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Title: Update on my fear test?
Post by: StrangeDreams on July 14, 2012, 03:53:04 I did what you guys told me.  As soon as I sat down in the living room I looked at the wall and saw that greenish vapor start to materialize.  Soon the entire length of the wall was covered in that green monster thing with the faces.  So I tried what you told me to do and I concentrated as hard as I could to imagine different things (a beautiful fairy, a princess, etc.) but nothing happened.  It's not like in the astral.  In the astral I can create and change almost anything I want but not here.  So I spoke to it.  Told it over and over again I'm not afraid of you anymore.  I asked what it wanted from me.  I asked it's name.  No response.  Sure enough the black shadows appeared.  First on the wall then started to move toward me.  The green thing came off the wall also and these things kept moving toward me.  I sat very still and just watched.  They got all the way up to my face then vanished.  I stuck my arm out on one of them and my arm just passed through it.  I didn't feel anything, didn't sense anything.  But for the next hour and fifteen minutes it kept happening.  Appearing on the wall, moving toward me, getting in my face then vanishing.  Then more came...on and on it went.  I held my ground and didn't show any fear.  Today I came home same thing.  I was calm and spoke kindly to them.  I feel the fear dissipating but I won't lie, a part of me is imagining someone sitting there with an evil little grin saying, "wait till she sees what we have next for her".  But for the time being, I'm holdin' on.

Title: Re: Update on my fear test?
Post by: Lionheart on July 14, 2012, 05:36:01
 I have to ask this question. Are you under doctor's care or taking any medications for any medical or mental problems? If this is happening to you in the "real" world with your eyes completely open, then I suggest you try to find some kind of help. I am not making fun of you, I am stating this out of concern for you. I think it's also time to stop your practice with Astral Projection until you consult a Professional. It seems to have taken over your entire mind. Like with any other practice in life, this can become a obsession if you let it. I too, months ago was falling into this trap. Once I realized it, I backed off for awhile and started to come at it in a different direction. You need to see what is really happening here so you can understand your problem. That's the first step in allowing a resolution to your problem.
 Good Luck!

Title: Re: Update on my fear test?
Post by: Szaxx on July 14, 2012, 08:33:45
Good point Lion.
If you have little or no control if this green mist it could be you're overdoing things.
Have you always seen an aura around things? Its a question to ask as your developmentmsy be following a particular path.
A week or two's break may be in order from any attempts. This will recharge you to a degree. While having this break have a read of a book.
Astral Dynamics, this will educate you in energy systems within your body. This could be an answer if you have no medical issues.
Be safe.

Title: Re: Update on my fear test?
Post by: Made O pHI on July 14, 2012, 08:53:25
But a green aura means healing, change, growth and balance, so there is nothing to fear.

This to me sounds like your not so much in touch with your inner child and are often doing things you think you need to survive.
This may just be your lower self (Mother Earth) trying to give you a little more enjoyment but your taking it as something bad. And for what, it's not like this mist or shadow figures are harming you in any way ?

I would say, try doing things you enjoy and do them w/o having any negative thoughts of the possibilities that could be the results from doing it, maybe be more aware of your thoughts and remember that all things come from the same place. So in other words, its all love from God and there for a reason. For us to enjoy it in moderation, as a lot of us tend to start not liking the things we ALWAYS do.

Title: Re: Update on my fear test?
Post by: Lionheart on July 14, 2012, 09:09:48
 Made O phi, I agree with you about a green aura is for healing, change, grounding and balance. I see energy patterns around people and always have. But to see green vapor turning into a green monster with faces is highly irregular. Read StrangeDreams experience again, this no auratic event.

Title: Re: Update on my fear test?
Post by: Made O pHI on July 14, 2012, 11:05:08
Yaa, very true. The experience does seem kinda irregular. But I don't think there's StrangeDream has given enough information for us to say they might need professional help. 

StrangeDreams does this experience (the mist, faces, and shadow figures) remind you of anything/anyone when they appear or do they bring up any kind of memories ? Any past events that might be associated with it ? When you ask these shadow figures questions do any thoughts come immediately after ?

Told it over and over again I'm not afraid of you anymore.
Telling it your not afraid is actually telling yourself you are afraid deep down. I find that often when I re-assure myself of things when a thought arises its coming from fear trying to negate the effect of that thought. If you weren't afraid no words would need to be spoken or thought because your love (instead of fear) would radiate out towards whatever it is this is and it would know. But instead your showing your fear to it by trying to re-assuring yourself so in turn this thing keeps 'reappearing' to you as something real. The affirmation such as "It's okay" (or some kind of variation) tends to work best for me in overcoming my fears. Short and simple, yet very effective if you believe.

So I tried what you told me to do and I concentrated as hard as I could to imagine different things (a beautiful fairy, a princess, etc.) but nothing happened.
Also, I would try to concentrate on something that you have seen/experienced for yourself. It might work a little better then a fairy or princess, something they've conditioned us to believe was make believe.

Title: Re: Update on my fear test?
Post by: StrangeDreams on July 14, 2012, 14:15:53
I suffer from depression and I take an antidepressant called Mirtazipine.  I've been on it for 3 years now.  I'm in school and I study psychology, abnormal psych., etc.  I'm well versed in signs and symptoms of major depression, dysthmia, all of the anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, etc.  Believe me when this first started happening I questioned myself.  I thought I was going crazy too.  I can tell you I'm in my right mind and not hallucinating.  What kicked this off (seeing the faces with eyes closed) was that I started listening to youtube videos of chakra meditations.  I started getting the funny feeling in my forehead and felt pressure at the top of my head.  I was told this was the chakras opening up.  Then I found a youtube meditation for opening the third eye.  After I did it at first when I closed my eyes I saw an eyeball along with a lot of swirling clouds of purple.  That was it for a couple of weeks.  Shortly after that I began seeing the faces. That's been going on for a couple of months but only when I close my eyes.  Seeing this stuff on the wall just started.  When I close my eyes, whatever I see then appears on the wall when I open my eyes.  These things do not have any kind of solid form.  When they move across the room it's completely transparent but you can see the colors and the shape.  I've been able to see energy for quite a while now like when I look up at the ceiling or the walls I can see something moving/flowing.  It's colorless like in the summer when the blacktop gets very hot and you can see what I call vapors coming off the street.  Well that's what this looks like.  First on the wall then in the middle of the room in the air I can see these transparent green swirling stuff that then takes the shape of huge faces.  Now I call it a monster because that's what it looked like, somehow all connected.  But perhaps it's just a conglomeration of faces.  Just like the swirling clouds of purple I always see when I close my eyes since I started chakra meditations - now with eyes open out of the corners of my eyes I can see the swirling purple but not as solid and vivid as when I close my eyes.  It's transparent.  It's like whatever I see with eyes closed appears when I open my eyes but like a transparent reflection. 

So much weird stuff starting happening to me that I figured this was all part of the game.  It hasn't all been bad either.  There were the "messages" I received from total strangers.  Happened three times.  First time I was at school studying math outside and a guy I didn't know came over sat down and started talking to me.  I was frustrated with learning precalculus and he told me all the information I needed was within me.  Told me I already knew it but had forgotten it.  I was smoking and said, "yeah I know bad habit, I'm trying to quit." He looked at me and said, "(my name) you've been trying for a long time, it's in your best interest to give it up." Don't know how he knew my name, I chalked it up as weird.  Next time I'm at school and a guy comes over and sits on the bench and said "you need to leave your friend. I know you don't want to but you deserve it." Now I was in a bad relationship but I keep my personal business to myself.  Never told anyone at school any of that information and didn't even know this guy.  I tried to question him further but he said he had to get to class.  Weird again.  This last one really got me.  I was on the bus on my way home from school and I had just bought Adrian's book, Our Ultimate Reality.  I had just read the part where he was talking about focusing our consciousness and he used the analogy of tuning into a t.v. station.  This old man with dirty clothes who looked homeless got on the bus and came all the way to the back and sat next to me.  The rest of the bus was empty in the front and I wondered why he sat next to me.  Immediately he starts talking about consciousness and other realities, things that sounded strange.  The last thing he said was, "it's like tuning into a t.v. station, you only get one station at a time.  I know it's difficult to comprehend but fits you like a lock and key".  Then he got up and got off the bus.  This left me completely in shock.  I couldn't move or hardly breathe for a few seconds.  I felt this overwhelming feeling come over my whole body as I sat there and tried to figure out what had just happened.  The book was open in my lap and there's no way he could see the front cover or had time to read anything on the page.  All of these things happened within a two week period right after I first discovered that I was naturally projecting in my sleep but didn't know anything at the time about astral projection. 

Other things like voices I've heard.  I know what you're thinking, it's a sign of schizophrenia  but this is different.  It happens when I'm in meditation or when I'm drifting off to sleep, like drowsy but not quite asleep yet.  First time it was after something I had read that night when the realization of my true spiritual self began to be revealed to me.  I was overwhelmed with a deep gratitude for life and I began crying.  Shortly after that while I layed in bed and became drowsy I heard a woman's voice clear as day say, "aww, that was so cute when you cried."  It startled me so bad I bolted up immediately.  Took me a while to go to sleep that night after that.  Since then I've heard voices three or four other times but always while in deep meditation and always pertains to whatever I'm going through at the time.  I have an app on my cell phone & kindle that gives a daily positive affirmation.  When I first started feeling that intense energy running through my body and didn't know what it was, the next morning the affirmation said, "I channel energy from the infinite.".  When I was sick and tried Adrian's method for healing, the next morning the affirmation said, "I have the power within to heal myself and others."  The list goes on and on.  It's like some higher power, God, angels, spirit guides or whatever you want to call it, is very present in my life on a daily basis.  I've always had very strong intuition since I was a child and if I'm getting ready to do something wrong an overwhelming feeling comes over me, my stomach flips, chills all over my body, etc.  Same thing happens but slightly different when it's something good.  Somehow I just instinctiely know the difference.  There are many other things that have been happening recently like mysterious checks showing up in my mailbox (that's desperately needed) from unknown sources and things like that.  I prayed over the relationship issue I was having and 2 days later was presented with the opportunity of a live in position in a gorgeous house working in the human services field which is the field I'm in anyway.  So many of these wonderful blessings have been poured on me recently I am becoming overwhelmed.  I've prayed on and off most of my life but never got this kind of quick response.  I guess that's why I just assumed what I'm experiencing now with these faces is all part of my development.  Also when these strange and wonderful things occur I usually feel pressure at the top of my head (crown chakra?) and an intense flash of heat all over my head and face.  Felt it also those three times those strangers talked to me.

As far as taking a break...I was doing chakra meditation and others on a daily basis but I was away for a couple of weeks and then moved so I haven't done any meditation for at least three weeks.  As far as projecting, there was a time I was trying to project only because I wanted to project consciously to have more control over it.  But I gave that up a while ago as well.  I project in my sleep (without my permission) the only difference is that I "wake up" and become conscious of what's happening and am able to remember all of it.  So basically, right now there's nothing to take a break from.  This stuff is happening to me whether I like it or not and whether anyone believes me or not I certainly can't control that either.  I just know that while I'm experiencing it I need a place to come for advice/support and that's why I'm here.  If I am hallucinating/imagining this stuff that means I've imagined all the other wonderful/crazy/beautiful miracles too.  And I'm sorry but no one can convince me that these things did not really happen to me.

Title: Re: Update on my fear test?
Post by: Szaxx on July 14, 2012, 18:19:48
We are surrounded by invisible helpers. Look this up and see the resemblance to what
you're saying.
The book I suggested is required. Please read it, youll understand this and act accordingly. The feeling on top of your head, when its really active does it feel like a large glass being rotated and a funny feeling all over you?
The strangers meeting and talking is a little spooky, you're not on your own with this one. :wink: They'll pass eventually, understand their message, its usually worth its weight in gold. Your next stage is simply going about your daily routine and all of a sudden you KNOW things. Totally no connection to anything remotely related to your routine, yet you know you know.
Calculus, well I learned the basics in SU 2 in 20 mins and can recognise it still. You'll hopefully see the meaning once you get a grip of how it works. It's within you means its not at all hard and will fall into place naturally.
Keep a calm and rational head on. Remember the experiences. They should present themselves as positive.
By the way if you throw some black dots at random onto paper and look you WILL see faces. Its the highly developed part of your brain doin its stuff. Theres really no faces there.

Title: Re: Update on my fear test?
Post by: Made O pHI on July 14, 2012, 20:28:03
Your very intuitive and very connected with your HS, at least this is what your saying. Yet you have a lot of fear, at least this is how you come off. You feel that all these things that happen to you are weird, when in fact they should make you feel happy and excited (at least this is how I feel when things happen) that you know your being guided by a higher power and that there even IS a higher power.

We are all part of this experiment. There's nothing bad about it, it's just a new way to manifest life through different means. The duality consciousness. If there was no duality we would never have became aware of ourselves. But the purpose of this duality is to learn to BALANCE it and transcend past thinking something is good or bad. Everything that happens to you is set in motion by you, or your HS, because you have something to learn. If it keeps occurring then you obviously aren't getting the deeper message that the situation holds. Don't reject or fear something that's come to you in the physical, it's like rejecting your ego and that only causes more fear as your taking the path of MOST resistance.

I would recommend reading "The Flower of Life:Volume I & II"
These should help you overcome your fear. In Volume II it talks about the duality consciousness.
I read both of these word for word and since day 1 when I began reading my fears subsided (if you look up some of my posts you will see the fear I speak of) and I can honestly say I'm enjoying life now, even when things that make me a little unhappy or aren't what I expected, occur. I now know that this is just part of nature, your not always going to be happy and satisfied. Sometimes you might be sad and unhappy but it's only for a brief moment. Once you learn this you'll begin to look at life in a whole different point of view, everything is worth it's while and things start to become fun ("bad" and "good" situations).

I have uploaded these pdfs for you. I HIGHLY recommend them, to anyone. ( (

Title: Re: Update on my fear test?
Post by: StrangeDreams on July 14, 2012, 23:17:59
Thank you for your posts.  Szaxx, I will indeed look it up as well as read "Astral Dynamics". I believe I saw another post on this forum mentioning the book and it caught my eye but didn't check into it yet.  Believe me I'll get on it right away.  I trust all of your advice.  The feeling at the top of my head I wouldn't describe as you did.  I've felt it differently on different occasions.  The first time was about 6 months ago when I was practicing astral projection and had used affirmations all day long to convince myself I'd have an out of body experience that night.  Sure enough when I started to drift off I felt tingling and heard a noise like a loud heart beat getting closer and closer then felt my body being sucked away so fast that (of course) it scared me and I became alert and it stopped.  Then while lying there awake I felt that intense pressure like someone had put both of their hands and with their fingertips pushed down as hard as they could on the top of my head.  After that while doing chakra meditations I would feel slight pressure (like someone pushing down) and tingling.  Then it started to happen like in the middle of the day while at work totally absorbed into whatever I was doing and all of a sudden felt an intense flash of heat in my head and face then it felt like someone had pulled down a very, very tight cap over my head down to the top of my forehead.  Then I'd also get the tingling all over my head.  But nothing that felt like it was rotating.

Made O pHI, you are absolutely right about the fear.  It's something I've been struggling with for quite a while now.  I didn't realize how bad it was at first.  But I definitely see it now as a huge stumbling block that I am constantly being confronted with.  You're right, it keeps occurring so I know I'm not over it yet.  Having this forum as a source of info. and encouragement has helped tremendously but I'm still not there yet.  And yes when those wonderful things happen to me I do feel incredible and on top of the world.  Then something else happens like in a projection and I'm scared all over again.  It's like being on a rollercoaster - balance - yes, something I definitely need.  The book you recommend I will also read and thank you for the links...I'm on my way there now.

BTW:  when I first posted on here a while ago about those faces I saw when I closed my eyes, someone on this forum (a newbie also) immediately sent me a personal message.  I won't give their screen name to protect their anonymity.  The beginning of the message said, "If you're going crazy then I am too because I see that eyeball staring at me and those scary faces..."  We PM'd each other a few times but I haven't heard from them.  This person also had another frightening experience but didn't want to post publicly. I encouraged them to do so but I haven't seen their post.  I myself hesitated at times before posting about what I was experiencing but in the end I decided that if I put myself at risk for being labeled "crazy" then so be it.  This is where my help comes from.  I believe we all have our own unique experiences and by posting here it just might help someone else who may be hesitant to share their experience for fear of being ridiculed.  Personally, I have received nothing but information, advice, support, concern, and love from all of you fine people here at Astral Pulse.

Title: Re: Update on my fear test?
Post by: Made O pHI on July 15, 2012, 00:44:48
Then something else happens like in a projection and I'm scared all over again.
Hmm, that's odd. Keep us updated.

But in no way are you crazy, at least I don't have a single doubt you aren't.
I've had many crazy experiences myself and they've all made me question whether I was going crazy but I've always ended up finding myself.
I believe you'll do the same too  :-)

Best of luck to you my friend.

Title: Re: Update on my fear test?
Post by: VonGruen on August 04, 2017, 18:47:08
If you don't mind me asking. :? What was the video you watched? :? There is a chance that something was involved in the creation of the video.

Title: Re: Update on my fear test?
Post by: Bloodshadow on August 05, 2017, 02:59:02
hold up I see this all the time, as long as what yall see on the astral stay on the astral its fine, but let people start seeing them in the physical you label them crazy and need to see a doctor, that is so hypocritical to me. its been said time and again that the astral can change your perception and look of the physical world, you start seeing beyond the veil, each day the veil is being torn down, i say this can be proof along with  all other accounts of the paranormal events I've read over the years I been alive. no matter how we slice it people will continue being afraid of the unknown smh. Now I have not read or seen this persons other post, but I speaking from all other accounts, where people are being labeled crazy or delusional  from seeing beyond the veil, we are projectors here we know better,  and we have no business dropping labels after the things we've seen, the other side is just as real as this side remember that.

Title: Re: Update on my fear test?
Post by: Selski on August 05, 2017, 08:45:30
There are a lot of assumptions in your post Bloodshadow. Try not to lump us all together when talking about projectors and using the pronoun 'we'. These are your beliefs and should be stated thus.

This is an old thread and the OP hasn't been active here for a number of years.

I don't see anyone labelling anyone crazy - the replies strike me as caring rather than hypocritical.


Title: Re: Update on my fear test?
Post by: Bloodshadow on August 05, 2017, 09:40:44
i'm mostly hitting on when people say go see a doctor when people start seeing beyond the veil, and i'm not lumping all together i'm saying most people in general but us projectors should know better because of the things most of us  (projectors) have seen, I been wanted to say something about all that and this post just brung it back up for me specially when Lionheart ask the guy is he seeing a doctor and on meds, I didn't want my chance to go by once again with out voicing what I thought, and now that I said it and got it out i'm happy. also wasn't aware this was old it was in my show unread and new post list, I always check that first when logging in Vongruen brung this topic/post back up , putting it on the unread new post list for me. I don't pay attention to dates, I go straight to reading and then replying, so sorry I made a ruckus what was said  just brung up something I been wanting to say for a long time.

Title: Re: Update on my fear test?
Post by: VonGruen on August 05, 2017, 21:56:56
Honestly I don't know about the rest of you guys. But it's not hard to put somethings in to videos, if she was meditating to some of these videos with the belief of them helping her project. These would end up being very dangerous videos. So does anyone know which ones StrangeDreams had watched.

P.S. The way you said was potentially confrontational