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Title: Hey.
Post by: IlvC0h3reNt on December 12, 2007, 06:11:21
I've been really looking for a good open minded/truth seeking society, and I hope this is the one. I thought a few months ago I found the right one, but stuff happened, etc.

Anyways, I'm a 21 yr old guy from Canada. A month ago I moved out of my home province of Ontario to start my life anew in British Columbia. I've had about 5 spontaneous OBEs but none produced simply by command (yet). I learned NEWv2 and on occasion practise creating energy balls. I use to practise TK but it got boring...don't know if I'm going to continue.

I have been passionately studying my subconscious for a few years now. This studying process combined with strategies/applications of personal growth, and truth seeking have been where most of my energy is devoted. (Until I get my amp and guitar sent to me from Ontario)

Anyways, see you around.

Title: Re: Hey.
Post by: Selski on December 12, 2007, 16:21:21
Hi IlvC0h3reNt

Good to see you!  And welcome to the Forums.

It's packed with great stuff, so make yourself at home and enjoy your stay!  :-)


Title: Re: Hey.
Post by: Kodemaster on December 23, 2007, 03:39:31