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Title: Haven't posted on here in years - but wanted to recount a projection this mornin
Post by: milk on March 29, 2012, 18:04:49
So I haven't posted on here in years (probably 5 or more) but  I recently got re interested in projecting and decided to give it a go this morning. I'd been trying half heartily the last few nights, and began lurking around the forums, rereading techniques and basically rediscovering astral projection. I started attempting to learn when I was pretty young, younger teens, and now that I am in my young 20's, I have grown both spiritually and mentally since those first years of making attempts. I am forever grateful for those years though (sorry, I find myself reminiscing about my early pains of spiritual experimentation when I hit on this topic in conversation  :cry:, so beautiful).

Anyway, I woke up a an hour or so before I usually do (about 7:30) and decided instead of falling back to sleep to practice a few deep breathing techniques, slowing it down to 10 breaths a minute. Well..... that was it, the key.. I've never had such a quick self induced OBE before in my life, but it happened within the first 3 minutes. I felt my body return to sleep, and as the mind and body separated, I was still aware I was focusing on my slow breathing. I quickly took advantage of the situation and stood up out of my bed. The familiar euphoric/detached/drunk but still mentally sharp feeling swept over me that is characteristic of OBE's for me in the beginning as I get used to the altered feeling of consciousness separating from the physical body..

Immediately I noticed that the light coming through my window was exactly how the sunlight would look at this specific time of day. I felt very weird since I haven't had a self induced OBE in a long time. It was so real, and I realized how blessed I was to be able to have self induced an OBE at that moment, I had to take advantage of it! I summoned the courage to jump through my 2nd story window which is how I have exited my house of previous OBE's. I floated to the bottom of the wood porch that wraps around the side of my house and was extremely happy that the early morning sunlight was precisely how the sunlight should look at 7:30 am.

Let me make note here that this was probably the most self aware OBE I've ever experienced... Other than the slight sloppy/euphoric/detached feeling that I mentioned earlier that I feel in the beginning of OBE's, there was no difference between this and how normal physical reality feels. The feeling of happiness was immense as I walked to the corner of the street. The few times I've projected while trying to, it's so hard to imagine that its real, I have to keep checking the physics of the astral world to make sure I'm not just walking around my neighborhood in the physical doing crazy things. Its really hard to accept for me, so I still haven't gotten to take advantage of the limitless possibilities that exist outside of the body.

I checked by climbing a metal street pole at the end of the street a lot quicker than I ever could've in the physical (I haven't done this since a kid). I got down quickly because again, it felt so real, I was scared someone was going to call the cops or something, I still wasn't convinced I was projecting. I tried yelling at the people I saw walking around as I walked another block to a local park. No one heard me or took notice. I became discouraged, and had a million ideas on what to do for fun but the fact that it was hard for me to accept that this was a real OBE was slowing me down. It was like in harry potter, when someone's wand is broken, they're magic becomes very difficult to do.

I walked the two blocks back to my house, playing with the weird physics but jumping up, and floating back down every so often. I came across a young black girl walking down my block (probably 9 or 10 years old) I yelled at her like I did with everyone else, but this time she responded. She turned around and looked at me... I was so shocked, I said "can you hear me?!". She nodded 'yes', and I ran up as she kept walking and began asking her name.  We sat down on my neighbor's stoop, but he wouldn't tell me her name, so I asked her if she was another person projecting. She responded by saying "yeah, I can tell you lack experience though". I then asked her how she was so experienced for being so young.. she responded by saying "I'm much older in the physical plane, I just choose to look like this here because I feel most comfortable being a kid". I kept asking her name which she wouldn't give me, but was laughing that I wanted to know so bad, so I could recount her name on the forums (thats right, the internet has made it to the astral, at least in our minds lol, which is all we are there anyway I guess) and meet up with her again, so I could have a friend to travel with. She looked to the street when I noticed there was an old rusty honda parked out in front.

There were two middle aged, dread-locked black women sitting in the front seats that were smiling with red lipstick. I walked up to the passenger side and realized they saw me to, so I asked if they knew the little girl. They said they were traveling with her, and that I was silly for asking for her name, and they definitely not going to give me her name. This was all done so in an amusing matter, almost as if they were poking fun at how inexperienced I was. They were friendly, and they made another joke by saying I may have "found my 2nd wife" pertaining to the young girl. Well, I'm not married, although I have been dating a woman for over a year now. I could tell the conversation had ended, and I was feeling somewhat tired of doing boring things in my neighborhood, so I walked up to my front door and tried to walk through like I have in past OBE's. Well, again, the sensation that I was in the physical plane because everything was so weird kept washing over me, and I couldn't walk through the door because I didn't think I could, I was in disbelief. I finally did after like 10 tries of bumping into the door, lol.

Walked into my kitchen, poured a glass of milk... made the milk boil in the cup with my mind (I know, lame, but I wanted to reassure myself I was still projecting). Took some milk out of the cup, threw it on the floor and began experimenting with it's new physics, like it was mercury, or playdo. I could shape the milk like it was a solid of some sort. Decided I was done with the OBE, walked back upstairs to my bedroom and when I walked through my door. As I walked through my door I immediately woke up in the physical and sat up in my bed. Very quickly the OBE was escaping from my head and began feeling more and more like a dream. As I stared at my fish tank, I knew it wasn't though, and called a close friend and began immediately recounting the OBE.

There's a lot of hope that was instilled in me during this OBE. Next time I will try and have more courage to explore the world, other than the two blocks in my neighborhood. It's just so startling when it happens (the OBE) that its hard to do anything than walk around in a stupor at how amazing it is! That in itself is very fun!

Thanks guys... let me know if you have any questions!

Title: Re: Haven't posted on here in years - but wanted to recount a projection this mornin
Post by: Anonymouse on March 30, 2012, 17:08:49
hey!. Glad you shared your experiences. I found the encounter with the black little girl quite funny actually. You're doing great I can tell you that!!. Maybe, asking any higher presence that are "up there" to take you to some place, or to go learn something, some task or some sort.

Appar from that keep it up!!! Habe a nice life.

Title: Re: Haven't posted on here in years - but wanted to recount a projection this mornin
Post by: Contenteo on March 30, 2012, 18:56:19
Milk! great to see you again. don't know me, but I remember your name in a lot of your posts when I first started and was researching the depths of the archives here, with Frank, etc.

Cool concept with the deep breathing. That is not in my repertoire before I drowsy project. It should be though. Good looks for posting on that!

The comment about other entities poking fun at you is SO dead on. I get that a lot more then I would care to recount. It's almost like entities let you do something, and then they laugh about the fact that you actually did it. I wonder if group norm structures are more palpable in this other realm. That would make a good deal of sense.

It sounds like a F21/lower level BST experience. Which would make a good deal of sense for your first projection in a while. I am curious, how long was this projection sustained? It sounds a good deal longer then the typical 3 minutes.


Title: Re: Haven't posted on here in years - but wanted to recount a projection this mornin
Post by: todd421757 on March 31, 2012, 00:26:17

Congratulations! That experience sounded like a lot of fun.

Title: Re: Haven't posted on here in years - but wanted to recount a projection this mornin
Post by: Szaxx on March 31, 2012, 10:02:02
Nice one.
 Ill try the breathing approach too, its another key to the door. It may be the only thing I've not tried, interesting though.

Title: Re: Haven't posted on here in years - but wanted to recount a projection this mornin
Post by: milk on March 31, 2012, 16:53:52
Thanks everyone - The entire experience lasted for what felt like 25-30 minutes in the astral world... no idea how long in the physical.

I've retried the technique with no success the past few mornings (too many people in my house running around). I no longer try before I fall asleep at night because usually I'm much too tired, and the concentration required to enter the trance state is extremely difficult; much rather go to sleep and try again in the morning when my body is more comfortable.

But yeah, for me, its just about concentrating on sloooooooow deep breathes for as long as you can sustain. I think about being in scenes of nature, sitting next to a slow moving river, in a meadow. Laying against an old pine on the hillside of a mountain.. just imagining what that experience must be like. Usually this, combined with the slow breathing, is enough to relax my body into sleep, but the imagining keeps my mind focused.

Title: Re: Haven't posted on here in years - but wanted to recount a projection this mornin
Post by: milk on March 31, 2012, 16:55:36
anyone else experienced the weird, slightly detached, euphoric drunkenness I'm talking about when they are out?

Title: Re: Haven't posted on here in years - but wanted to recount a projection this mornin
Post by: Contenteo on April 04, 2012, 10:18:42
Yes many times, I actually use your metaphor to explain one of projections to another friend.

I really like that metaphor, because most of projections nowadays are more of that and less crisp(my life is very demanding and sleep takes the toll.)

I asked about length because most of my less crisp projections have had a uncannily larger increase in duration.