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Title: Clear Light Chakra Meditation
Post by: Lidybug on December 05, 2011, 02:31:25
I had a meditation a few months back about the Sun and the center of the universe. From my meditative perspective. This is a recounting of my thoughts during the meditation. Think of our solar system (along with our earth) as the manifestation of our Sun. The earth being where the Sun manifests and experiences life through living matter. Bringing forth our chakra systems in a rainbow of color. Let me explain. In a meditation I saw the root chakra (red) as being very grounded, foundation, starting point, I also felt a strong association with Mars. The second chakra sacral (orange) being the beginning of creation, womb, seeds planted. Third Chakra Solar Plexus, the Sun, Yellow, the center of our physical and spiritual being, our self confidence, our power. Fourth Chakra, Heart, Green, I always think of this chakra when Im in nature and all the green around me, I always feel more connected to source when Im in nature. This is where I feel it all comes together in the physical. I live in the rainforest and I see every color of the rainbow (chakras) around me. I feel as if I am witnessing creation and the chakra system through the eyes of the creator and what if that was the Sun? Fifth Chakra, Throat, Blue, sky, air, the song of birds, water, evaporation. With the Chakras above the Solar Plexus (sun) I feel like we are connecting the heavens and spiritual with the earth and physical aspects of creation. Sixth Chakra, Third eye, Indigo, deep space, multiple perspectives, higher self, clear vision. Seventh Chakra, Crown Chakra, enlightenment, multidimensional knowledge, this is the Source from which all Suns generate into existence. From this perspective everything IS.
From the perspective of the crown or Source their just IS because in it all perspectives exist.
  I would love to hear from others who have experienced something similar or can contribute more insights.

Title: Re: Clear Light Chakra Meditation
Post by: blis on December 05, 2011, 12:08:08
You live in the rainforest?

I'm offiicially jealous.

Title: Re: Clear Light Chakra Meditation
Post by: Chaos Mage on December 13, 2011, 01:33:45
It's said in some texts of the past, that we are all 'stars' or 'suns'.  I don't know if they literally meant that we are the embodiment of some celestial body out there way beyond the Earth.  As a child I had the same thought as that, due to my religious views from an early age and the way that I was born into the world.

It makes sense that every Sun would have more than consciousness.
As if the gravity of the Sun could form embodiments of anything that it wanted to, simply by projecting it's gravity.
So what you are saying makes sense to me, but in my view, I have to look at it differently.

I don't have a similar experience to share, at least nothing comes to mind.  As a child, in my multitude of meditations, yes, there is something there where I drew forth visual information about what you said as I was reading it.
Here is my experience...

Last spring I went for a walk down the old dump road.
I came to a pool of water that blocked my path on the road.  I'd knew that it forms every spring, but had forgotten.
So I looked down into the pool of water, and noticed that the Sun's reflection was in the water.
So I hunched down onto my haunched and looked at this reflection.
What I seen amazed me.  And I began to meditate.
What I seen at that point in time was like the image of the Sun coming every few seconds.  It was like the Sun was formed and pushing itself into existence, almost like it wasn't actually there but was just an illusion.
So I kept watching this, and eventually, my eyes began to focus.  I seen through each eye, staring at this intensely bright, but cool, reflection.  I seen two Suns.
So I stared at this, and kept getting the same visual.  The way I describe it is that it was a 'chain of suns' striking the water.  I remember thinking "Is this what a wraith is?  It looks like the eyes of some necromantic wraith of some kind."  And then, I noticed a THIRD Sun directly in the center of the two Suns that I was looking at.  My third eye was also picking up on this.
So I started to remember my ancient magickal training, and heard my teacher say, "When you are sitting in among the waters, and bare witness to the rising of the sun, let it rise."  It made sense, but I broke away from the meditation just as the Third Eye Sun was rising up into full view.  Until that point, it was two suns, one in each eye, and the third eye visual was just a small bright point of light.  It was just about to rise up and illuminate or some such and I broke away.

So the point of saying that is this... that if we are looking at reality, it like a chain or a sequence of energy.  Our awareness is not evolved or if it was, we would not exist here, we would already be in the higher dimensions.  I don't know, perhaps there is some way to exist that isn't picking apart the specific elements of reality and subverting them to thought processes.  I feel like I would have lost myself in the wraith if I had kept staring at it.

Title: Re: Clear Light Chakra Meditation
Post by: Lidybug on December 13, 2011, 03:07:06
WOW that was amazing thank you SO much for sharing! You have giving me much to think about as I fall asleep tonight. I have recently been meditating on Black Holes of the universe and been getting some amazing insights! I would love to share them with you.
Here is a cut and paste of another post I would love to hear your thoughts on...
I am always coming from the view that God or Source is within me (us). The window through which I observe life is centered in the penetrating, dark, black hole of my pupils. The eyes are often called the window to the soul. When visions are perceived through my pupils it evokes an emotion and experience, becoming part of my consciousness influencing my vibration and creating who "I am" now. I've been told we are made in the image of God or Source? I see the the black holes of the universe as the pupils of God Source. I see the universe being absorbed by these black holes bringing all it perceives into the consciousness of God. I also feel that Source is constantly evolving and our vibrations have the capacity to change the face of God. As God evolves so does all of existence because we are all a spark of that Source influencing all that is.

I've been having a lot of fun with this. I would love to hear from others.
Much Love and Light to all of you!