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Title: Being pulled back in?
Post by: FraterVaul on March 20, 2012, 13:09:03
Hi all,

I am having a strange experiance when trying to ap.

I have no problems laying still and getting into a state where I can still hear whats going on around me but my body is heavy and numb (I assume this is a deep enough trance state?)

Then when I use an exit method such as the Rope method, when it seems like something is happened and there is about to be a switch in conciousness. I get a sudden jolt, vibrations spread through my body and I end up being jolted awake.

Now, I am not afraid of astrally projecting, It's something I've wanted since I was 12 (10 years now!) and I have practiced on and off. I have no fears, no conerns, no worries. And I have learnt to just relax and let the thing take its course. But when it gets to this point I have no control. A

It happens when I start to enter a lucid dream too, like something or someone doesn't want it to happen?

Can anyone think of any reasons what this might be? And how I can try to stop this from happening. I think this is the only thing that is stopping me from AP?

Unless, Im not deep enough in trance? I don't know how being in Theta waves is supposed to feel. Are you supposed to hear sounds and still be partially aware of what is going on around you? Or am I simply not deep enough?

Having however read the sticky at the top, I am practicing at night before falling asleep? Perhaps if I do the sleep for 4 hours, stay up for an hour try again I will have success? This is what I plan to try tomorrow morning I just wanted to see if there was any other advice people might have?
Thank you very much :)
Frater Vaul.

Title: Re: Being pulled back in?
Post by: Contenteo on March 21, 2012, 08:21:28

Now this is going to sound pretty daunting, but in a conscious induced projection. You are going to slowly build up that 'jolt' (yes, stronger then it is right now) and then systematically ignore it. When you have successfully gotten through that process without paying attention to that insanely powerful euphoric jolt, you will find yourself in the lower realms of the astral.

You are not ready for a conscious exit OBE. That is the stuff grand master monks do. Try a drowsy exit attempt instead. You will have success that way.

Read around the site. This place is a goldmine of information. The search box up above is exactly what you want.