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Title: Meditation at DMV
Post by: coral1 on March 04, 2003, 00:04:10
Hi Shawn
   Congratulations on passing your test!Getting a licence is a wonderful thing.However,we`ll all feel safer if you promise not to meditate while you`re haulin butt down the highway!
   Happy Trails

Title: Meditation at DMV
Post by: Shawn McCaffrey on March 03, 2003, 12:59:06
Well, I went downtown to DMV to take my lerners test for the 3rd time, I studied about an hour in the car, then went inside and I had to wait well over an hour.  So, I sat there, closed my eyes, breath awareness, and meditated, I lost track of where I was and went on all sorts of roaller coatsers and tunnels, I found a really strange and hard way to meditate, I pretended like i was in a tunnel and a power ful force was making me fall, like gravity and a little more, I only had knifes in my hands and had to use them to climb up, I kept fallin gat climbing up, then when I ogt to the top I went through a white tunnel and was in a beatutiful cartoon, I opened my eyes and it was like I had been asleep, I felt SO awake, and good and one with everything, I was super calm and happy, and ACED my test!!!! Meditation helps you do a lot, I found that out, and will use it on all sorts of tesxt and things now!!!!