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Title: JO!
Post by: Jrnv on July 25, 2008, 16:52:25
Hi there!, my name is Jeroen, and i hail from the Netherlands, my knowledge/experience of astral projecting is not that great, hence the reason why i joined this forum, offcourse it's allways cool too meet new people, for me ,astral projection/bde became real about a year ago, but i'll get to that on the forums, some other facts about me:

I love music- im a studio engineer, guitarplayer and offcourse a listener!
I also love photoshop, if you need a awesome trippy wallpaper!(hint)
Im a mailman next to my education to become a sound engineer, but after that(one more year) i will go to the conservatory or the university, not sure yet.
Anyways, when im not playing guitar, going to school, or working you can find me in the theatres, outdoors or just asleep(yes i also do sleep:).

that's it for now!
thanks for reading!

Jeroen/ 8-)