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Title: study of RPG "Chrono Trigger" and the secrets of practical magick
Post by: Chaos Mage on December 25, 2011, 21:30:03
   Chrono Trigger is a video game that came out in March of 1995, forged by the company named at that time, "Square-Soft".  It is said to be a Japanese company that has made many valuable Role Playing Games.  (RPG)
   In my experience with the game, it actually perverted my mind and distorted my sense of reality even to this very day.  This would not happen for every person that will play the game.  My experience is due to my mixing of pure Shadow Magick and Creationism (+=phantasy) with the 'mageddon' of the Chrono Trigger world.
   This is best explained as part of the Brainwave Experiment which ran from late 1993 to mid 1996.  The mixing of Phantasy with the RPG World Of Chrono Trigger was an intentional mistake poised to serve as an activator of specific potentials within the 'mageddon' grid.  My internet activity for twelve years has been a continual influence of that grid.  More to be said on 'mageddon' and the internet at a later time, for now, let's focus on Chrono Trigger.
   If you have not played the game before, as with most RPGs, it consists of reading text with cute animated graphics to fuel the emotions of the World, while fighting monsters to gain Experience Points (EXP) and advance your characters to the pinnacle of their development.  The battle system in Chrono Trigger has two modes with other custom options to enhance gameplay value. 
   Battle systems in most RPGs are Menu Systems, in which you select a function, a target, then confirm, with the D-Pad and the press of the confirm button.  In Chrono Trigger, it features the esteemed, "Active Time Battle System".  Here, each character has a gauge that fills based on their Speed, when this gauge is full, they become available on the menu for selection of functions.
   In Chrono Trigger, the functions are Attack, Technique (Tech) and Item.  Chrono Trigger, being a game which is said to have revolutionized the way RPGs are made, featured an intricate Technique system in that characters could combine their techniques for added power or effectiveness, having an evenly based match up for every technique.  This included Double Techs, and for your Party of 3 characters, Triple Techs.
   The game features stunning visuals, bright color and arcane graphical formations.  Given correct application of physical eyesight, the graphics can morph into alternate types of image structures.  There are also hidden symbols all throughout the game, most noticable is the "Evil Child" at the height of the Kingdom Of Zeal.
   To go through the entire game has already been done in specialized Walk Throughs found in some older gamer magazines, and also in places on the internet.  So to list the specifics of the game beyond what has already been said seems pointless when you could actually play the game yourself without any Walk Through, and experience the grueling battles on your first trip through the game.
   In saying that, Chrono Trigger has immense replay value.  Once you have beaten the game, an option opens up also unique to Chrono Trigger, which is, New Game + (plus).  New Game + enables you to begin the story again with many of your collected items from your last game carried over into the new adventure.  Here, you are given a chance to challenge the final boss at any point in the game, and potentially unlock a new, hidden ending.
   These alternate endings demonstrate through story form the results of what can happen when the time line is interferred with.  I do not desire to spoil any of these endings, and you can try to beat the game for yourself in those conditions.

   The game features 2 Key Teachings.  As you study your characters, their weapons, armor availability, and Techniques and Double Techs, you will automatically learn certain important factors to the development of a magick.  The first teaching which I would like to talk about is the first time you meet "Spekkio, The Master Of War".  He states, (though this quote could be inaccurate, you will have to buy and play the game to find out for certain)  "Magic needs inner strength.".  This teaching is relevant to real system views due to the fact that "Magick needs inner strength.".  You can not build powerful magick by blowing all of your energy out into the cosmos, you can not draw anything from existence which can be kept and horded as a magick, magick is the power to create a new condition by aligning circumstances from your own center of motivation.  So therefore, Spekkio was not a liar!  He is also the hardest one to beat in the whole game.
   There is certainly more to learn from Master Spekkio, being people who can understand things about reality, it will be made clear through simple understanding of what is being said and how it relates to the condition of existence.  Spekkio is found at the End Of Time.  I would go further into this, but I fear being sued for copyright infringement, although I love and trust Square-Enix as much as I do my own heart.  Even so, the game is a unique experience.
   The second key teaching comes from a kind Old Man who spends his time... well, it's in your imagination to fathom the hidden story behind this Old Man and how he fits into the very core of the game.  The Old Man says, "... at the space-time coordinates of least resistance."  Just that fragment of his saying demonstrates an invaluable lesson for those seeking to find peace when their Inner Strength has become a place of turmoil and psychosis, feeding psychotically into a world that resists them to the point that they actually harm the whole.
   The space-time coordinates of least resistance is a factor that highlights the entire energetic process of casting any magick soever.  Through an understanding of that singular concept, it is easy to see how simple it is to coordinate a magick effect by the simple act of focus-->release.  The charge on that system which the Old Man is talking about is a type that has no space-time value, it is like a 'timeless' dimension where all perception is cleansed and made whole again in perfect harmony.
   Playing the game will further reinforce that concept.  That teaching is also the basis of all meditation, as it means 'focus of the mind to achieve transcendence'.
   With that said, this concludes your introduction to the perfect system view of Chrono Trigger.  Everything said in the game has purpose, these game developers put the utmost of wisdom, planning, and care into the games which they make, making these games, the classical best of the modern age.  There is nothing useless in the game!  And besides what has been said here, the items, weapons, armors, and the rest of the functional storyline has concepts and ideas that integrate seamlessly into a mind which is already aware of things which exist in magick, meditation, or science.
   Thank you for reading, and may you have a good day.  Try the game!!! 

Title: Re: study of RPG "Chrono Trigger" and the secrets of practical magick
Post by: Karas on December 26, 2011, 12:29:07
Reminds me of an episode of merlin where he says something like "magic is all around us, it is everywhere" he used the same concept of yoda when he explained the force and how it's in all beings and all around. Your find alot of wisdom in games and movies on theses subject.

The reason why you can see the Chrono Trigger "secrets" is cause you already know the concepts of magic and how it works. When I first watched the matrix, all the wisdom and teachings went past me and I never notised them. But cause now I'm in the field of 
knowledge and wisdom I can clearly see the concepts and secrets in the matrix. 

Title: Re: study of RPG "Chrono Trigger" and the secrets of practical magick
Post by: Thaki on March 05, 2012, 11:49:51
Wow never thought id see a retro RPG post here...
I agree with Chaos Mage(and thanks for taking your time to explain this to those who wish to hear)
Square made a lot of games with magical concepts and ideas and imho Chrono trigger is one of the best.

Title: Re: study of RPG "Chrono Trigger" and the secrets of practical magick
Post by: Chaos Mage on March 06, 2012, 22:51:17
The game is excellent, and the graphics have a two fold appearance.
Thank you for the response, and happy gaming!
I have more experiences to share concerning Chrono Trigger, but they can wait for another time.