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Title: How do get a guide/astral helper to help me?
Post by: Kodemaster on December 21, 2006, 02:40:20
This question comes up a lot, and Frank answered it very well in a previous thread. I have copied and pasted his reply below:

"Helpers are summoned by a process known as Non-Verbal Communication. It's just a way of communicating between minds, thought-form to thought-form,  rather than verbalising your thought forms. At first, out of sheer habit, you will communicate thought-forms by verbal means. But please try and get out of that habit as soon as you can, as it will help you greatly later on.

Look out over the Astral scenary with an air of mild curiosity. Rather than actually verbalising something like, "Help, someone, I'm kinda stuck here and I'd really appreciate it if someone could come over and lend a hand." What you do is think of how wonderful it would be if someone, from that place, could reach out and bridge the gap.

Imagine an all enveloping energy, that radiated a loving warmth, came over and held you close; made you feel secure; made you laugh, and so on; then transported you to a place, on the Astral, of your choosing.

You should soon get the feeling someone is watching you, or that someone is close by. They tend not to appear out of the blue as they know this will startle you (at first). So they make their presence known very gradually. Don't worry if you fail to make contact the first few times, you will soon get the hang of it."     

Title: Re: How do get a guide/astral helper to help me?
Post by: Kodemaster on December 21, 2006, 02:42:16
Here is an example of a guide interaction that Frank posted some time ago:

I pick up from the initial sensing of my "helper". As I say, all communication is thought-form to thought-form but the verbal translation is, as follows.

"It's you again, I can sense you behind me."

"You catch on quick, are you sure it is me? Maybe you are imagining the whole thing. Perhaps I might be a figment of your imagination."

"Ah ha, I didn't spend 5 years in the Training Ground for nothing, you know."

"So you do recognise me then?"

"Of course, and I also sense you coming closer. You want to unlock some kind of energy."

"You will now sense a movement around your head."

"Yes, I can feel it, like your hands are massaging my temples."

"You like that?"

"It feels okay, but nothing special. It reminds me of a concept I read about. The writer called them Awareness Hands. Any more tricks you can play?"

"How about this...."

"Now I can see all of you! You are female and you have long black hair."

"Ten out of ten."

"Wow, there is a strong energy sensation about my forehead. I can feel you are causing that with your hands somehow."

"Yes, that is correct, there is tension that needs to be released. Then we can go to the place of your choosing."

"So you know where I want to be?"

"Yes I do."

At that moment it felt like the whole of my forehead simply opened and let in a thick beam of white light that seemed to come from deep within the Astral. Next there was a kind of shifiting sensation whereupon I was standing on the Astral, in a large garden.

One end of the garden turned into a high rocky area, following which there was a clifftop and then the ocean. Many children were playing in the garden and a number of adults were supervising them. It was a happy place that seemed to stretch for miles. The air was fresh, the sky was a deep shade of blue, and several huge rainbow-like formations were radiating wonderously coloured light-beams.

Each child was a picture of total innocence. They all beemed a happy smile, with their bright eyes reflecting the colours of the huge rainbows up above.

As I watched them play, the thought occured to me that each one of these children had suffered an untimely death. Some may have been road-accident victims; others may have starved to death in some 3rd-world backwater; or had been the innocent victim of one of mankind's disgusting wars.

For a moment I drifted. First there was a tinge of sadness, followed by a welling up of a mixed bag of emotion. The colours changed, angry reds and deep jet blacks whirled all around me. In the midst of the colours were frightful entities indulging in unimaginable acts of horror... the torture... the screams... the fear... the panic...

Phew, next moment all is clear. For an instant I thought I was back in the physical. It took a few seconds to gather my composure. Then the realisation came that I wasn't in the physical at all, but was sitting on a rock overlooking the ocean with my "helper" beside me.

"You nearly lost it back there."

"Yeah, tell me about it. Thanks for the timely rescue. I was right about the suffering though. I opened to it and it hit me like a mountain of bricks."

"We collect them from the lower regions and they stay here for as long as it takes to lose all memory of their physical experiences. Some are very badly traumatised. They are the ones you see asleep in the shade of the trees. Eventually they will awake. Initially only for fleeting periods. But, given time, they will start to remain awake enough so they can learn to begin to play again."

"If it's all the same to you I'd like to go back now please."

"No problem, I understand. Please visit us again sometime, there is much you can learn here."

Title: Re: How do get a guide/astral helper to help me?
Post by: Kodemaster on February 23, 2007, 17:31:43
Here is a link to another, very informative post about an encounter with a guide: