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Title: How many Chakras have you manage to open at once?
Post by: Barnowl on July 16, 2012, 23:41:01
Just curious really whether there have been days where many of your main chakras were opened? And for how long for?

And did you manifest things easily as a result?

Once, I managed to get my Sacral Chakra, Stomach Chakra, Heart Chakra and Brow Chakra, all to work at once. I manifested a few small things, but nothing massive (and it didn't last long, but it was very peaceful and nice while it did)

That may not sound much, so have any of you guys managed to open all/most, and what was your technique (and tell me your experiences)

Title: Re: How many Chakras have you manage to open at once?
Post by: Stookie_ on July 17, 2012, 16:14:19
I don't believe a chakra can be "opened" or "closed", it's just more or less active than others. They are all at work all the time. It's good to learn your stronger ones versus less-strong ones and keep them balanced. My upper 3 chakras are natually more active than my lower ones, and doing physical activity and hobbies that focus me in the physical help keep me balanced. If your lower chakras are stronger than your upper ones, than studying, meditation, pondering philosophy, etc. can help balance you.

Of course you can focus strictly on one chakra and push it, say if you want to use your brow chakra for visual purposes, but it's not generally recommended and can really throw you out of balance and upset other aspects of life.

Title: Re: How many Chakras have you manage to open at once?
Post by: andonitxo on October 23, 2012, 18:37:31
It's not so hard to focus on all of them at once.

I go charging them one by one. Then I use a mental trick for myself which is: top and bottom, the lower 3 and the upper 2. In those groups I manage them better.

Then I inhale and make then go through the body to the spine (except the ones in the extremes), and in the exhale I make then go back. After several rebounds I do just the same but reversing the breathing pattern. With this second approach you'll feel an incredible effect on your spine.

Title: Re: How many Chakras have you manage to open at once?
Post by: Barnowl on November 14, 2012, 23:07:49
Thanks for your suggestion. One of these days, I'll try that :-D

Title: Re: How many Chakras have you manage to open at once?
Post by: Chaos Mage on December 07, 2012, 00:31:36
One night this last summer I went out to my spot on the road, and began to violently worship God as the Ultimate Celestial.  I worked myself into a frenzy, standing there and almost having a rupture or something, working so hard to try and raise energy and power.

Well, it was quite an experience.  I noticed a definite sensation of my root chakra opening like a vortex, then it started to harden and became like some kind of abyssal gateway.  My hips spread apart and I had trouble walking home, yet, I felt incredibly refreshed and surrounded by potent energy.

So I thought that I had opened my root chakra wide open, as, there was an immediate physical effect in that my hips were more open, as though giving birth.  When I got back to my camper, I made some kind of recording on my computer, and went to sleep.  Well, shortly after that, over the next week, I was so exhausted that things were happening and I was almost laying dead in bed.  My Dad had fallen down, and numerous people were trying to wake me up, but I couldn't even open my eyes, for what it's worth, I never heard them pounding on the door or trying to wake me up.

So I don't know what that all means.  Perhaps I blew out most of my sexual energy into the abyss??  I was sure exhausted anyway, it was like I had sprinted for ten miles.

Now I'm getting the idea of 'chakra listening'.  So that's what I'll try from now on.  When next I go to worship, it won't be full exertion, manic power rush, but a slow, gradual process of opening my heart chakra to God, and allowing the natural energies of the Cosmos to pervade and revitalize my body.  In no conditions in which worship applies should you become that exhausted that you lay there for several days barely conscious of anything but an impenetrable darkness and void.

So that's what I'll do.  I recall a post on the AP about Chakra Listening, maybe I'll dig it out?  Well anyway, I figure that we have to Listen and Hear, also, See and Bare Witness.  All this imagination stuff is fine, but it takes energy to continually manifest it.  I really figure that when you have opened yourself to the Cosmos so much, that you can enter the other dimensions simply by becoming aware of their frequencies.  Same thing as opening a chakra, it's just that you nourish and cultivate it's energy through feeding on the abundance of existential energy in the natural world.