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Title: 3d blackness and focus 12 - the same thing?
Post by: Frank on December 21, 2002, 10:23:14

Problem is, experiences often differ between individuals and there sometimes isn't such a clear distinction between the various mental focus levels which Monroe tried to isolate and attach labels to.

I think I once went through a phase of thinking the 3D blackness came about at the Focus 12 state. But as I gradually slowed down the phasing process and got more familiar with what was happening, I realised there was a distinct shift in feeling between Focus 12 and the 3D blackness. Whereas, when it first happens, one moment there's a perception of all kinds of abstract shapes and then suddenly you are within the 3D blackness; not actually realising you've just zipped through several inbetween states that each have their own characteristics.

My current line of thought, based on quite a lot of research I've done on this, now strongly suggests the 3D blackness comes about at the Focus 21 state. Which is what is generally termed the Astral bridge zone. Basically, at this point, you are right on the border between the 3 dimensional Physical realm and the 4 dimensional Astral realm. It is also the point at which thought starts to equal direct action.

I also found it interesting to note that many people from the Moen school think of the 3D blackness as a kind of portal where you can access anywhere within the Astral by the use of Intent. Which to me makes perfect sense as Focus 21 *is* the border at which thought begins to equal direct action. Which further reinforces the notion of the 3D blackness coming about at the Focus 21 state.


Title: 3d blackness and focus 12 - the same thing?
Post by: boomyboomy on December 20, 2002, 23:57:44

This 3d Blackness thing is very interesting - I've been aware of being in a '3d blackness' before but never knew there was anything that could be done in it.

Most of the times I've been there, have been when using the Monroe CDs to get to focus 12. Focus 12 is defined as

'This is a state where conscious awareness is expanded beyond the limits of the physical body. Focus 12 has many different facets, including: exploring nonphysical realities, decision making, problem solving and enhanced creative expression. '

My question is - are 3d-blackness and focus 12 names for the same experience / state of consciousness?



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