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Title: oddyseus and his giants
Post by: Fourthdimension on May 23, 2009, 02:07:39
i dont know which place to put this post so i just randomly selected here lmao

do ypou remember back in class when you where a small child and you learnt about the voyage of oddyseus and jason.
you heard about the minotaur and of the titans
you heard of the gods on olympus and giants on the earth.

well as most things in society this is cast away as myth which is where most of it belongs.
but what happens if those giants where just tall people i mean we here about all diffrent kind of deformities in diffrent races so extremely tall people is nt really hard to belive
since we get taller with each generation back then they must of been small so a 6 ft guy would of been a giant

and those gods what if they where not really on olympus but in the astral like guardians or guides but this was inconcievable to those who experienced it and so this was the only way to describe there experience

and what happens if things like the minotaur where also astral beings or a product of sobe's

all am really saying is that things shouldnt always be taking word for word and can be percieved in other manners
and in them time word was how things where passed around so it became corrupt and invalid after the first line of people.

oppinions please

Title: Re: oddyseus and his giants
Post by: curiousvoid on May 23, 2009, 02:13:43
Well, I remember in the bible that it said there was once a big giant race that lived, but died out or something. We now have scientific evidence of that through evolution and archaeology. So don't cast off everything as fake or myth, unless it can be proven that it is indeed false.

Title: Re: oddyseus and his giants
Post by: zareste on May 23, 2009, 08:09:47
The way I do things is I like to avoid beliefs. Everything is just information. If some of this information conflicts, some of it must be false. In this case, I don't see any conflicts. There are groups of human skeletons dug up in North America and Australia (I think) that ranged between 8 and 12 feet tall. Minotaurs may have been around as well. I haven't studied the concept much

Title: Re: oddyseus and his giants
Post by: Fourthdimension on May 24, 2009, 11:03:51
i think that modern society tends to catogarize alot of things it doesnt understand as mental and place in a mental home but on they other hand they idolise false gods in which concepts and storys or just as stupid if not more than the stories they catogarised as crazy.humans are very hypocritical

eg a man who says he can obe phsichatists say is crazy
     a man who says he has two people inside him science says is schtzofrenic
     a man who says he belives in charkas is classed as a man  who believes in new age stupidity
      a man (jesus) who'se miracles where wrote of 100 years after he died is classed a the son of god
      a man (priest) who belives in the devil is looked to for guidance and faith
      a man (scientists) who belives in theories and concepts he cannot see or physically prove and relys on the passed on knowledge of other theorists without proving there theorie for themselves is regarded as academic
       a man (astronomer) who says he can see planets and galaxys millions of lighter years away though a telescope and who believes from his viewpoint can accuratly work put what gases and chemicals the planet is made of is regarded as a genius

very hypocritical in my point of view

Title: Re: oddyseus and his giants
Post by: Nameless on August 22, 2021, 21:34:02
I found this oldy and thought, why not.

I've kind of put all these type of thoughts to the side as by now I think it's pretty apparent that the world is full of conflicting information which many people see as hypocrisies'. I don't think they are hypocritical so much as trying to make sense out of a puzzle that is not only old with many corroded pieces but new pieces keep getting added.

All to often on an individual level we tend to categorize before first listening and considering. We don't take into account that the person(s) are doing the same thing we are doing, that is trying to understand and our responses are knee-jerk reactions.

I've talked to many 'certifiably crazy people' who are far wiser than the one(s) signing off on their diagnosis. Perhaps I am crazy for giving them an ear and seeing through what they are saying.

Imagine a typical 3 year old having a conversation with a super genius adult who has never spent a moment around children and has no understanding of child behaviour.  If that adult has no understanding of how a child communicates and does not take the time to listen their take-away from the conversation would most likely lead to them concluding that all children are pathological liers.

And we ALL do that every single day.