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Title: Astral Academy - First Successful Astral Projection Student "Yolette B."
Post by: David Warner on July 05, 2012, 06:24:37

Let me take time to share the exciting news with you about the Astral Academy and our very own
first student who successfully projected.

To give you a little background: The Astral Academy has been developed by Adrian Cooper and David Warner which took over a year to design and build. The main feature of the Academy is the Teacher/Student conference room for live direct interaction with the instructors. Audio/Video, Text Chat and Whiteboard used for presentations in teaching is facilitated.

The Academy is built around a three month course which is accessible for text and or audio mp3 download.

David and Yolette had a conference classroom session on June 17,2012.

The teachings included as followed:

Goal Setting for OBE
Desire, Intent, and The Will

Two weeks later, Yolette emailed me (David) to express her joy in being able to experience an
astral projection. You can read more about Yolette's first OBE experience located at:

Select from the main menu "Success" and drop down to Yolette's experience. You can ready everything in whole what she did to prepare and success. Along with comment from instructor David about Yolette's first OBE.

Congratulations Yolette and Thank You for your interest in the Astral Academy.


David A. Warner
(Astral Academy Instructor)