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Title: My OBE/Astral Experiences
Post by: 8bit on April 28, 2012, 04:04:03
These experiences aren't particularly in order. I tried my best to put them in the correct manner in which the happened. Thanks for viewing and or reading my exp.

My First OBE Experience

My first experience happened in 2011. I was unaware of Astral Projection or OBEs at the time. I went to bed normally, and I woke up and found my self on the edge of my bed. At first I thought I was sleep walking, but I wasn't. I then heard a voice and noticed a tall, skinny person in the corner of my room. He said "Can you do something for me?", and I said, "What?" I then stood up and turned on the light. Then he vanished. I didn't know what to do so I just walked out my room. In fact I don't even remember opening the door. I then went to my sisters door and banged on it, but for some reason she didn't answer. After that I went into my kitchen and noticed something odd. No electronics where on, there weren't even electronics on in my room, because I leave the t.v on at night. two minutes later I decided that it was nothing and went back to bed.

My First Astral Projection

This happened by complete accident. I never wanted to AP or have a OBE at the time. I was really into lucid dreaming, so I decided to try the WBTB method. I then went to bed and I found my self in a dream, but the dream character, said, "Have fun in your OBE." After that I transformed into a ball of white light and flew straight up. I then became conscious and thought that I was dieing. I then tried to open my eyes and instead of seeing my room I seen white light every where. It was warm and soothing. I did not want to leave this place. Then I snapped out of it and woke up.

My Second OBE Experience

I went to bed and immediately woke up and thought for some reason I had to unplug the phone. I was unable to control my body and thought that I was sleep walking, but I wasn't I then stopped and said, "Why the bonk am I unplugging the phone for?". Everything was distorted and blurred. The phone line didn't make a sound when I unplugged it. Then I woke up instantly.  I didn't remember how I got back to my bed. I just remembered what I did. Again the electronics where not on, and I then began to wonder if something was wrong with me.

My Third OBE Experience
I found my self in my room and wondering around. I thought that this was odd and figured out that it was another OBE. I then passed through my door and wanted to go try and scare my sister, cause I was a ghost. I then got to her door and by surprise it was open and dark. Her door isn't normally open I thought. Her room didn't look very inviting cause I heard a strange sound. It was the sound of wind chimes. So I then continued down my hall and saw someone walking down it, he was old and tall. I didn't get to say anything to him cause I felt a strong pull from my body, and then I woke up.

My Forth OBE Experience

Later on I started doing meditation, because I wanted to get rid of negative thoughts. I also started doing research on Astral Projection and OBEs at the time. The my first "controlled" OBE happened to me after I fell asleep. As I was falling asleep I felt like I was coming back from a fishing trip the bed was wavy, like a water bed. I just ignored it and fell asleep. I then found my self in my room and realized I was having an OBE. I then started to float up toward the ceiling. I was half way threw ceiling when I noticed that it was all black and I didn't feel comfortable continuing. I then said, "back in body" and woke up.

My Fifth OBE Experience
My cousin wanted to spend the night that day, and I deiced to have an OBE. I done meditation before hand to prepare. I then went to bed, and later on found out that my feet where floating in the air. I then just rolled out of my body, and jolted to the door. As I was going getting close to my door. I started to wonder if I would end up in another dimension. I then said, "bonk it" and went straight through it. I wanted to be adventures and go outside. I tried turning left to where my front door was, and felt a pulling sensation again. I ignored it this time and went to my moms room instead. Then it my experience ended. I then woke up to check and see if her door was really open and it was.       

My Seventh OBE Experience

The same night I had another OBE experience. I found my self combing my hair and looking in the mirror. I saw that I had several eyes, which shouldn't have been there. Then I noticed to my surprise that I was in my dads room. I then began to panic and thought that  I was gonna wake the dogs up and they would start barking. After that I walked out of there, and as I was walking out of there I then saw my dad sleeping, but what amazed me was that I was walking forward. I then wanted

My Eighth OBE Experience

I found my self in walking to the living room. I then realized a calculator on my counter which read 01234. I then pointed to the calculator and seen that my finger was pointy and see through. The numbers changed from 01234 to 0. I then deiced to do a reality check by seeing if I would fall through the floor. I spread my arms out and feel. I then passed right threw the floor and into another dimension. I panicked and thought about my body and woke up. 

Title: Re: My OBE/Astral Experiences
Post by: thatguy on April 28, 2012, 23:25:41
interesting stories!

Title: Re: My OBE/Astral Experiences
Post by: Greytraveller on April 29, 2012, 22:30:46
Hallo 8bit.
That is a wide variety of OBEs, thanx for sharing them.
Your attempt to try to scare your sister was actually a good idea! Because If she had seen you out of body that would have verified the OBE. :wink:
Most of those OBEs took place inside your house. Many people do have trouble getting outside their house or apartment when out of body. Sometimes a special reason is needed. Perhaps trying to visit a friend who lives only a block or two away will provide the motivation for getting out of the house.

Cheers  8-)

Title: Re: My OBE/Astral Experiences
Post by: eaglevision on May 07, 2012, 01:10:44
Many people do have trouble getting outside their house or apartment when out of body. Sometimes a special reason is needed. Perhaps trying to visit a friend who lives only a block or two away will provide the motivation for getting out of the house.

do you have any idea why that is so? it happens to me, i usually feel very heavy and its kind of impossible to make longer trips