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Title: Surprising first attempt --- advice?
Post by: brookh on April 27, 2009, 20:00:29
This morning I did a lot of research on AP. I had never tried it before and thought today was a good time to get my start (home alone, nice day, quiet) I removed the ticking clock and buzzing laptops from my room, lay down on my back and tried some of the relaxation techniques I had read about. I counted deep breaths to 100 trying not to focus on anything else (i was pretty good at not getting distracted). I started to enter a state similar to the hypnagogic where my mind ran freely and I could see dancing colors behind my eyelids.


About 70 breaths in a vivid face appeared before me. It was dark with piercing eyes. My heart began to RACE. Not as it usually races when i'm excited, but scary fast like I have never experienced. Then my closed eyes began to dart around uncontrollably. It was like they had a mind of their own and were trying to escape my eyelids. I tried to relax and preserve the state but my heart was still pounding. Then my big toes began to vibrate. This got me unbearably excited, as this is exactly what I had read about. At this point I freaked out and lost my concentration. This made the vibrations go away, so I opened my eyes.

whoa... just as I was writing this the door to my sisters room slammed shut (i'm alone)... and there are no windows open so it couldn't have been the wind...


Anyone with some AP experience... does this attempt sound on track to attaining Astral Projection? I'm an extremely spiritual person but I didn't expect any results straight away. Any techniques on keeping my heartbeat down and controlling/amplifying the vibrations? Where should I go from here?

Humble thanks, and happy projecting!


Title: Re: Surprising first attempt --- advice?
Post by: Zino on April 27, 2009, 20:26:13
Sounds definatly there my friend. I have tried to pertain an AP a few times this week and past weeks, these are exactly the right feelings, I still get excited when I get vibrations, but I guess you just have to..let them go all around you ? But congratz on your first try !

Title: Re: Surprising first attempt --- advice?
Post by: Steel Hawk on April 28, 2009, 04:22:51
This is a very important time for you. If you subconsciously associate AP/OBEs with fear it will be hard for you to do them in the future. So take your time.

People don't get how scary AP and an OBE can be when you've never felt anything like it, they imagine it to be something like a lucid dream. It's not, it's as real as this is right now. And that's freaky.

I remember the first time I floated away from my body I was convinced that a ghost was picking up my real physical body, I freaked out -- tried to move and only later did I realize I was out of body. I really think you have to be okay with the fact that you may die doing this, to get over the fear -- not that you're going to die, but once you're not afraid of it you can move past it.

Okay, so you've got the vibrations going but they're isolated to one certain part of your body or their weak. What you want to do is focus on the vibrations, like you did with the breathing. And also ignore your heart rate, focus on something else, don't focus on the heart rate. If you're young and healthy with no unknown medical problems it's probably not going to kill you -- assuming it is your actual heart beating.


1. Focus on the breathing
2. You start to get into your relaxed state... you're not thinking about anything but breathing.
3. You see dancing colors behind your eyes.

 -- You can try switching your focus to the dancing colors instead of breathing at this point, experiment.
(the important part is maintain a state of general calm curiosity, try to pretend you've had a lobotomy and you'd be entertained by a lava lamp)

4. You're now entering the AP phase, you can experience auditory hallucinations, racing heart, floating sensations, ringing noises in ears, and most important vibrations.

 -- If you made it this far you're close, congrats. You should now stop focusing on whatever it is you were focusing on before (breathing, colors, etc.). Clear your mind for just a moment, don't think or focus on anything for just a few seconds. You're getting excited, you're starting to want to force it to happen, DON'T want it too bad! It will happen on it's own, your subconscious will do it for you.

You think calm down, calm down, calm, calm. <--- DO NOT DO THIS.  Instead, just ignore it, if you *have* to think just think Wow, my heart is beating fast, interesting... then IMMEDIATELY focus on one of the following:

A) Vibrations in your toe, or where ever they may be
B) Ringing noise in your head

I always find a high pitched ringing noise easier to focus on, if you don't get it then just focus on your vibrations. Imagine them getting stronger, and stronger, and stronger, bring the sensation all over your body. (if your vibrations last for more than 10-30 seconds you'll lose the window and they'll stop, at which point end the attempt).

Pretty soon if you're lucky the vibrations will become more and more intense (like your heartbeat freaky), at which point change your focus to the ringing noise if possible, or imagine a high frequency whine -- or just clear your mind.

The important part is not to stay focused on something that's so intense that it's causing you to get excited.

5. If you made it to this point you will be on the edge of an OBE/AP. You can hear voices, you may here people talking, someone you know calling your name, etc.. At this point you will probably *ABORT* the projection and ruin it, because you got scared -- or thought you were still in your body or something in the physical was really happening. There's really nothing that can prepare you for this. But it's okay, don't worry about it. Keep trying and one day you'll get use to it.

One thing you can do in order to gain control of your vibration is to do body awareness exercises (relax your entire body, focus only on your toe, feel it getting relaxed, focus on your foot, feel it getting relaxed, focus on your leg, etc.) sounds basic but when you get vibrations it will allow you to "move" them and amplify them just by focusing on them.

If you're able to just sit in a chair fully awake, not meditating and just focus and feel energy moving up through your body where you want it to then this won't be a problem.

Also one last thing, when you do start to OBE you may hear things like your door opening, or someone talking to you, or your sister calling your name, it takes a lot of willpower to ignore it. So be prepared.


edit: Just a side note about vibrations, they're tricky.. sorta like an old car you have to know just how to push them, make them too strong or too weak, focus on them too long or too little and it screws up the entire process. if you're able to get the vibrations strong and over your entire body then just focus on making them a "higher frequency"... it'll make sense once it happens.

process for me WAS like this (when I first started, now it's different):

Vibrations start (very weak)

I think wow, focus on vibrations. (this part lasts maybe 3-5 seconds)

Vibrations speed up, get stronger (optimal time for this to last is 2-3 seconds, more than 10 seconds is really pushing it)

Within 2-3 seconds of feeling the above I start focusing on the high pitched noise -- no longer on the vibrations. If there isn't one, then I just create the noise (don't ask I can do this at any time in the day if it's quite enough).

Vibrations continue to speed up rapidly, I'm pushing the vibrations out of my mind now, focusing on the noise and not the vibrations (cause there getting stronger on their own).

The noise gets higher and higher pitched, the vibrations are weakening but speeding up, something happens, sort of like feeling weightless on a roller coaster, then I'm out -- if I realize I'm out.

Title: Re: Surprising first attempt --- advice?
Post by: Steel Hawk on April 28, 2009, 04:29:33
Anyone with some AP experience... does this attempt sound on track to attaining Astral Projection? I'm an extremely spiritual person but I didn't expect any results straight away.

Yes it does and congrats  :-D most people take weeks to months to get that far. so good going!

Title: Re: Surprising first attempt --- advice?
Post by: brookh on April 28, 2009, 04:51:47
Thank you for the unbelievably helpful and insightful answer Steel Hawk. It is very, very much appreciated. I definitely don't have a subconscious fear of AP, I just simply can't wait to finally achieve a non drug-induced state of transcendence. From now on I'll try to chill out and just let it happen.

Thanks again

Title: Re: Surprising first attempt --- advice?
Post by: Zino on April 28, 2009, 16:24:52
Yes, you've helped me to, I always got abit stuck at some points of high vibrations and then just lost it, but this will help me, Thanks.