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Title: New member
Post by: Inspiringmind on November 04, 2010, 23:21:00
I already asked a question on the boards, but thought it appropriate to stop here and say hello to everyone.

My name is Mary and I am a 36 year old mother and wife.

My experiences with OBE have so far been two experiences. The first one I almost got out, but the mad rushing train sound in my head made me scared and I stopped. 

Years later I had one single OBE where I did get out. Incredible experience. Amazing clarity. I remember sitting up and looking up towards the wall in my bedroom.  The wall wasn't there though and in it's place was a field and in front of me about 50 yards away was a large tree with lots of leaves and a man who was standing to the left of the tree.  I could only see him as a figure, no details.  Then I realized that I was having an OBE and I looked down because that was where my body was and pop...back in I went.  I was physically unable to move for a few minutes afterward. It took some getting used to...coming back in that quick.

I tried again last night and popped out for a what felt like a millisecond but after wards got very nauseous and threw up. (Bowels cramped too.)

Title: Re: New member
Post by: Xanth on November 04, 2010, 23:46:45
Hi there Mary.

Welcome to the Astral Pulse.  Thanks for introducing yourself. :)

It's nice to meet you.  If you have any other questions please try out the Forum Search feature at the top of the page. 
If you still can't find what you're looking for, post a question in the appropriate section.  :)

Title: Re: New member
Post by: NoY on November 04, 2010, 23:50:53
Welcome to the Pulse  8-)