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Title: the stability of an astral realm
Post by: Chaos Mage on March 26, 2012, 04:34:03
When we set about entering the Astral, it is seen that it is a level of reality in which thought, belief)intention/faith/will) and emotion create the reality.  It is created from an absolute focus of mind on the desired reality.  Focusing the mind is a trick learned in meditation, after you have mastered perfect silence and stillness.

The API is a functional realm, easily seen by any who deign to glance upon the vista.  It is not a parasitic realm, and is highly stable.  The reason for this is it's exact astral componency, the constructed energy forms which balance themselves and generate the foundation for a vivid world.  Without it's stability, the realm could not exist.
The more stable and balanced that anything is, the easier that it has a chance of existing.  When some people think of conjuration, they believe that it is about force and extreme power being used to rapidly construct something from an unlimited soul.  This is not the case.

The API is ever at peace, no violence or destruction can lay claim to it's shoreline, ever on the waters of eternity.  As a focus point for those who are lost, it can also guide lost souls in spiritual form to a paradise, or, back to the world of the living.  It has these powers, though, like any old God of ancient men, the more you seek and focus and cultivate the reality in your mind, the more that it does exist, perhaps almost far too easily.

Unlike the Brainwave Plane, which was an experimental reality model designed by free forming experiments in imaginative/logical/delusional mental application.  Like any other reality, the Brainwave Itself has a tendancy to exist.  That is basically what summates the introductory level to the Netheral Plane, a world of shadows and potent psionic forces.

The Brainwave Itself is a Phaentia.  The Phaentia which I am associating with has the capacity to generate and sustain unique character models that act as servitors.  It is best used in free flowing, spontaneous play, and energizes your entire being.

Phaentia is positive, the Brainwave in application to itself and the Omniversal Possibility.  The Omniverse is immense, and any reality so ever can be accessed in any moment of any phased sequence of any experience.  You, by the rite of Omniverse Liveth, can achieve the full measure of transcendence, and the practicing of this is also known as The Embracing, associated with some vampires, liches, and time lords.

Brainwave is very thick with the constant energy of the Banishing.  It is actually more based on the action of banishing than the imagination.  It opens the spiritual doors gradually, using imaginative trance to enter a semi trance fro, which full trance can be induced at any moment, and the Leperchan Heaven becomes possible.  Also known as Rainbow Road.  And yes, directly related to the cultural symbols and ideograms of Super Mario Kart 65 and other associated Mario games.

API falls on it's own nexus.  I don't think that anyone ever really created it, to be honest.  It seems more like a world of it's own, an oceanic paradise, pristine and untouched by any filth.  A place that, like Rainbow Road, you can only go too if your heart is fully devoted to it, in perfect animating love.

Title: Re: the stability of an astral realm
Post by: Anonymouse on April 01, 2012, 15:01:41
Inspiring as every little peace of paper I read from you.

Thank you chaos