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Title: A work in progress
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And the Truth Shall Set You Free


Wisdom is the ability to see the connections between unrelated things, and wisdom is also the way in which unrelated things are connected. Wisdom is truth juxtaposed over illusion.


Truth is reality, and reality is truth. There is only one reality, and that is the all that is. Nothingness does not exist. If you observe nothingness, it is not nothingness because it has become a thing to be observed.

The Observer

The 'all that is' is the observer, and the observer is all that is. The observer is who you really are, you cannot be anything else, because the 'all that is' is the only thing that exists.

The One Principle

One creates two, two creates three, and three creates all things.

This is the nature of everything. It is expansion, positivity, the ever increasing complexity of all things in an eternal state of unfolding. The line between two points contains infinity of points, thus a line is only symbolic of the illusion of separation. Necessity is the mother of invention, as well as evolution.

Negativity is the opposite of this principle, and only exists where beings choose to believe that they are powerless.


A game is defined by its rules, and a game is meant for the enjoyment of all the players. Life is a game, and we are all players because we are all the observer and the observer cannot die.

To Take Control of Your Life

One creates two, two creates three, and three creates all things. To take control of your life, you have to be present in every moment, and to be present in every moment you must merge the body with the observer permanently. In that way, you become three - the observer, your body, and your environment. In this state, the perfect experience is happening at every moment.

Neurons are cells capable of holding awareness. To create a permanent state of total awareness, you must connect all neurons. When you form a total awareness of your body, thought disappears. Thought is always an attempt to bridge a disconnection in awareness; a thought is never a solution. There are an infinite number of ways to create connections between neurons. To create connections, you must increase the number of things you can be aware of at one time. You must do this until you are self aware, body aware, and environment aware all at once.

The True Nature of "Sin"

Your mind shapes your perceptions. To be aware of your self, body, and environment is to think of nothing. To have no need of thinking is unimaginable, yet not impossible.

Here and now is all that exists - when you can see only what exists then you have released only what does not. Unconditional love and beingness are the same, only different in perceived degree. The observer does not have degrees, but illusions do. You are beingness, which is to say, your awareness alone. You can become aware of beingness, and to do so is to be aware of infinity because the observer is all that is. To look inside is to 'see' the observer, which is invisible.

Actions which keep you from expanding your awareness are "sins". Yet all "sins" are simply mistakes made in ignorance that need correction. The correction of individual mistakes rests on individual choice. You must forgive others their sins for your own sake, for your own hatred must be exposed before it can be removed. Your own progress in increasing your awareness is all that matters in life.

Unconditional love is eternal, even when you cannot feel it.  Remove all your barriers to it, and it will shine through you and everyone you meet.

Unconditional Love

Hatred occurs when you equate a reality with an idea, and fear occurs whenever you lose self awareness. Hatred and fear arise from the same misperception and come in many guises. Having loving thoughts is a step towards not needing to think at all. Unconditional love cures both hatred and fear when it is achieved, because the fundamental misperception that we are seperate vanishes in the light that was and always is within you.

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Tell me what parts you like and what parts you don't. I'm trying to keep it as short and simple as possible. All comments are welcome.  :-D

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But wait, there's more!  :-D


Volume one of infinity
Infinity is a self contained paradox; for it can be found in between two finite points while yet being defined as limitless. So what is the answer to the paradox? There is only one answer, and that is that infinity is the paradox. No matter how you slice it, the sum of all points on a number line is infinity, while yet there is an infinity between any two of them, no matter how close together they are. Therefore, when we define values to numbers, we define the infinity between them.
An idea: all numeric value is meaningless when compared to infinity, similar to the Christian idea that you cannot earn your way to heaven. Is there some kind of bridge between the worlds of value and infinity? Maybe the bridge is the number one. What is infinite and all encompassing can have no opposite; therefore it is whole and one.
Perhaps, though, when comparing a number to infinity, a number gets its true value or meaning, for it simply is what it is, a reality compared to what seems to be a concept - infinity.
A number line is symbolic of our existence, for we are all numbers one way or another. Liken to a number line, reality is infinite, and yet relative. So, is the relative defined by the infinite, or is the infinite defined by the relative?
Volume two of infinity
Infinity is either ultimately nothing but the concept of going on forever or it is the only thing that truly exists. If both are true, what does that make of reality? Is reality just a mass dream of varying densities of thought and matter? What does infinity mean for us, and why is it important? If you believe that nothing has meaning but what we can measure and classify, then infinity is out of your league entirely. Is infinity just an idea? Is there more to this universe than matter, light, and an absence of light? If reality is made up of the totality of experience, then all is included in reality, and all is infinity. Infinity is important to grasp, because when you grasp it you see things only as they are.
If all is one then what exists is the same as what doesn't exist, even if all exists and nothing doesn't. I have seen what appeared to be nothingness and recognized it as infinity, for there was no distance or color of any kind to limit or remove any limits. Infinity is within me, and you, for it knows not any boundary, otherwise it would not be infinity. The same awareness within me is also within all things. I know this because infinity is all things. Consciousness is colorless when you look at it. Yet, I digress; awareness and consciousness are not the same. Consciousness is made up of the awareness of awareness.
Here is the great mystery: Infinity = Awareness = Love = Source (Creator)
It must be this way if the infinite creator is aware and loving, because what is all encompassing can have no degrees or parts.
Volume three of infinity
Infinity is invisible as much as it is invincible. If infinity is a field, then awareness is a point on the field. A point is unique, yet all points are the same thing, for all is infinity. A point is always the same no matter how close you think you come to it, exactly like infinity. Thus they are one and the same, point and field, or are at least connected by meaning - if all is one, then there can really be no point in a field, they must be the same thing. Is meaning then the same thing as "prana", "zero point energy" or "aether"? It depends upon how you look at it. If all is connected by meaning, then there is no difference between the words on this page and the words in your head as you read this, for they are the same in meaning. If truth is reality, then from where come illusions? Can you ever be disconnected from the source, or do you just become it when you disconnect from reality? Both of these questions are answered in the eternal answer of oneness, and yet oneness is a paradox in and of itself.  Let it be said here that the paradox is the highest form of truth because in reality there is no contradiction.
Volume four of infinity
Infinity is everything, and nothing is nothing. The vibrations between infinity and nothing create the world of perception. When you observe nothing, then you must be everything. The observer is who you truly are, and who I truly am. The all seeing eye perhaps sees nothing at all, if color is an illusion when infinity is a reality. That is the paradox of infinity. You cannot shield your eyes from the truth, for seeing nothing shows you everything all at once. Nothing and everything are meaningless words when describing what the observer 'sees' when it is the only thing that exists. Then again, I could say that nothingness exists only because I've seen it, yet I've seen nothing at all. Does that then mean the observer is all?
A fractal holographic universe unfolds continuously eternally. If a point is a field, then there are inner worlds to explore, and none of them are any less real than this world, if reality is the summation of experience.

Volume five of infinity
Infinity can be described an infinite amount of ways for it is always unseen, yet undeniably there. It is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. Infinity is eternal, exactly like wisdom. Wisdom is light, for it extends from a source and its reflection brings sight. Think on this and gain wisdom, for it is the truth, no matter how obscure it seems at the moment. Wisdom is more than a state of mind, it is a state of being where you can recognize yourself in all things for you are one with the all that is. Wisdom is both the state of being and light, like the sun, for it lights the world yet cannot be seen directly. You cannot see the source of wisdom, for the source is infinity, the same source that creates all things in existence without any effort at all. The light of these words extends into you only if you have eyes to see. Infinite and eternal, the silence and stillness are all there is. Let your mind dwell on infinity and eternity by clearing it in this moment, and thereby gain the light of wisdom.
Eternity is not a measure of time, and neither is infinity a measure of units. They are a state of being, a simple existence of existence, right here, and right now.
Volume six of infinity
Infinity has to be more than an idea, for it can be seen in oneness, where nothing is visible, and therefore the invisible is visible. Are these words nonsense, or do they have meaning? If you have experienced oneness, then you too can realize the truth that color (including blackness or whiteness) is an illusion when infinity is your only reality. If vibration, though, is an illusion, then what would exist if you stilled all vibration? Nothing, or can nothing ever exist at all? Regardless, the observer would remain.
One creates two, two creates three, and three creates all things. Field, point, and line. A line is symbolic of the illusion of separation for there is an infinity of points that must be within it for there to be a connection between two points.
Meaning can be abstract in form, but it is always identical in substance. Meaning can be found in art by viewing it a certain way. Meaning is infinity, for infinity can be found between two finite points by looking for the third point of connection. This paradox of infinity could go on forever, yet it is only a work of art.

Volume seven of infinity
Infinity is the source of all numbers, for when you reach it you are one thing - the existence of existence. The square root of negative one is symbolic of the root of all evils, the ego. The ego is imaginary, just like the root of all negatives, it is everything you think you are. Negativity can be defined only relative to the positive, for the relative to the origin, all numbers are positive - thus infinity is positive when you reach it, even from a negative direction. Negative infinity is an idea, whilst positive infinity is the reality. This I will prove in parable. Does it matter how far down the wrong road you go if you can never reach your destination? Does it matter how far down the right road you go if you can never reach your destination? If neither the correct not incorrect road takes you to infinity, how do you get there? The answer I give is simple, but not easy. You must look inside yourself and see oneness. While yet that is the answer I give, could there ever be another? Could you possibly ever expand your awareness to include all things as one, or would you only be able to see the here and now as you see yourself? Seeing infinity, you may achieve wisdom. Bringing infinity into reality through your mind, you achieve everything.
Volume eight of infinity
Infinity is more complex in definition that simply being an idea, for it is limitless and without a beginning or end. Ideas have their beginnings and endings, yet infinity is beyond time entirely. What is time but a measurement of what would otherwise be only one moment here and now? What is found beyond the stars, and yet found inside every atom? An observer - the only constant. Yet what does the observer look like? What does infinity look like? Are they defined by the relative definitions we give by comparing the absolute to what is a concept, or do we just equate them with what we can observe? Grander than the stars and yet smaller than an atom, of singularities and infinities alike - from where comes the meaning of the absolute formlessness in the world of form? It just is.
Does infinite mean "not finite" or "in the finite"? How do you look for the infinite, or do you even need to 'look' at all? Perhaps it's been right in front of you all along.

Volume nine of infinity
There is no end or beginning to infinity, because it encompasses both the end and the beginning and goes beyond both. It either sleeps or wakes, but it cannot die. Infinity stands alone, for all is one, and one is therefore infinity. It is yet still the truth, however, that infinity is the concept of going on forever. It would make sense to me, then, that one is the only thing that goes on forever. Zero does not exist except as a concept, so what does that say about concepts themselves? Are they ever the truth, or just given that status in your mind? What would the world look like if observed from a standpoint of pure consciousness - a state where thought is no longer necessary? Would the world then appear as something worthy of its creator's love? Would it appear as one and whole?

Volume ten of infinity
There is no time, only extension. You extended yourself from one place to another to get here, and yet you are only where you are here and now. Anywhere else is an illusion, obviously. Extension includes the source in the destination, and yet what is the source? Nothing? Something? You? If you would but see what awareness looks like, then you would see the source of all things, because all things have awareness. And what is a source, but a place to draw something from. What is the source of infinity, and to where can it extend? Nowhere, or only into the illusion of separation?
Volume eleven of infinity
Infinity is abstract in appearance, yet eternal, for what is never seen can never be fully denied its existence. The colorless void of nothingness, how can it be seen or remembered? It cannot be either, you only know when you return from seeing it that you went anywhere at all, yet the real you went nowhere, for you are your awareness, and your awareness is the only thing constant in all your experience, including the experience of infinity. Unconsciousness seems to be the loss of awareness, yet awareness is eternal. Unconsciousness and oneness are both aspects of infinity - one is aware of it and the other is not. When I entered into infinity, I saw nothing, yet was aware of it. An infinite field without a point must recognize itself as a point before creating points within itself and increasing in awareness, because all is in all. I came out of the colorless void only through the will to see. The mind defines reality while the body experiences it, yet the body is only a part of reality as a whole. There are many minds, all of them holographic and fractal in nature, and yet there is only one infinity because, being limitless, there is nowhere it cannot exist. This being true, where then can infinity be found?

Volume twelve of infinity
The objective of these writings is to prove that all things are one. This is a daunting task for anyone save but those who have experienced the truth of oneness. If all things are in vibration, then what is vibrating against what? Infinity against nothingness? One thing alone, though, are you in oneness, for nothingness does not exist. In the silence between thoughts and perception, lies the infinite stillness of all potential - awareness. Awareness is but a mathematical certainty traversing a cosmos of dreams. Perception is limited always to color or blackness, but yet cannot see nothingness. I have phased in and out of nothingness a million times, yet cannot for the life of me remember how it appeared, for it was nothing at all. Nothing at all, literally, for awareness is all. Therefore, if I saw nothing, is it possible I was just looking inwards into infinity?
Volume thirteen of infinity
Infinity extends only within itself, for nothing shall always be nothing, and infinity is in the point as well as the field. The point is a field when looking into itself, thereby we see the fractal nature of reality and thought. Thought is unreal, yet can be real for the observer. Perhaps every soul is a singularity, passing through dimensions unheeded by either time or space, for both are relative while infinity is not. While this may be true, it makes one wonder on the nature of a singularity. If it really is infinite in nature, does that mean that there is only one? How many realities then can there be, and how many dreams? Is oneness the illusion, or the only thing that is constant?

Volume fourteen of infinity
Infinity is a common thread that binds, for it is found in the infinitely small and infinitely large equally (empty, but with such fullness). It remains invisible because it is the absolute truth, and what is absolute is formless for form is always changing. True knowingness is always silent. In oneness, your knowingness becomes a point in an infinite field of formlessness, which is impossible to describe. Perceptions are relative while infinity is not, thus it can never be described no matter how many times it is experienced. Like a thread of truth running through all things, infinity encompasses all things while being in all things, for all things are vibrating, while infinity is not. Seeing the formless is looking either into a singularity, or looking out of the edge of infinity. Yet being either one of these options, what would be doing the seeing?
Volume fifteen of infinity
Infinity, in math, is the concept of going on forever. Eternity is like the dimension of time, while infinity is like the dimension of space. Both extend forever, yet are only two aspects of the same thing, awareness. Perhaps there is infinity beyond infinity, there is no way to tell, for in the moment of atonement when you become one with infinity you see nothing. You are only aware of being aware. Nothingness is impossible to describe because it does not exist. Oneness extends forever if everything is in it and nothing is outside of it. Yet if I have seen nothingness, does that mean I am everything? If awareness is infinity, what is it looking at through my eyes? Is it looking at something or only an illusion given meaning by my mind? While these may seem at first to be meaningless questions, they have a purpose. Some would call it self-awareness.
Volume sixteen of infinity
If infinity exists between two finite points, then the only reason it is infinite is because of the search. The eternal search, the asking of the question that can never be answered fully: what is all that is? The answer is either nothing, or an everlasting silence. What is all that is, if everything is always in motion? What is it moving through? Itself? The question is the quest you're on. The quest is for knowledge of the absolute, when the only thing absolute is nothing, because everything is in constant vibration. Know yourself, there's nothing in there.
Of ignorance and presumed knowledge alike, infinity can't be known because it can't be seen. I know nothing. So is my wisdom therefore limitless in abundance or only existent for as long as I don't speak?

Volume seventeen of infinity
Let us look at the mystery of any number divided by zero by first looking at what we do know. Any number divided by one equals that number. If one is symbolic of oneness, then for everything there is, if you would but separate one from it, you would still have that thing. What is the thing? It is the observer. The observer is in everything, so what happens if one removes nothing from something, or divides a number by zero? Would space and time, all distance and relativity cease to be or would you just be trying to solve this question: what does the observer look like? They are an equal mystery, the observer's appearance and a number divided by zero. Congruent in their infinite scope and equally unknowable, would an eternity be long enough to figure either one out?

Volume eighteen of infinity
Would an infinity of volumes be enough to bring the experience of oneness to you, or would that depend entirely on when you are able to look inside your self? An infinity of perspectives in an infinite universe is created by only one observer. How do I know there is only one? I've seen it. Nothingness doesn't exist except for outside of the observer when the observer is all that is. What is the 'real' world? From a meaningless perspective, it is nothing. The observer exists between thoughts and reality, and yet when viewing it you can't see anything. What does that say about imagination and the world you see before you? Are they nothing, or are you? The mathematical certainty I described before is simply that for anything to exist anywhere, there must be an observer. What is your mind if not an illusion? What is oneness if not the truth? What is a lie that cannot be disproven? One in identity, infinity in forms - that is the greatest truth that exists. Whatever your mind thinks you are, it is only a form observed. The observer is the only thing certain. Thus, if you rest your mind solely on it would your life become perfect, or would you only see it that way? Does it matter for you? Do the judgments of others matter to you that much, or do they just hold you back? Think hard, think deep, or preferably just be. Your mind might not contain the answer you're looking for, yet you must be the only one that has it.
Volume nineteen of infinity
What is the essence of all true art? What is the essence of infinity? It is something ineffable, and yet I could go on forever about it. If I were to do so, would there come a point when my words become nonsense? What is the essence of nonsense? Is there nothing there? What is oneness, and what do you see in it? Too many questions with no answer may leave your mind reeling, yet is it worth it to get to the bottom of things? Can you see how the questions are related? They depend upon you. A paradox is infinity, yet it just is as long as you don't put questions to the answer. What is the answer, you may be asking. The answer doesn't exist, but you do. Can you see the observer now? A better question would be if you can see how self-awareness comes about. Diverting your attention, your thoughts blind you from seeing all only as it is.

Volume twenty of infinity
When you equate yourself with an idea (any idea, whether it appears positive or negative) how could you be doing anything but hating yourself? You are a mystery. You are unfathomable. You are infinite. For all my wise and clever words, I could never come close to fully defining you. There is no satisfactory definition for infinity in my mind, because I will not accept a concept in place of a reality. Yet is giving a definition to infinity my purpose? How can something that can't be seen be written about anyways? I'll tell you this much, if infinity is a reality, then reality can't be defined either. Sure, you can compare aspects and use logic and classification all you want, but would that take away from appreciation of the unfathomable mystery that is existence itself? Only if you fool yourself into thinking you can comprehend it all with your logical mind. Appreciation of all that is as it exists before you, that is the creator's unlimited love. Grasp that first, because nothing else matters.

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this is very good,
did u write this or find it somewhere else.
i also like your tao point :P

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Thanks for the reply!  8-)

Yes, I wrote both of these myself, and both are actually works in progress. I'm glad you like my signature, I think it's cool because it fits the signature limit exactly at 255 symbols (something I found out only after I copied and pasted it from the Tao Te Ching).

EDIT: I've changed the signature since I wrote this.

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i like the one principle...

it was all an interesting read!

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Thanks! Once again, I appreciate the reply.  :-D

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Here's more infinity!  :-D

Volume twentyone of infinity

Is infinity invisible because it cannot be reached or because, being all-encompassing, if one sees infinity then one is simply viewing all that is without any seperation between observer and observed? There must be a seperation for there to be a vibration, and yet all is one because nothingness cannot exist. Since nothingness cannot exist, everything else must exist, and exist right now because there is no time but the present moment. Therefore I say that the observer is all that is. Is the observer infinite love? Only as long as it is granted freedom from the constraints of your mind. Thereby if you free yourself from your mind, you will become infinite love. It is as simple as that, because love and freedom are coterminus.

Volume twentytwo of infinity

If all paradoxes have no answer, is it possible that there is really only one paradox that all others are just a variation of? If infinity itself is a paradox, could it possibly be the only one that exists? Whatever the answer is, it must exist in reality, not in the illusion of reasonable logic. That is the mystery of infinity, infinity must exist, yet can any one thing really be infinite? Infinity is not a thing, for it is either too small, or too large to ever be fully seen. So what is infinity? Does it appear as nothing, or a paradox? The answer to that depends only upon interpretation. Thinking about what exists only beyond the confines of your mind, could you ever find the answer? Could I?

Volume twentythree of infinity

Whatever is beyond infinity must become part of infinity once it is seen because all is infinity. So if there is nothing beyond infinity, then what is nothing? Is it real or something only seen beyond the confines of the infinite? What of a singularity then, which by its very nature has nothing attached to it? How can nothing attach to anything? What's a singularity then? Is it a point in a field, or a field in a point? It depends upon which way it looks, yet what is it seeing upon looking inwards? All, or nothing? If it sees all inside itself, then how many singularities can there be, an infinity of them, or only one?

Volume twentyfour of infinity

What is infinite may simply be nothing at all. Consciousness may be the fabric of the universe, yet what does the observer see when looking at consciousness itself? Is it something that can be described, or even remembered, or is it something so ineffable that the only metaphor that can relate to it is the answer to a paradox? Nothing at all, perhaps? The observer takes an infinity of forms, yet only has one true appearance. This is a paradox, if one could only see the truth in this. Somewhere between the infinite void of the observer and reality as we know it lies you, and yet if you are the observer then how can you be contained in any one form? That is the same paradox as the one above, only stated differently. Maybe the only paradox is infinity, then, if it encompasses all things, and yet exists between them - all other paradoxes may be just a restatement of the impossibility of infinity in that the answer must exist, and yet it cannot have a form. And yet if infinity is all things, then from where come forms? If nothingness cannot exist, then something has to. Is that the logic behind our existence?

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Volume twenty-five of infinity

How could infinity be both inside the world of finite things and yet encompass them at the same time? This is the great paradox in the mind that you must overcome before seeing oneness. What does one see in oneness? It is simple. One sees what does not exist nothingness. This is because nothing exists outside of infinity, and the observer is all that is. Thus I can reason that the paradox is life itself. Why is this? It is because the dual nature of the answer to a paradox mirrors the dual nature of the infinite realities of observer and observed, while yet neither answer to a paradox is the correct one, and thus the perception of separation is incorrect because when the observer observes itself there is only oneness, and the observer is all that is! This means that one is infinity, and infinity is one. Why does the mind try to refute this? It is for no other reason than because the mind tries to conceptualize infinity by giving it meaning in time. Infinity has no meaning in time, but only in the now, because that is the only time that infinity can be seen. Think about it.

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Nothingness is the only place where creation can exist.