalreality on March 27, 2010, 15:07:38
I used his process to create a similar one but with different scenery.  For those of you that ever played MYST and like astronomy, you might like mine...

a) I walk down my consciousness hallway to a door at the end.  As I walk down the hallway, my consciousness moves from the mundane toward the magickal.  At the end of the hallway I go through a door and on the other side I find myself on a dock on an island by the ocean's edge.  The island is the island of MYST, the point and click computer game. 

b) I walk up the dock to the shore and see a switch box.  This switch box is about 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide and is in the shape of a triangle.  On the top of the box is a level, which when pulled opens a door on the front of the box.  In MYST this box contains one of the pages that can be collected after all of the other switch boxes on the island have been activated.  In my visualization all the other switches have been activated so that this one opens.  This is my Energy Conversion box where I place all of my worldly concerns, including my physical body.

c) After I have put my worldly concerns into the box and closed it the lever returns to its original position, locking the box.  The box won't open until I return, so nobody can tamper with my box but me.  As I continue walking past the box I see a sign that points down the path and says "Astral Borderland".  I continue in the direction that the sign points down a path through trees.  I come to an intersection.  To my right is a building that is a library and an observation tower, which if you're familiar with MYST, you know which building I'm talking about.  Straight ahead, the path leads to a large pillar stick out of the ocean just off shore.  This pillar is at least 20 feet in diameter and on top of it sits a rocket ship, like something you'd see in an old sci-fi TV show.  For now I go down the left path which leads to somewhat of a clearing.

d) This clearing is really just the same path but it is much wider at this point and the path continues past the clearing down into the forest.  I come to this clearing and in the center I see a fountain that is about 8 feet across and about 10 feet tall. (This feature is an exaggerated version of the fountain in MYST)  On each side of the fountain is a row of small cubes on top of poles that stand about 3 feet tall.  On each box is a symbol, in MYST these symbols are used to activate a model ship in the fountain which in turn causes an actual ship to rise from the ocean back at the dock where I entered the island.  For me, these symbols each represent a tone that corresponds to the harmonic resonance tuning sounds that i will be humming soon.  I walk up to the fountain and stop about 5 feet in front of it.  At this point I jump up in the air and pull my legs up in a meditative position, levitating in the air about 5 feet off the ground.  Now I begin my resonant tuning.  If I'm using the Gateway Experience discs this is when the resonant tuning sounds begin.  As the sounds begin, each of the small boxes with symbols light up in sync with the humming.  I don't have a specific order or anything, it is really just improvised, but I can see the symbols on the boxes lighting up and going out as I hum with the sounds.  Each time a symbol lights up it projects light onto me, kind of like a laser pointer with a shaped tip, only bigger and the light is white.  When the white light symbol hits me, all of the molecules in my light/astral body begin to vibrate in harmony with the resonant tuning sounds.  By the time I'm done, my whole being is vibrating in perfect harmony.

e) Next I step down from my levitating position and walk straight back to the library.  Once inside I step on a platform in the middle and make my declaration and add any affirmations that I feel are needed for this particular exercise.  After I'm done, I walk back down the path to the clearing and keep walking past it down the path in the woods.  The path ends at a beach.  I can see a clock tower in a small island in the water.  Standing on shore I start creating my energy balloon and then I step out onto the water.  My energy balloon allows me to walk on water.  I stand on the ocean for a few minutes while I finish my energy balloon and the energy wrap around my body.  After I'm done I fly back to the first intersection I came too and on to the rocket ship.

f) I get in the rocket ship and push a button that says "To Focus 3".  It launches me into the air and as the ship climbs higher a display shows me when I'm passing through F1 and then F2 kinda of like an altimeter (how high you are).  As the display says F3 the ship has just exited the atmosphere and entered outer space.  The ship stops and I exit into space.  In the distance I can see a star with one planet orbiting around it.  The land on the planet's surface is in the shape of an F and 10, that's my F10 space.  Before i start traveling to planet F10, I take a minute to relax my face.  At this point some space pixies poof into existence.  They are very small and look like little balls of pink and blue light.  There are probably 20 or 30 of them and they all fly into the muscles of my face (actually inside my face) and start pushing and pulling out all of the tension.  After they are done I begin flying through space toward my planet F10.  Along the way to Planet F10 I will pass floating billboards in space with flashing numbers (F4-F9).  As I pass each billboard I do more of the relaxation exercises recommended by Monroe in the first Focus 10 track.

g) Finally I get to planet F10 and I make a nice smooth landing on the surface.  Here I can do things in F10 or I can travel a little ways to an oasis with a waterfall.  I should note that planetF10 is always dark with a night sky full of stars.  But it's not really dark, there's no moon in the sky but the landscape is lit up as if there were a full moon out that was 3 times the size of earth's moon.  There is kind of a blue tint to the lighting.  It's like Mars but blue.  At my oasis there are palm trees, sand, and a waterfall, all of it shades of blue with a black night sky exploding with stars.  I walk up to the oasis and look at the small lagoon at the bottom of the waterfall.  There is a sign that says Astral -->  pointing at the lagoon.  I look into the lagoon and the night sky above is reflected into the water but there is a whole different universe in the reflection.  When I look at my reflection I am always a brightly shining light being.  When following the Gateway Experience I jump into the Astral Lagoon and pop out the other side in the Astral.

Title: Re: Gateway Wave 1 Pointers original post by Frank
Post by: faxman on March 31, 2010, 21:47:17
So all is needed to work on is the 2nd track of CD1 from the Gateway experience ? Aren't the other tracks and other CDs also orientated towards OBE and may be then also helpful ?

Title: Re: Gateway Wave 1 Pointers original post by Frank
Post by: Stookie on April 01, 2010, 19:20:39
Yes, the other ones are helpful as well, but that 2nd track is probably most helpful learning to attain focus 10 for the beginner. But if you can't do F3 from the first track, F10 is going to be a far shot.

Title: Re: Gateway Wave 1 Pointers original post by Frank
Post by: faxman on April 01, 2010, 21:18:28
I like intro to F10 it is just the voice that annoys me as it always break my trance or more precisely, my deep relaxation as it makes me jump of my skin.

That's why I usually use brainwaves without verbal guidance.