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Title: Auric vision help please
Post by: Brian Hacking on January 30, 2003, 19:38:10
Go out and pick youself up a rainbow pack of bright constructiton paper.
I found Green,Pink,Bright Red, and Yellow to be fairly easy to see.  

Put some sticky tape on squares of color and put them on the wall.   then practice with the lights on - but not too brith,  and try to keep the lights source out of your field of vision.

Other than that,  just keep doing what your doing.  it seems to work quite well.  I can easily see the etheric sheath (white outline) around just about anything and evertything almost immediately.

Good luck,  and keep working at it.  you'll get it.


Title: Auric vision help please
Post by: Fat_Turkey on January 19, 2003, 22:34:43
I've been doing auric vision excerices from Robert Bruce's guide article for about 4 days now, and all I can see are the auras of red, brown, and blue. I then tried looking at black and nothing happened. Then I tried white and nothing happened. I didn't have a purple shirt so I looked at my GameBoy Advance, still, nothing happened.

Are the auras of black and white difficult to see?

And maybe looking at an object like a gameboy would be hard because theres all sorts of bumps and things coming off it, it isn't just one color.

Please I would like some feedback to which colors are easiest to see and which order I should go about observing their auras.