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Title: The Iron Curtain Technique
Post by: Contenteo on March 17, 2012, 10:25:46
Hey all!

If you ever got caught in that forsaken transitional state between F10(mind awake, body asleep) and a full fledged F12(vast blackness) because of not being able to 'defocus' on your breathing, this article is for you. A lot of attention is paid on getting to F12, but not how to get through it. This is a clear-cut strategy to implement when you fail to perform a guru full-fledged conscious exit, which every beginner thinks they are completely capable of doing and fall back into that limbo dead-end deep consciousness state.

I call it:

So we all know the lead blanket feeling that settles on our body at this point in the game. The Japanese call a very strong version of this, Kanishibari, meaning wrapped in chains. The onset of this sensation is usually where the threat of remembering that you are not breathing could hinder your phase attempt. If such a misfortune occurs, continuous attempts to consciously shut off you breathing and successfully phase are usually futile. This is where internal self-discipline and mastery come into play. We haven't spent 40 forty fortnights up in a mountain monastery training our inner consciousness, so we need a strategy.

Here's our gameplan:

We are going to do something that seems very counter-intuitive.

We are going forget about our goal of disconnecting and hyper focus on our breathing. We will slow it way down, until we feel the "lead blanket" sensation push us downward, eventually, into a 'falling' sensation.

We are going to play a game to do this.


Objective: Get to a F15 state (that falling sensation, akin to the oe you get when coming out of a falling dream) from our current flopped F12.

1. Accept that you are breathing, and understand that you need a strategy shift. Yeah, not a flawless exit. But, hey, now we get to play that game that we read about on Astral Pulse. Hooray.

2. Now that you are breathing. Focus on your breathing and begin attempt to slow it down as much as possible.

3. With each breath keep slowing it down.

4. Slower more.

5. As you are at this point, you will feel the 'lead blanket'. It will be a sensation as if a heavy blanket were on your chest. As you feel this, let it play a crucial role help you slow your breathing down.

6. You should be at the point where one inhalation and exhalation cycle feels like a minute has passed, if not, more. This should be around the 10th breath or so. Wow I know. That's some slow breathing, and you got there only after 10 breathes.

7. The blanket will be very very heavy. As you maintain the slow breathing, search out for the falling sensation. It is there. Keep searching. It is finicky to latch onto, but you can do it. You will see what I mean when you are in that state.

8. With any luck, you'll hold onto it and start to enter a F15. Mission accomplished.

As you all know a conscious phase attempt we are slowly disconnecting from each one of our 5 senses while maintaining conscious awareness. This will be the final shutting off of your sense from the outside. At this point the game changes to falling deeper and deeper into yourself and into the phasing process. When you least expect it, you will find yourself at the next milestone: F18. But that's for another day.

I wish you all well on your travels.


Title: Re: The Iron Curtain Technique
Post by: faxman on March 17, 2012, 11:36:14
Thanks Contenteo. This is exactly for me as recently I always reach F10 and the novocaine effect, but can't go any further.

Title: Re: The Iron Curtain Technique
Post by: phxsun on March 26, 2012, 00:32:02
I'd like to here about F18......and thanks for the Technique. I will give it a try. My problem is falling asleep. I can fall asleep in 30 seconds!!

Title: Re: The Iron Curtain Technique
Post by: dotster on March 26, 2012, 06:00:03
Great post, written fantastically. I imagine a lot of people will benefit greatly from this.


Title: Re: The Iron Curtain Technique
Post by: BlueHalcyon on March 26, 2012, 21:35:35
Tried this the other night, and, well...  :|

I can slow my breathing down quite a bit, but a MINUTE for each cycle? I don't think so  :-D
I'm also having trouble getting the falling feeling. I can't really identify it as I don't have falling dreams often.

However, i'll keep trying as I am confident that this will work for me. Seems like a good, solid method to help with Phasing. Thanks  :-D

Title: Re: The Iron Curtain Technique
Post by: Contenteo on March 27, 2012, 20:12:02
 :-o Whoa, backup, I should add a note. 

I haven't proven this technique without reaching a hyperventilation state in a deep F12 where I fail because I noticed my breath.

This may be a critical step, because you are nearly through the F12 when you run into the problem this solves.

What I am saying is that this technique is more of an Ace in the sleeve to save you the 20-30 minutes it may take to stand back up, recoup and lay back down before another Wake induced OBE attempt.

If you try to do this without a sufficiently mature F12 I don't know how effective it could be. Almost all my senses are disconnected when I use this. If you can feel your body at all at this point you are definitely not deep enough.

Good Luck.