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Title: I would respectfully like to ask for guidance from a learned magician
Post by: Little_One on June 16, 2012, 19:10:44
Hi! I am seeking a very knowledgeable magician/witch/warlock to be my teacher and guide me on the path I am about to take. I realized a number of years ago that while my life does not lack excitement and occasional joy, I am currently unhappy for one simple reason. I want to be a warlock (I am not hung up on the semantics, I only use this because I don't know any other word that can fully encompass this concept). It is my true calling. I love reading about the occult, experiencing psychic and paranormal phenomena, feeling a deep and powerful connection with the divine, and the sheer thrill that this knowledge and power gives. To me, being a warlock would be the highest form of self mastery; it would be the ability to transcend above what nature and society have programmed me to do and allow me to truly find my path to the incredible genius that is God.

I have little to offer except my full allegiance. I will give you my time, energy, mind and spiritual love in this form as well as the next form. I am a free being with no masters in this sphere or any other except for the divine, loving creator of life. My only requirement is for you to be an absolutely good person. I will be happy to learn black magic in order to fully understand the nature of the universe but I will never practice it on any living thing, ever.

A bit about myself:

-23, black male
-I've been interested in psychic phenomena since I was a small boy. I've had more than my fair share including but not limited to astral projection, seeing spirits, and telekinesis.
-Currently a college student finishing up a computer science and math degree
-Good grades (3.8)
-I don't lack an abundance of personality flaws but I'm willing to work to eliminate them
-I have a productive online business and hopefully it will grow as time continues
-I'm just a nice person I think. I've been used up before but I remain faithful to the idea of being a good human being to others.
-I have a healthy sense of humor
-I'm willing to sort through a *VERY* large haystack to find a needle and have many times.

Thank you for reading this. If you feel that you may be interested in learning more, do not hesitate to contact me.

May God's love guide you.

Title: Re: I would respectfully like to ask for guidance from a learned magician
Post by: Aisama on March 29, 2014, 03:41:07
Hey if you are still there which I doubt you are I really liked your post, and thus would like to point you in the direction of solomonic magic, even though I myself am no mage and cannot offer other guidance it seems to fit you so answering to a really old forgotten post :p
 but hey u never know you would be happy if someone answered you some day right?

Title: Re: I would respectfully like to ask for guidance from a learned magician
Post by: bungalow on October 23, 2014, 06:19:10
hi all, Little_One,

a warlock lives abundance and insight
the magical practice can be reduced to knowing whether or not it lives well, if you are initiated

 for example: choosing to manifest your perfect lover would be as ok as you are "new", because lovers like it spontaneous

you really need to know how things work to be a warlock, or anyone else for that matter

you have aimed for the centre of the haystack when you posted this, but you might shoot an "arrow" to manifest wants.. aim for the target where you are both in the right, and furthering yourself
thats what a warlock did

well i have tried to tell you what a warlock is , maybe just keep at it with abundance and insight?

Title: Re: I would respectfully like to ask for guidance from a learned magician
Post by: Xanth on October 23, 2014, 13:16:52
I just wanted to point out quickly that ANY "magick" caster worth their salt wouldn't DARE call themselves a "Warlock".
Don't listen to Hollywood... they're a bunch of idiots trying to make money off stuff.

In gaelic, the word "warlock" is loosely translated to mean "oathbreaker".  Basically... liar.

Do you really want to call yourself that?
NOBODY serious in Magick would call themselves that.

Title: Re: I would respectfully like to ask for guidance from a learned magician
Post by: no_leaf_clover on October 23, 2014, 18:56:36
The OP probably isn't still around but I'll throw in my two cents anyway.

All serious esoteric systems or mystery schools ultimately teach the same thing:  what you have "inside" you determines what you experience "outside" of you.  So, as within, so without, or more commonly expressed as "as above, so below."  This is what Hinduism gets to, esoteric sects of Buddhism, various European schools of esotericism, Kabbalah, Hawaiian Huna, etc.  They all have different ways of talking about and take different amounts of time to zoom in on this idea, but it's what they all get at.

This is the basis of all real "magic," though I've read books like Kraig's "Modern Magick" that dance all around this basic truth without ever coming to fully grasp it.  So these people will teach you things like rituals and spells.  Rituals and spells will only work to the extent that they change your own experience of reality, and they really aren't necessary if you can change your consciousness without needing rituals or ceremonies or spells.  For some people though they're good for doing this and that's fine, what difference does it make?

Everyone is a "magician" and most people don't even realize it.  The contents of your consciousness determine what appears to be "outside" of you.  "In reality" nothing is inside or outside of you.  They are two sides of the same coin, or more accurately they are both one side and all sides of the same coin simultaneously: the only side this "coin" actually has.  Inside and outisde are united.  They only seem to be separate, and this is part of the big illusion of living in a physical body.  But when you realize that they are united then you can generally see how people create positive lives for themselves, create misery for themselves, or grasp more firmly the mystery that they live in.

If you want to move in a positive direction, fill your consciousness with things that seem positive to you, however you define positive to be.  If you worry all the time you'll only find more things to worry about, because that's all that will be on your mind and will be all that you look for.  If you want to bring a spiritual mystery into your life, find things that seem mysterious to you, and fill your consciousness with those and incorporate them into the way you live.  When you do these things, first it changes how you see things and what it's like "inside" of you.  Then the "outside" universe sees this coming out of you and responds to reflect it accordingly.  It's a lot like a feedback loop.

Title: Re: I would respectfully like to ask for guidance from a learned magician
Post by: Bluefirephoenix on October 23, 2014, 20:27:44
I know some things about ceremonial magic. You have to develop your psychic abilities before you can do the more advanced stuff. It's time consuming and hard work. I would suggest  starting with the Abramelin ritual. It's simple and effective. The version you probably should use is this one.
The basics are here.
know it well.
Prayer and meditation are your daily food if you want to do this.

Thats where you start.